Sacred bathing has been used throughout the world for many centuries. It is a bath of not just washing/cleaning the skin – but a purposeful and ritualistic experience with the intention of purification and connecting our body to our soul. 

Water is one of the four sacred arts elements known for psychic abilities, psychic protection, purification, holy blessing, exploring our emotional depths and connecting to our heart. It’s cleansing and restorative effect are sacred. Water sustains life and we can’t live without it. Many ancients believed that it connects the two worlds together; the living and the otherworld. This is why is it used in many ceremonies for channeling, connecting to the ancestors, attraction, soul purification and holy blessing ceremonies. Water has also been used for centuries in Healing ceremonies throughout the world. Through sacred bathing, we connect to ourselves wholly (mind, body, heart and soul) and pour over us the mystical energy that the sacred water has. 

There are two main purposes to a spiritual bath. One is to attract love, fortune and wellbeing and the other is to cleanse, purify, heal, rejuvinate and remove negative energy. Spiritual baths are one of the most powerful psychic protection rituals as well.

Everything in life is a relationship. As such, it is important to establish (and explore) your inner relationship to this element so that you can work better with it. What does water mean to you? How do you feel in it; when taking a shower, bath, in the ocean or river? How much water do you drink? In what ways do you use water in your life? How do you feel when you hear the word “water”? How is water supporting you in your life? If you are using water for sacred purposes, it is important to understand and deepen your own relationship to it.

Some ways to establish a deeper energetic connection to water are: go swimming, take baths, appreciate the water you drink, go near water bodies, make moon water and listen to the sound of rain. When you get wet – close your eyes, breathe slowly and become one with the water. Focus on the sensation. Notice the way the water feels on your body and how it flows through you. Appreciate its support in your life. Give thanks to water with an open grateful heart.

Since water is connected to the emotional and psychic realms, connecting to water can also help you with your emotional flow. Remember that when water is still for too long, it becomes polluted. Feeling our feelings freely and healthily is absolutely important for our wellbeing. Don’t get drowned in emotions but allow them to come through – then name them so that they take shape, like a box outside of you and walk around them, understanding them, observing them and ultimately peacefully accepting it as they transform.

The Spiritual Bath

It begins with a clear purpose and intention. Is it to attract or cleanse? I want to emphasize that cleansing should always be a priority because whatever we attract will be based on our inner state of being. It is absolutely important to have a peaceful cleansed mind and soul so that we cultivate the fertile calm environment within us for growth.

Important Ethical Conduct: Remember that your intention should be focused on you and not another person. Never influence other people and their free will. Never name someone else. Never wish anyone harm nor send your negativity towards them. This is highly unethical and carries serious karmic consequences if you do abuse your intentions, power and doings. If you are performing a psychic protection ceremony because of someone’s psychic attack – just focus on washing away their energy that was sent to you, and wish them peace and love on their separate path.

Spend time thinking about your intention and be clear about it. Why are you creating a spiritual bath to begin with? What do you wish to wash away? What muddy foorsteps in your mind do you want to clean up? When, where, how and why did they appear in your life? Are you seeking healing for a broken heart or rejection? Is your desire to celebrate sensuality, beauty and love? Is your desire to calm your mind? Are you performing a psychic protection ceremony?

Narrow it down to: What outer change are you looking for? What inner change do you need to support this outer change?

Depending on your intention, you can add various blessings and herbs. For example, as I discussed in my article on Protection Baths, the essencial oils of Frankincense, Oregano, Rosemary, Basil, Lemongrass, Myrrh, Lemon, Peppermint and Rose are used for protection and cleansing. Some beautiful oils for attraction are Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Cinnamon, Damiana, Dragon’s Blood, Vanilla, Rose Petals and Patchouli.

Sea salt and epsom salt are then added, and you can also use Honey, Milk and flowers (which is what I personally love!). And this is the thing – make it beautiful and loving for you. There is no right or wrong – just use whatever oils or botanicals feel true for you. Your intention is what makes the blessing. As a general guidance, it is good to use three ingredients and if you have a garden, choose your botanicals from there or just head to your kitchen. 

You can also consider the lunar phases and time of day. Waning moons are for removing while waxing moons are for attracting. When the hands of clock are upward (2:50) it attracts while when downward (6:30) energy is removed. 

Once you have all that decided and ready, make sure you clean the house, your space and have taken a shower. Be clear on your intention – blessing and prayer if you have one. Have clean sheets (bedsheets and towels), beeswax candles, oils or music – or anything you’d want to have your space prepared for a relaxing sacred time after your spiritual bath.

In the bath, focus on your intention. Focus on your sensations, mind and body. Focus on how each part of you feels and remain with an open grateful heart. This is your sacred time – it is all for you.

Take the salt, cup it in your hands and breathe over it stating your intentions. If you want something to be washed away from your life, brush long gentle strokes outwardly (from neck to fingers, from top to bottom) as you whisper, “Thank you water to washing away sadness, negativity and what no longer serves me, may it be carried forward to your depths and transformed into something that is of good use.”

If you want to attract something in your life, gently stroke from the outside inward towards yourself and your heart. Allow yourself to be fully indulged and become one with the water and oils. Imagine already having your heart’s desire. What does it feel like? What does it smell like? Say thank you. Bless yourself by praying and wishing love and peace to surround you.

Before draining the tub or stepping out, make sure you collect a little bit of the bathed water. This is now a part of your essence and carries your energetic imprint. You will dispose of it with respect, love and gratitude. If your intention was drawing in – pour the water next to a large, healthy tree facing east. If your intention was removing – throw the water over your shoulder at a four way crossroads facing west – and then walk away never facing it, and never going back there again.

When stepping out of your bath tub, do not turn your back towards the tub – because you are honoring your sacred bath experience. Imagine how we exit a church, walking away from the altar. We do that out of respect.

After the bath, rub oil or lotion all over your body noticing each part of you and honoring it. No matter what has happened during your life, your body carried you forward. No matter how you felt, your body held you. Oil yourself into gratitude, beauty and calmness. Speak softly “Thank you” to each part of you – ankle, knees, tummy, breasts, neck. Acknowledge your feelings and sensations. Acknowledge your desire to shield and nurture yourself.

Lay on your bed in silence – this is your sacred time for you and your higher self/God/Universe. Breathe in and breathe out. Allow yourself to air dry. You can remain nude or wrap yourself in a special blanket, towel or beautiful silk lace slip – whatever you prefer and feels good for you. Afterwards put on clean clothes and dispose of the water as stated above.

The truest gift and magic of spiritual baths is that it is purposeful. We enter into an intentional relationship with ourselves as we allow us time to re-connect and re-align to our needs. We remember our blessings, our beauty and our wounded parts that need some care. With that clearly refreshed vision, we live a more mindful, grateful, connected life; we come back to ourself again wholebodily and wholeheartedly. And what greater magic is there anyway?

Much Love & Peace


Art by John William Waterhouse.

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