Spiritual Bath Guide + Sacred Prayer

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Spiritual Bath Guide + Sacred Prayer

A spiritual bath is an ancient cleansing ritual that combines the therapeutic and esoteric properties of water with the use of sacred herbs, plants, minerals, oils, and other ingredients to dispel negativity, produce a desired outcome, promote healing, and to bring us into alignment with our higher purpose or destiny. 

Sacred bathing is a restorative practice that has been used throughout the world for many centuries and is part of the holistic healing modalities of many ancient cultures. It is a bath of not just washing/cleaning the skin – but a purposeful and ritualistic experience with the intention of purification and connecting our body to our heart, mind and soul. 

Water is one of the four sacred art elements known for psychic abilities, psychic protection, purification, holy blessing, love, intimacy, fertility, creativity, exploring our emotional depths, and connecting to our heart – which is the initiatory pathway to higher consciousness.

There are two main purposes to a spiritual bath. One is to attract love (self-love), emotional connection, fertility, creativity, fortune and well-being and deepen desire; and the other is to cleanse, protect, purify, heal, rejuvenate and remove negative energy. Spiritual baths are one of the most powerful psychic protection rituals used.

Depending on your intention and personal situation, I will send you a written guide as a PDF file on how to do your spiritual bath, including a sacred prayer for spiritual healing. 

After you make your payment, send me an email via the contact form to let me know whether your intention for the bath is cleansing/protection or attraction/love. Please, be clear with your intention, so that I can be of most benefit to you. You may also describe your personal situation, so that I can include some complementary techniques.  

As these guides are custom made, it is best if you send me your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth – so that I can create your bath ritual in alignment to your natural moon cycle, natal moon phase and directional strength of your unique energy. Our natal moon and its phase (new, full, waning or waxing) shows where and how our energy flows best, and when working in alignment to it, it opens doorways more easily in our life. 

Once you’ve sent me your email – I will always reply to you within 48 hours to confirm that I have received it. If you don’t hear back, please know that I haven’t received your email, and contact me again. Also – please check your spam or junk folders because sometimes replies end up there.

Your guide will be delivered to you via email within a week.

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