As I browse through the beauty of Claude Monet, and his house and gardens in Argenteuil in the suburbs of Paris, France, I thought what I wonderful opportunity to share with you my guidance on how to understand the lines in human design through the house analogy, and how to visualize the more practical ways in which energies move in and through one another. So let us now enter and walk into the house of the human design, see where each line resides and how it pulses through the walls and spaces, and most importantly, how the energies move and work together.

While most people will often look only at their profile lines, we are like a flower of many petals – and each petal is a line, so we are a combination of all the lines; each will be expressing itself and speaking to us and moving us in various moments of our life, and each will have its own speeds and rhythm, but all will be moving and working together. Just like in astrology and in our natal charts, each house is a room, and a house within the house that we are – for example, our Ascendant is our front door, etc.

In human design our profile, or how we are dressed in this life to accomplish our desires and walk our path, consists of two lines: the first line is your conscious personality, and the second line is your unconscious body.

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Line 1

This line is the foundations of a house – it is what creates stability and what builds all that will rest upon it. As such, to imagine or visualize how it may look like, it is like you walking just slightly outside what-will-become the house, as you are gathering all you’ll need to build it in a stable and secure way. The foundations of anything are most important, and it takes skill, effort, time and patience to build – it takes great reserves of perseverance, endurance and research and investigation. This is what this energy essentially does: It gathers the bricks and stones and all to build something long lasting and of great value. 

As such, it needs to be outside to do its digging into and deep research and investigation. So this makes it feel a little exposed or insecure – because it isn’t in the house yet. It is among the people while still needing its quiet time to research things, and research the grounds and soil. So body wise, this may sometimes make a person feel a little insecure seeking stability, but it is only through that feeling of insecurity or instability in the body, that creates their inner depth of desire to search and build the stability. Otherwise, they’ll just sit comfortably on the couch. Their purpose within the collective consciousness is to create the solid foundation that all others may feel secure and stable on. This is done through gathering information and insight, researching, learning, becoming the investigator and kind of specialist on various kinds of areas. The one who builds the foundations of life, is that one who needs to wear all the hats and become an expert on as many fields as possible. Nothing survives without the foundation, soil, and fertile grounds upon which to bloom and thrive.

Each prominent line 1 energy and person hava a deep need to have time alone, where they can engage their intellectual curiosity; have plenty of space for yourself; dive into your curiosities to feel stable (this is what soothes you and relaxes your body also); take your time to explore, research and connect, and let curiosity and interest guide you. When the time is right, when things are ripe, you will become the authority on a subject you’ve become an expert on. 

Line 2

Now we shift our eyes towards the wide open windows where there is someone standing right in front of us with the lights on. This is the hermit energy – it is the one who isn’t as exposed as the first line, so they feel more secure because there is a window, or wall, separating them from the group or external environment. This line receives projection as the outside is looking in, because the lights are turned on; however, they can still retreat and move away comfortably – because line 1 has made sure they’ll have now the bricks of the house and the stability they need to retreat.

Line 1 and line 2 are often very similar, so many of my clients often even wonder between them and resonate with both – and the answer to this is of course unique in each case. Sometimes, as I mentioned, we are a combination of all lines, we are the house, so it all moves and unites and weaves in and of and through each other. Perhaps you have plenty of line 1, just not in your profile, so that’s why you resonate with it.

As for the difference between the first and second line: The difference is the line 1 sits outside – so it feels insecure with people “touching it” or looking at it so directly, so in the body it may sometimes feel a little uncomfortable with strangers touching them or kind of walking on the streets like a panther, being very mindful not to be too close to anyone or not having its shoulder brush across someone else; while line 2 is now more stable because it is behind a wall, a window, and even if feeling exposed with people looking at it, these people and energies are still separate from it.

So the way the line 2 works is that it will feel called to sometimes be at that window and offer its light or guidance to others, while other times it will just move behind the wall and have its me-time, which often is described like “living in their bubbles” – and this is actually needed for them to do.

Just like line 1, line 2 too needs plenty of time for themselves, retreat and just living in their bubbles, because this is where and how they cultivate their genius – through their hermit times. In these me-times you will focus on your own thing, do what pleases you, nurture, develop and cultivate your wisdom through deep introspection, and when “called” you will go to the window and share. This is the other main difference between line 1 and line 2: Line 1 gathers wisdom through research and clear insight into things, while line 2 gathers wisdom through instrospection. Their introspection and time alone, allows them to actualize their gifts and talents with the external world.       

Line 3

Now we begin the climbing of the stairs. Line 3 is about trial and error, seeing what works through seeing what doesn’t, making bonds and then breaking bonds, and starting again without feeling like something was a failure. You begin the climb of the stairs, and then perhaps trip or fall, but then you get up and keep going. It may feel like a big struggle but don’t feel discouraged – because – what you are actually, essentially doing is that you are manifestaing steps for other people on how to get to the second floor in their life.

