If you’ve ever had a spiritual astrology reading with me, you’d know that one of the first things we dive into is your natal moon. Our natal moon, its sign, aspects and the constellation, is perhaps one of the most important parts of our chart. In Esoteric and Shamanic astrology, our natal moon shows the lineage of our soul – it is the reason we’re born.

Our natal moon is the deepest and most sacred part of us; it is the shelter of our heart, our home and church within. It is our ability to love and of being loved, our ability to nurture and how we nurture. It is the inner world through which we experience life, others and ourselves. It holds what matters to us most deeply, and it holds us in comfort always. The moon is what feeds us, what nourishes us and what we need to survive. It is also related to our wellness and wellbeing as it holds our unique physical emotional, mental and spiritual wildlands that exist within us.

As the moon also shows the lineage of our soul, it holds all past lives into itself, and can show us the gifts with which we come into this life. It is a memory, a remembering, and it returns us to heart – as love returns us to love.

The moon is a feminine sphere of receptivity, it is a wet soil, the womb through which we are born. Within this soil, we as little seeds or sparkles in the sky like stars, are received by her, so that we are then born into a body here on earth. So being born on a particular moon phase is actually really important – because this becomes the portal through which your soul and energy were able to come through.

So what is the sun? The sun is our fuel in life, the solar fire, the desire that pulls us forward on our soul’s path. The sun is the solar wisdom and the consciousness that peels the false or outdated layers off of us, off our bark, so that we burn what we no longer need, and release our true essence, true scent, sweetest aroma rising us. In ancient texts, it is known as our soul’s mission or soul’s karma, because it burns off karma, so that we unveil our true selves and grow further on a soul level. It is what burns us and peels us, so that we come into greater awareness.

Being born on a new moon is when the sun is conjunct the moon. In other words, the doorway of the past perfectly aligns with the doorway of higher consciousness, which creates a powerful one-directional portal able to bring forth of soul of high energy. This is especially true if the sun holds the lower degrees, because the moon is now no longer dark or overshadowed, but rather she is now coming into greater light of deep wisdom, clarity and high intuition.

People born on a new moon are essentially beginning a whole new phase of their soul’s evolution. They come here with powerful and very creative energy, which they will initiate and imprint on the earth’s collective consciousness. For those who believe in starseeds, new moons create the perfect portals for starseeds to come through as they are so-called “new souls” and coming from higher dimensions needs higher energy portals to be able to handle them.

Let’s dive deeper – what does it mean if you are a new moon baby?

New moons are some of the most beautiful energies, carrying a childlike wonder and radiance in their auras. They are natural magnets and generators of energy, inspiring all around them; and generating more energy, more passion and more creativity for all.

New moons are incredibly talented, creative and full of energy. Remember that you come here to begin a new phase of your soul’s new cycle of evolution, and as such, your energy is very high and passionate. You are free minded, independent, creative, innovative, incredibly talented and intuitive, and very brave. As a child you might have been interested in various things, and this was purposeful, because you were gathering knowledge through your intellectual curiosity. It is this curiosity and the courage of your soul that will later in life allow you to push boundaries and introduce new ways of being, doing and seeing. Creativity needs independence to thrive, and you are indeed very free minded, so keep nurturing this.

New moons are incredibly intuitive and hold the potential for great psychic abilities, especially claircognizance because they just know things. This is because both solar wisdom and lunar intuition are now perfectly married within, as without.

Let’s think about this: During a new moon, we don’t see anything in the sky. So new moon people feel things, know things, see things beyond the veils, and have incredibly powerful sacral and gut instincts, which help them in life. All they need to do is trust that – because they may often doubt themselves, since they don’t understand something through logic. You may not always know why you feel something, just as we don’t see the moon in the sky during new moons, because you need to connect to your sacral center, trust your body and learn the language through which it speaks to you.

New moons are usually deeply sensual, passionate and romantic people. Behind the dark velvet curtains, the sun and moon kiss and have their private sacred love life, which is why we don’t see neither in the night during a new moon. This makes them incredibly creative, and they are gifted with usually many unique gifts, talents and skills. Learning patience and perseverance in life will help them achieve all they desire.

Since they are very independent, it is best that they are given that space where they can do as they feel. Otherwise they might feel really frustrated and their creativity might be limited. Their free minds should be nurtured rather than constrained, and living in a modern society of basically everyone looking and acting the same, new moons need to almost fight to keep their authenticity. It is this authenticity and courage to be who they truly are through which they will create beautiful things in this world, and experience themselves freely in this new cycle of their soul growth. Making mistakes is fine, you changing your tastes is fine, keep experimenting and stay creative – you are a kid on candy store, so try out the candies, and know that all who try will fail, but then will stand up again.

New moons need freedom, and even in relationships, they need a partner who understands their need to have some free space and time for themselves, like perhaps going on a walk or having their own room where they do what they love. They make great partners because of their passion, creativity and romance, as well as their beautiful curiosity to keep re-learning about their partner and keeping the spark burning; however, they can be quite introverted sometimes, retreat or need a lot of free time for themselves. Sometimes they might just need some quietness, so don’t take it personally as if they don’t care for you anymore. Remember that a new moon is dark outside – so this shows their introverted nature.

