In human design we essentially have two birthdays: one shows our personality, mind or conscious design and is seen on the right side of our bodygraph; and the other shows our body or unconscious design and is seen on the left side of our bodygraph. Our personality or conscious design is calculated at our exact date and time of birth, corresponding to our natal planetary placements that you’ll see in your natal chart in astrology. Our body or unconscious design is calculated about 88 astrological degrees from the moment of our birth, or roughly three months prior. These are the parts of our chart that we are less consciously aware of.

Both our left and right columns are full of the gates that we carry in our definition in various planetary placement and following the number of each gate is a line (1-6) that colours the narrative of that archetype or energy expression. So for example, when you see 48.6, 48 is the gate and 6 is the line.

Our personality or conscious design line (on the right) shows our conscious personality attributes. And our body or unconscious design line (on the left) shows our unconscious traits that may not be easily recognized in ourselves, though they might be more easily seen by others, and yet it is these unconscious traits of ourselves that may be a natural path of our life and how our body feels more aligned or instinctively responds to and needs to feel good.

The lines become quite important because when we combine the line of our conscious sun gate to the line of our unconscious sun gate, we get our profile respectively. Our profile is essentially what we are made or “designed” to be and flow in this life; it is the costume or dress we wear, and it is one of our most important aspects in human design.

And yet it isn’t just our profile lines that are important, I’d often recommend that you look through the lines of your whole bodygraph to see if you have an abundance of any other line. For example, even if you profile doesn’t feature a 1 line, if you have an abundance of 1 in the rest of your bodygraph, perhaps you’d resonate with this energy also and some of its characteristics could be particularly influential in your life as a whole.

You may think of the lines as petals in a flower – they all vary and are unique in themselves, but they are essentially each a part of that same flower. Every one offers us a perspective, a nuance, an insight into the qualities that we may want to lean into and out of and through; and each line also opens a door, a beautiful offering that you offer to the world through embodying its qualities.

Let’s go through a general discussion on what each line offers to the world, and please keep in mind these are only general; for one-on-one consultations with me, you are welcome to browse and book through my offerings.

Line 1

Known as the investigator, creator, and needing a sense of security and solitude (as it rules our bones and structure), what line 1 offers to the world is its ability to dig deeper into things, to dig beneath what is seen on the surface level. It hunts and desires to seek and find the truth and essence of things, and by doing that, you invite people to come with you on this deeper exploration. You go down the rabbit holes into wonderlands without fear, and you inspire others to research and look into things deeper also, rather than take all at face value and stay at shallow waters. You question the world and this is an amazing quality to have especially in our modern times – because our ability to discern is actually a great spiritual gift. You aim to deeply understand, because you are a truth seeker. Knowledge is power, and you lead the way for others to understand that also and seek their own truths. You are able to see cracks and brings clarity to fill them. You persevere in the truth seeking and gaining knowledge, and have a great desire to keep digging until you find the wisdom well. You are here to then share your knowledge with the world, and teach in whatever way feels aligned to you. Keep asking questions, keep seeking, keep growing and stay in your intellectual curiosity; while also remaining humble that there is always something new to learn, to grow, and we’ll never know it all as human beings – but this is what makes life ever curious and wonderful to learn.

Line 2

Known as the hermit, the natural, and needing a sense of freedom and alone time, line 2 rules the posture and fluids in our body and is here to offer to the world its commitment. You show the world your loving commitment through your natural gifts and talents, while also needing a sense of natural life – i.e. living in or spending a lot of time in nature outside. You need your solitude and are quite committed to your alone time, so it is important to honour this, because through this, you also inspire others to not be fraid to lean into their own energy, inner space and essence. You grow through solitude and inspire others to find inner growth in solace also, because this is how we get to know ourselves. Away from the hustle and bustle and identifying with external things, we can find our peace within and who we truly are – and we can play also! You can sometimes be told that you live in your own “bubble” yet this bubble is your natural solitude space where you play and imagine and dream, even if you live in a busy city surrounded by high rise concrete. Find grace and joy in your bubble, go out in nature as much as you can, and stop fighting against the stream. Wisdom is the path the hermit seeks and finds alignment in; and through that, you will also inspire others to float with their inner streams also, and dance in joy with life itself.