Visualize no stairs. Now visualize that each step you take, you magically create a step that will eventually become part of that staircase. With each step, and also mis-step, you pull particles together and manifest a step in that staircase. In fact, the mis-steps or obstacles are very important, as this is what will create the most solid staircase in its right direction and curving and twist to get where you need.

You test things out, you try things, you fall and trip, and then up you go again – it’s part of the path, it’s how we create staircases then helping ourselves and others to get from the first to the second floors. You learn and gather wisdom through your lived-in experiences, through your trials and errors. I know it sounds discouraging, but think of it as you finding the rare thing not all others find.

There’s a pull to constantly try and experience new things and even challenges – but this will strengthen your endurance and resilience. This line 3 energy brings forward change and innovation; and the resilience you build will help you through your trials and errors. Remember that you are here to find what works through experiencing what doesn’t work, and then will share your discoveries, i.e. your personal embodied experiences, with others. 

The energy of this line is often about making and breaking bonds, so if you find friendships and relationships come and go, that’s just part of the path. If you are in a relationship, one way to keep it more stable is to channel the “make and break bonds” energy through perhaps sleeping in different rooms, and taking some alone time going for walks separately, renewing your vows, or perhaps even buying a new ring to mark a new beginning.   

Line 4

Now that we are on the second floor, we see someone on the balcony, perhaps even waving at everyone else outside – because line 4 is an externalizing energy that seeks to connect with others and act as a resource to their community. It’s important for them to feel a sense of stable foundation and belonging, so that they can step into their higher energy of creating belonging for other people also, and making others feel welcomed in their space. In turn, their own sense of belonging and stability comes from their network and connections.

This is also about recognizing opportunities for and within your network, as well as recognizing lack of opportunities, are your main gifts to focus on developing. Friendliness fatigue can happen when you’re investing your time and energy in places or relationships where you don’t feel connected or supported on a deeper level.

Be mindful of whom you surround yourself with – and don’t wave to anyone and everyone, because while keeping social is what you need, what you most need is to understand how to create deeper connection to people and not just stay on the surface level. Find what others need, be more attentive and learn the art of intentional listening; because you are here to create meaningful connection, and be of support to others also, so that all can thrive. If you know someone who can help someone else you know, connect them! This is essentially the higher purpose and manifestation of the line 4 – to build deep and meaningful relationships, be a supportive friend, and create connection and networks that help people.

Line 5

No matter who is where, on what window or balcony or roof, no matter what the house looks like – our eyes are pulled towards the mysterious figure on the second floor, seductively pulling us in. We can’t quite see it – because perhaps it stands behind red veils, silk or chiffon curtains – but it is pulling us in. We project all our deepest hopes, dreams, desires – it’s the one we’ve been seeking to save us. This is the powerful magnetic mysterious aura of the line 5.

Line 5 live in the projection of other people constantly, which is why they don’t even like being seen; yet it is their destiny to be seen and be the one who guides others in ways not many others can. It can feel lonely, because no one ever sees them quite clearly – they are the ones we project on to be our savior, perfect partner, perfect friend, perfect everything. And while often times they can be, they too need to be seen in who they truly are, and be accepted by their humanness – for no human is perfect; they need to be accepted for their unique quirks rather than carry the burdens of the world’s expectations on their shoulders; and just as they see and accept others truly and clearly, they too need and seek the one who will see them clearly, see them beyond the veils and come to their private sensitive lover’s cocoon.

Line 5 has a very clear insight into people – sharp and clear like a hawk, laser eye vision, they see beyond the veils, they see the patterns of the strings shaping behind the scenes, which is why they can tune into exactly what the problem is and then guide the person in a practical way to fix it or navigate through it, or offer them a potential solution. They have the ability to translate complex knowledge into practical terms, and this is how they help people. Line 5 are known as a karmic mirror – because essentially people’s projections onto them are only reflections of what these people need to see or accept within themselves. So the line 5 energy reflects on others their own karmic lessons and what they need to heal. Essentially, what you see in the 5 is “mostly you not them”, and to have a relationship with them you’d need plenty of self awareness and self accountability to be mindful of your projections. A mature line 5 will not entertain immature partners who lack self awareness and emotional intelligence.

Many people think they know the line 5, and will say they know them, but they don’t really know them – because the 5 is beyond the veil, and is the mysterious one, they are the snow leopard in the high of mountain who will always remain quite untouchable, mystical, elusive, reclusive, and seductive. They have a strong powerful aura and light shining from that second floor, and pulling people in, because they are the one who deliver universal truth and guidance; it’s all about leadership and guiding others with practical wisdom in this life. Though they do not like being “out there” people will seek them out, and find them when they need them.

Line 5 is an energy that universalizes truth, and then guide others through practical wisdom. Because of this “universalizing” aspect of their energy and life path, people often see them as fairy tales, or someone who holds all various wisdom and cultures within themselves, and someone to resonate with no matter what culture, language, belief you come from.