New moons have a lot of energy, and need a lot of intellectual stimulation. This is because they may constantly have a lot of ideas come through in their minds, or constantly thinking of something new, or have a lot of inspirations, and when their minds start running they can soothe it by listening to something, learning something new, researching, or listening to an audio book to fall asleep at night. Words are soothing for them, especially if there is an aspect with Mercury or their 2nd lord.

New moons are absolutely beautiful energies, carrying a very pure childlike wonder. You are blessed with passion, energy, great amount of life force energy (the sun) which basically lights and fuels people around you just by your mere presence. You have a firey soul that is here to make its mark on this world, though because it is a whole new phase in your evolution, as excited as you are, you might have sometimes felt a little lost, confused or like “where the hell am I going?”

The moon is lunar, cooler, inner, she is water; and the sun is solar, fire, masculine – so what happens when you mix fire and water? Steam. You are a passionate soul, and you need a lot of passion in your life. You need that fire, that lava, this desire of soul to move through you, and you may really love to experiment with things, being adventurous, love traveling a lot! And this life is about these explorations, so even if you feel fears and worries, this is just because it’s new. And that fire within you that keeps pushing you, though sometimes it might feel impulsive, is just because if we don’t have that desire, we won’t really be trying new things, right – and when we are starting a new phase of our soul’s evolution, this is going to feel scary, so that’s why we are given that fuel, that fire, that desire that always asks us seductively, “so what about this, what about that?” Follow that. Trust that.

As already mentioned, you have strong and powerful intuition as a new moon baby. It doesn’t have to make sense nor logic, it will not. The night may be very soothing to you, and also quieter places, kind of remote places, or off the road, or even in a busy city kind of just observing or people watching. It’s an introverted position, because you are here, again, for a very special new phase in your soul’s growth (which also means you completed something big in a past life, so take some pleasure in this life now and allow yourself to make new mistakes again lol!)

New moons may sometimes have a bit of a monk or hermit energy to them. So it’s like you are sitting by the window in a house looking outside to observe because you are blessed with incredible curiosity and imagination, and since your energy is so bright it shines through the window thereby attracting all people towards you. So you’re kind of connected to others, and yet you kind of need that window in between to feel good; you need your space and a certain level of distance, to engage in your creativity and passions.

You need some sort of distance between you and others, and yet you are very much here to also create impact that involves other people. There might have been moments in life when you felt lonely despite being surrounded by people, and a bit isolated, but that’s because those times were meant to connect you to yourself as you are now on this new soul path.

The monk, the hermit, these are the wise – the ones holding the lantern that is the wisdom of their heart. There is a certain level of solitude you need in life, to do your own thing, whatever it is, even if not doing anything, you are actually doing a lot on a spiritual level, absorbing and purifying the energy of others around you. It’s not really in your “doing”, it is in your living and way of life. It is in the unique way through which you see this world that inspires other people along your path, and imprints a new energy of being for all.

You are fiercely independent of your space and privacy, and can get really frustrated and even angry if someone crosses your boundaries. You don’t like anyone giving you their unasked opinions nor telling you what to do, and you just kind of walk the beat of your own drum. Make sure you set clear boundaries with others, and manage your emotions. Practice discernment as well, because you need to discern who you allow in your life and what you say yes to. In your human design bodygraph, you might find that you are a generator or manifesting generator, so it could be helpful to you to learn about that.

As a new moon, you may really love jewellery, especially silver or anything sparkling, music, dance, poetry, romance, nightly storytelling, and anything mystical and mysterious. Water is very soothing for you, as well as humming. If you feel too frustrated or impatient, you should channel the energy through sport, movement or creativity. You are perhaps very youthful with quirky sense of humour, so you need lots of laughter in your life, and to be surrounded by people who are supportive of your true self.

You might be quite okay with occasional long distance friendships or relationships. At the same time, you are incredibly loyal, and your friends might be the ones you’ve had since childhood, and even if you don’t talk each day, they know that they can call even after years, in the middle of the night, and it’s as if no time had passed by. So again, like the new moon in the sky, even if we can’t see it, it is there, always. There is a deep and strong connection you might feel to things and people even if they are distant from you, or that you haven’t even seen them before, or at least not yet. Often times, a mystical aura surrounds you, which is part of your charm and magnetism.

New moons carry the energy of the magician, and they are natural at manifesting. They don’t really need “vision boards”, it is just their natural flow of energy. Their powerful one-directional energy acts as a magnet, naturally attracting to them all they need. So don’t doubt yourself, trust the timing of your life, trust yourself, and trust life – because things will happen for you in their right timing. The right people will approach you, the right opportunities. Temper the impulsivity, nurture the patience, and awaken the discernment of your wise heart.

As a natural magnet and a bright soul, you will attract a lot of things and people, so learn to discern what’s good for you and what isn’t. Focus on what makes you happy, follow your joy, creativity and passions, follow your “yes!”. Follow that sacral gut feeling, because you might be very connected to it, and trust that it will lead you where you need to be.

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