~ He reaches his hands through the soil, tempted by water, tempted by air; he reaches his hands through the soil, for merging ~

This is a beautiful aspect to have in synastry, as it shows a natural blending between two people, where both feel a depth of connection and attraction, a certain level of meant to be, destiny and fatedness of their meeting, and are both usually deeply emotionally connected to one another. As it is a trine, it doesn’t contribute to the manipulation or controlling dynamics that squares and oppositions create, where the Pluto person creates because of fear and insecurities. Trine and sextile show a natural flow, and a similar pace of emotional growth and intimate relating.

Let’s begin.

What is the Moon?

The Moon is the lineage of our soul, our deepest sense of self, our emotional, mental and spiritual inner wildlands, our ability to love and to nurture, our church within, our sense of home – home of our heart, and what feels familiar to us, what gives us comfort, what we need to self soothe, what is our home. It also rules our early childhood and our mother, and how we were nurtured, as this will then show how we’ll be able to nurture others; and it shows our home environment, what gave us comfort and stability; and then, in adulthood, our definition of home, or what home felt like in childhood, becomes our subconscious or unconscious definition of love or what we look for in relationships.

What is Pluto?

Pluto is the part of us that stays beneath the soil. It desires and longs to come out, because if we don’t acknowledge these deeper hidden natures and Plutonian themes of ourselves, we are essentially controlled by them, though we delude ourselves that it is us who are in control of them. Pluto shows in our natal charts where and how we might be needing to transform something from within the depths of our psyche, and where we need to shine a light on the inner corners of our psyche. Whatever we keep unacknowledged, undealt-with or suppressed, will always come out; and the deeper our fears and insecurities, the more external things we’ll be seeking to make ourselves comfortable, soothed or validated, and to hide all that’s beneath our soil. What Pluto wants of us is radical self honesty, and courage of soul, so that we begin the path of inner growth and emotional maturity. What Pluto needs is to connect to its feelings within, which means that it needs to come into contact with them, and that usually comes through some level of reflection through another – whether person or situation, as Pluto themes are hidden from our views and very subconscious.

Both our Moon and Pluto are actually very vulnerable in their own ways; and both need some level of trust. However, Moon wears its heart on its sleeve in most cases, and the ebbs and flows of its watery nature, and its phases of waxing and waning, is something that continuously allow her to be in touch with her emotional nature. Pluto, on the other hand, hides from itself and things are not easily reached.

So in order for this to come into awareness, it needs to be gently pulled out from him; and in most cases, it isn’t gentle. In most cases, Pluto seeks to control other people, and play its games so that he gains some sense of control in life. What Pluto hides is his powerlessness, weakness, and vulnerability. When a person knows who they are deeply within, they don’t manipulate other people; only hurt people hurt people. So the only way Pluto will mature into an adult, and gain true strength, power and self confidence, is through self awareness and the courage to be honest with himself, facing his inner shadows and themes.

When Pluto is in a square or opposition, this is someone with attachment issues, emotionally unavailable, will cross any boundaries just to keep you out of fears that you’ll leave, he is manipulative and possessive, and not even because he may love you – but just because he is running away from feeling and just wants to regain some power and control. In other words, Pltuo replays his own fears, narratives and wounds through other people. For a partner who also has some dependency issues, lack of boundaries or associating love with neglect or pain or cold/hot behaviours and emotional instability/unavailability etc., she will be very attracted to Pluto. This is why Moon-Pluto squares can point to trauma bonding. There is nothing sexy about this, so please don’t romanticize suffering – this is not love. If you want to make these Plutonic relationships work, both partners need to work on themselves prior to the relationship, heal on their own, otherwise they will only create more psychological and emotional damage on one another. 

When Pluto is in a trine or sextile, we still see the sexiness and seductive aura – you can imagine him as a dark, tall, handsome man, who is quite reclusive, mysterious, you sense depth within him and he is on a quieter side. And even from the far corner of the room, his eyes are pierced on you and see only you. The way Pluto looks at you is unlike any other man, because you feel like the only one, and Pluto sees you on a deeper level; he wants to know you, all of you, and he isn’t scared of knowing you. But with this trine/sextile Pluto man, once you together build a trusting space, he will also open his heart and be vulnerable and share of himself; so your bonding will be healthy. Pluto isn’t prone to manipulating here as much; but of course it depends on other aspects and the emotional maturity of the person.

Let’s dive deeper.

Moon Trine Pluto in Synastry

When Moon and Pluto meet each other in synastry, both people feel the attraction; and if it is a harmonious aspect such as trine or sextile, they move into a deeply emotional and natural flow of water and connection. Trines also show that there is the right timing and pace and rhythm to their emotional selves and growth and relating, and these are very important for relationships. There isn’t much resistance or drama because both are kind of on the same wavelength; and the often intuitive connection they share, synchronizes their rhythms further. They usually understand each other’s natures and inner soils.

The Moon rules the water sign of Cancer, and Pluto co-rules the water sign of Scorpio; so energetically we see the emotional depth, intimacy and bonding of these two deeply attached to each other water sign. There is strong sexual attraction here too, that is both primal and a deeply emotional one, because of the water sign undertones. Obviously, if this trine is happening in the water signs, it’d feel much more deeper and emotionally binding; while if it happens in the other signs, it may not be as noticeable on the surface, though it is still acting underneath.