Line 5 is not here to be part of the herd – they are here to create a new path of consciousness, a new unique way of seeing things and solving things, because old problems cannot be solved by old solutions. This is why line 5 are known as the “heretic” because they are pushing boundaries, have unique perspectives, and are authentically themselves, walking a path of truth, self realization, embodying the mystic’s path, and then being the guide for other people showing them the way. Line 5 doesn’t fit any category, any box, and a lot of times their insight is years or even decades ahead from the collective consciousness – so sometimes they just need to wait their time, and be patient. The one who need your insight will find you; and this life will be paved by many destined meetings, so you don’t have to worry about being found. In your personal life also, who is meant for you will come and see you clearly, as you are in heart and truth, beyond the veils.

If line 5 have develop their energy into its higher manifestation, then surely, line 5 will just be seen as the seductive figure who can save the day, or even world, but they actually will. With every power comes responsibility, and the responsibility here is know thyself, so that you don’t let the projections of others take away from who you are; and it is also to stay grounded and ever learning and expanding, and also setting clear boundaries with people with what you can and cannot do for them. Know and communicate your limits and boundaries. Remember that you can’t save anyone from themselves, you are only here to guide and give them the insights, but what they choose to do thereafter is only their own choice.

Line 6

And now, as we end the tour of the house, we see someone sitting on the roof! Well, they weren’t always sitting there. In fact, in the first 30 years of their life, line 6 acted like line 3 – they were on those stairs, tripping and falling and then standing up again. From age 30-50, they then went up to the roof to say there – because there is a need now to pull back, dedicate to introspection, look back at their life, reflect on their mistakes and what they learned, heal it; because after the age of 50, if they have truly learned and integrated and healed, they can step into their role model purpose in a healthy way.

While on the roof, it may sometimes feel a little lost, a little discouraging, a little “where am I going, what is my purpose?”, and there might be a hesitancy to pull back and self reflect because introspection, inner work and healing is hard and takes time. But that’s the path. Not everyone with the line 6 will step into the healthy expression of the role model – and whether they do or not depends largely on what they do in their second phase of life.

Being on the roof at this second phase of their life is about processing and integrating and making sense of all that happened before. This is the introspection phase, which now makes line 6 go inward, or more private, perhaps they start a family, so they focus more on the children. There is still an urge deep within them – because they feel they are meant to be doing something in their life, yet life has said “not yet, just wait”.

So now at the roof, like a bird, they need to just sit there, pull back and reflect on their mistakes or hardships they went through, reflect on what they learned, integrate and heal, and essentially embrace the introspection. The quietness is purposeful. The not-doing is purposeful. You are only gathering, and actually embodying the wisdom from the experiences you learned. For example, if one of your lesson was patience, you now need to embody this patience and trust through the time when you feel nothing is moving forward and you feel at a stand-still. Understand the timing of the land, the timing of the seasons, the timing of your life.

While the first phase of your life connects to Saturn and the hard lessons, this second phase between 30-50 years old, is the healing phase, or the Chiron phase, where you need time to release any old wounds from your sysem and body – in order to cleanse and purify later on. You may be a little aloof, observant, or feel lonely, or feel like “time is running out and I am not stepping into my purpose” – but this is an important phase, because you can’t guide others unless you’ve healed yourself and come into the integration of your full self.

From the age of 50 onwards, you will be asked to come down from the roof and share your wisdom with others. You may hesitate, or even doubt yourself, because the roof becomes comfortable – we don’t get to share from there, so we won’t feel like failures – but you are here to become a role model after the age of 50 i.e. become a walking embodiment of what you learned. Line 1 was about sharing knowledge and wisdom through research – but you, line 6, are here to walk your wisdom from your lived-out and lived-in experiences. It’s kind of like those people who write autobiographies, and their life is the wisdom that people learn from.

Don’t hurry the process. Even though you move through three phases in your life, you have access to your inner wisdom at all times. There’s a tendency for perfectionism and idealism, and sometimes avoidance as well through hurrying up, so you need to be mindful of that and don’t force nor push things before their time. Notice if perfectionism is supporting you or holding you back by asking the question, “Can you allow yourself to be seen even when things are not “perfect”?”

Enjoy the making of the staircases, enjoy being the hawk, and when it’s time, come down to share with the world all the pearls of wisdom you learned through the years. Life showed you to fall and then rise, to let go of your own inner limits, boundaries, judgments, control, criticism, feelings of lack, and to just go into that flow of water through compassion and seeking to understand. A pearl is formed and refined only through the pressures of the hard sand within the softeness of the mussel – so all along, through the trials and errors and sitting in not-doing or feeling like a failure or “nothing”, you were actually shaping a pearl.

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Cover art by Claude Monet, 1873, Le Jardin de Monet à Argenteuil (C Monet – W 286).

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