Line 3

Known as the martyr, line 3 has a mutable energy to itself, learning through experience and fluctuations in its life, as it is ruled by the blood and movement in the body. Line 3, similar to 6, usually goes through a life path separated into three main phases, corresponding to its natal Saturn and Chiron placements. You may find that your life is a bit full of ups and downs and many mountains to climb, and it is because what you essentially are here to offer to this world is your courage. You live courageously and with high spirit; and that’s something you had to learn to do through the obstacles you faced, and how after each one, you learned to rise again, and again, and again. You don’t stop after the first or even tenth hurdle, you know how to pick yourself up and that’s true perseverance. You don’t run away from life, and you don’t run away from the hard stuff – you face it, and then rise up again. You learn. And you are not afraid to try again. Through this living and walking your path, you inspire others to try also and not give up when they face obstacles or failures. You yourself learn not to fear failures, and that there is no such thing as perfection. Life has showed you to fall and then rise, and you see that this isn’t disappointing – it is adventurous and purposeful, and like a pearl, you too form and refine yourself through the pressures of the hard sand within the softness of the mussel – so that you become a pearl! You accept that raw humanness, and the complex nuances of humanity, and you grow, you change, you evolve, you learn, and you invite others to enjoy the wild and beautiful ride that life is.

Line 4

Known as the opportunist, and ruling the breath and rhythm, line 4 needs connection, networking, being of service, and to feel a sense of belonging. Smiling and kindness will take you a long way in life, so invest in learning how to communicate with others in harmonious ways, and learn the art of graceful speech and being delicate navigating through the various personalities that people have. Stay away from being judgmental and critical, and focus on the beauty that each person may have and their good qualities. What you may offer to the world is your stability and loyalty in relationships. You are committed to connections and do not seek surface level relationships; and when you decide to get close to someone, it is because you feel there is something real there. Through this loyalty-centered living of your life, you inspire others not to settle for surface levels neither and to seek friendships that give them a sense of belonging and are aligned to their true selves. You offer the world your gift of networking – because you may be good at bringing people together. You may be a connector for others. You love building relationships, so keep aligned to being your true authentic self and do not stay on surface levels – seek the depth, because what you are seeking in this life is belonging, and accept people for who they truly are as well. Keep nourishing your bonds through kindness and appreciation, and stay committed to loyalty. 

Photo by Will Truettner on Unsplash.

Line 5

Known as the heretic, the saviour, the guide, line 5 has a mystical seductive aura that is made for impact and influence, and it rules the voice. What you offer to the world is your practical guidance. You offer people a new, creative and innovative way of solving their problems and creating a real change in their lives – you offer them a out of the boxing thinking aiding in their soul growth. Through your heretical and unique perspective, you guide people towards a new way of seeing things – because we can’t solve old problems with old thoughts and perspectives – so what you basically offer the world is solutions. You have immense natural problem solving gifts and a true talent in using your voice for deeper impact – whether as a writer, storyteller, counselor or guide.

Many 5 lines have an almost fairytale like aura, and as people always project on them their needs, wants, desires and hopes and dreams, the 5 lines carries on its shoulders all these hopes and dreams – while also acting as a karmic mirror to people.

And it is precisely because of your magnetic aura that the people who need you will naturally come to you – because in you they see the unique and creative solution that they seek and that you can offer them. 

What they see in you is what they need to heal in themselves, and while it isn’t easy for you to live in people’s projections constantly, try not to take it personally because it is their stuff not yours. You inspire people to live in their authentic selves – and to stay free and independent minded, which is priceless for our world and a brave quality only few people have. What you offer to the world is your natural talent of your voice also, so if you feel you have writing skills develop them and share your messages and gifts to the world – because they were given to you to be shared. You are a messenger. You unify. You offer practical guidance, wisdom and truth that can truly help people. Stay confident in your unique true self, embrace your unique and creative way of seeing things, you are here to shine and be seen and recognized by others for your powerful unique light! What you offer to the world, perhaps more than anything, is that you connect them to their deepest dreams of heart, and whisper them into believing and trusting that they can come true!

Line 6

Known as the role model, line 6 is here to embody its wisdom, and cultivate patience in following its dreams. Similar to the vibration of 3, it usually goes through quite a few ups and downs, and its life path is, just like the 3, separated into three main phases relating to its natal Saturn and Chiron. And yet what line 6 learns through it all is wisdom – and wisdom is precisely what it offers to the world when it begins to embody it (rather than teach it). Wisdom is gained through living fully and transitionally, and allowing these life changes to move through you. Through this, you inspire others to let go of the expectations and shoulds and woulds about where they should be in life. You show others that life is like a fine wine, and it gets sweeter and better with time – because you yourself walked such path. You are naturally reflective, so whenever you go through your obstacles, you ask yourself “why and how?” And then you allow the new insights to emerge and you embody this new wisdom, so that you move ahead with this new wisdom – and through that, you move ahead with more authenticity. Seeing your way of life and how you self reflect, others feel inspired to self reflect also, and to learn through doing. What you offer to the world is that you invite people to become their own role models, their own sources of inspiration, and join you in living with integrity.

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