There is usually a deep emotional and intuitive connection as both of these planets deal with the unconscious or subconscious, and take us into these watery depth of the psyche and all beyond the boundaries of the psyche also. There is usually a feeling of destiny – both partners usually feel that they met by fate and are meant to be together. Both can feel and develop a deep emotional attachment to each other, which would also serve as a harmonious channel for inner growth. In this relationship, growth doesn’t come through suffering nor manipulation, it comes through trust, emotional understanding, and the ability to be open and vulnerable with one another without feeling disturbed or afraid.

The Pluto person recognizes opportunity for a deepening within the Moon person. The Moon person is like a song of soul calling Pluto from the beneath the ground; and Pluto, tempted by water, tempted by ait, reaches his hands through the soil for merging. He recognizes and sees this Moon high above in the sky, and wants his skin to shine of her. So he is less threateaned and less afraid of his own shadow, since there is almost a soothing on his path of emotional transformation; and the Moon provides a sense of nurturing in her space for him, where he can show his self.

The Moon person feels seen by Pluto – as the way Pluto sees us, the way he looks at us, we feel seen skin deep. She can wax and wane, ebb and flow, but he is still there with his arms holding her. He isn’t scared of her vulnerabilities, fears and strong emotions, because he too has gone through many experiences from beneath the soil where he once was hidden. The Moon doesn’t have her own light in the sky, and she needs to feel seen and appreciated; she needs to be held. As she is a very vulnerable part of ourselves, we need to have the right space of trust and safety,  where we can show ourselves fully, without feeling judged nor critisized nor taking advantange of. Intimacy is the ability and willingness to be truly seen – it is “into-me-see”. And for this – we need trust.

We live in a world of a lot of shallowness, falseness, masks, lack of values, lack of depth and emotional maturity, and a lot of shallow desires for sexual gratification or material gratification or instant gratification. This creates, in turn, shallow relationships. People have gotten so numbed down, and ego-centric, that they expect all for nothing; they do not know how to give of themselves to another, and expect to be given while not investing anything. They expect everything for nothing. There is no effort, no clarity, no willingness nor ability to be truly intimate with someone. There are fears and ambiguity, and emptiness of souls and hearts.

Moon-Pluto is about intimacy, and real emotional depth. This is about honesty. There is nothing superficial here. Love is a kingdom for the brave – and love is not for the faint of heart, just like spiritual awareness is not for the faint of heart. It requires honesty, self reflection and continuous intentional effort – devotion, consistency and dedication.

The trine nurtures both partners’ abilities to create the fertile moist soils upon which they can build something long lasting, meaningful and true. Because of their willingness to trust and give of themselves, they allow love to peel the layers of their bark, the false identities and old patterns, so that they can unveil their true essence, sweet fragrance, and merge, experiencing intimacy and deep love.

The Moon person reflects to the Pluto person what they need to face within themselves; and because it is a trine, the Pluto person doesn’t fall into resistance, fears, manipulation and drama as he usually does. So the way the Moon reflects to Pluto his own stuff from beneath the ground – is in a more gentle way, almost unnoticeable, though through her, he is actually emotionally opening himself and transforming. Whatever he has repressed, undealth with, or unacknowledged, the trine from the Moon creates a nurturing space and soil, with a synchronization of rhythm and timing and pace, for him to connect to this part of himself, to grasp and to process in a more gentle way.

The way the Moon brings these things from within the Pluto person is more gentle, which doesn’t disturb the Pluto person, but just gently, in the way of water, with tenderness, she pulls it out from him to see on the surface. And this is really important because none of us as humans want our stuff to be thrown in our faces – this will only shock us or scare us. We all need and want compassion and understanding; we seek and long for this Moon part of us, for another person to predispose us to open up and be vulnerable. No matter how emotionally mature we are, if we are with someone who isn’t – someone who doesn’t create a space of trust and understanding, why would we want to open up?

In relationships, people usually focus on the bad stuff. We see them in the counsellor’s office, and they’ll be blaming each other, putting on a headline of all that’s wrong; while forgetting or losing focus of what good things might have happened. So with this trine, we don’t wear the headline of the bad constantly and obsessively; and the Pluto person doesn’t feel the need for creating drama, manipulating or controlling the Moon person because of their own issues, insecurities and fear of losing the Moon.

The way the Pluto person has his stuff reflected to him through the Moon, so that he works through them, usually, doesn’t feel disturbing to him. Of course, this all can change if this aspect is receiving hard aspects from other planets; or the Pluto person has a lot of hard aspects in his own natal chart; or is just emotionally immature.

In general, this is a beautiful aspect to share in synastry, bringing emotional depth, sexual attraction and depth, intimacy and sweetness, and the romanticism of the meant to be together, without the drama, manipulation and control dynamics that Moon-Pluto hard aspects have. All Moon-Pluto aspects are about growth and emotional maturity, but when it is a trine, we are growing at a similar pace, synchronizing in rhythm, emotion and timing, which contributes to deeper trust and mutual understanding.

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