As a spiritual astrologer, practising professionally for many years, this article today might sound a little too rare or unorthodox – but it is an important one to understand. It is important to understand what astrology is and what it isn’t – its validity or rather non-validity, as well as its purpose, and perhaps most importantly, how to connect to your true self and creative potential, which are found beyond the lines of a chart.

Our natal charts are essentially a spiritual study of that which is consumed by time. Every single one of us is a little seed, which has its unique burns from the sun, impressions and imprints from all the past lives, and its own nutritive cycle that it needs to grow as beautifully as it. Once we understand our nature, our soil, our underground, the weather and the climate, then we know better how to grow in our own way and come into our full essence. Our natal charts show us these natures and cycles – for we need to know what to burn, what to eat and what needs to be devoured completely so that we reach our soul’s desire.

The stars, the moon, the planets, the constellations, are all only great indicators of the signs of time – of how time consumes us and how things are woven into the cosmic fabrics of consciousness – it is our understanding of a current moment, it is a language longed to be understood but will forever remain somewhat mystical because one of our greatest lessons in life is to trust and uncover our own secrets. 

According to psychologists, little children wake up in the middle of the night and go to their parents’ bedroom, not to see whether the parents are there but to see whether they are there. It is the repeatedness of this that assures them of their existence. That’s how the world works: repeatedness becomes reality and identity.

And this is how stories begin: we are born and start forming. We form through our interactions with others, what they say about us, how they see us and react to us. Ideas, concepts, behaviours, values, beliefs, understandings, patterns, attachments – all form within the walls of our skins.

Our natal chart is basically a map of our early conditioning. It is a map of some amounts of karma, which we may or may not have brought into this life with our incarnation; it is a map of how we have responded to situations, of our actions and patterns and observations, and of our beliefs – and therefore, it is a map of our values, because our values stem from our beliefs. It is a map of our defences, of how we can keep ourselves safe and perhaps even soothed; and all these thought and behavioural patterns were formed by our early childhood environment, people and situations that we faced before the age of seven. We form our identity until that age based on what will keep us safe, more loved, more happy, less abandoned, less alone, and more connected with others.

If we continue to follow that same thread of pre-conditioning, we will have a particular pattern of behaviour and thoughts and emotional management. Our natal chart shows all that’s passed and our understanding of it, and as such, it naturally informs us about what we understand ourselves to be. Ultimately, it is a map of our ego and identity, beliefs, suppressions, tendencies, and potentials.

As such, therefore, astrology is a great perspective – and an amazing tool for self awareness – because it may often shine a light on the corners of our psyche which we may not have been aware of.

Awareness opens us and it opens the doorways to potentials beyond what we thought was possible. Once we are aware of ourselves, and all these little aspects within us, we can more deeply connect to our true self and rise beyond it.

Ever since the old days, if you went to the best astrologers, the ones who truly understood not only astrology but the depth of the mysticism and the higher spiritual truths, the ones who wouldn’t be on social media but high in the mountains, so you’d need to put in the effort to find them, the first thing they would ask you would be: Are you on a spiritual path? And if the answer was yes, then they would refuse to make predictions for you. They would give you what you seek as awareness; but they would then give you back the key for you to make your own choices on your path ahead.

Why? Because once we devote to a spiritual path, we hold our own keys; for it is a path of deepening of self and coming into more awareness within, so naturally, we are no longer walking a path of pre-conditioning. And therefore, we cannot have “predictions” because our choices would be more conscious and aligned to our true self; and any manifestation of the possibilities of aspects would be on a higher spiritual level and timeline.

There are three levels of manifestation of aspects and transits: physical, emotional, and spiritual; and the spiritual is one of higher soul growth and awareness, so what manifests is beyond that which was expected or conditioned. And while if it rains, it will rain, because the clouds outside make it so, we still hold in our key to choose whether to go and take an umbrella, whether to stay in and cuddle up shifting our attention elsewhere, or perhaps we want to go out and dance in the rain.

To be on a spiritual path is about self awareness – it is a way to go deeper, and expand in perceptions. Self awareness tools such as astrology and human design open such doorways, and allow us an opportunity for a deepening.

We go deeper, because we want to touch something that dissolves some of the pre-conditioning of this world, and allow us to experience a different kind of freedom within that which is called the hidden world. We go deeper, because this allows us to have more confidence moving forward that we are not just our body, and that we are more than what we thought we were – we are something that is beyond our conditioning. These sometimes almost mystical experiences, born out of our inner worlds and intimate walkings, or awakened through our interactions with others, serve that confidence – serve the faith on the path that way. And it also serves the purpose that we can now be of help to others in a better way. Because to know ourselves is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and others also.

And so,

Is everything set in stone in the chart? No.
Would every aspect or transit manifest as it was said it would? No. And some things can be skipped through awareness and willingness to work through them.
Should it all stay within the lines of the chart? No. In fact, the more into self awareness you come, the less it will hold traditional meaning; and the less “predictions” will come to pass – because we are meant to move beyond its conditioned lines.

The higher purpose of astrology is to allow you an opportunity for a deepening, so that hopefully you may go beyond the conditioning of the natal chart. And to move beyond something begins with first understanding and knowing what it is – we need to first see it, be aware of it. Once you are aware of those inner worlds and pre-conditionings, you may now make a more conscious choice to lead a different path. There is nothing in your natal chart that should ever make you feel bad, sad or imprisoned – you are not meant to be imprisoned, but we can only escape the prison after we know that we are in it – and what it looks like.

A lot of life, and astrology too, can be explained by the simple philosophy of what I call The Three Fires of Time: wood, fire and smoke. When fire kisses the wood, the wood releases itself and rises in its aroma. The wood symbolizes our willingness to be known and the layers of ourselves that need to fall apart; the fire is the consciousness that desires to know us, and through that union of kiss, consciousness becomes more aware of itself, and we too become more aware of ourselves; and finally the smoke, the song of alchemy, our unfolding of the path, our true essence, our rising and our deepening of self – it is our true aroma that is unique only to us.

There is a weaving between willingness, consciousness and unfolding; and between past, present and future. In the same way, the more aware we become by allowing these fires to kiss us and peel the layers of our bark that we no longer need, we come closer to ourselves. Transits and aspects, and relationships and anything else in life, is only for this purpose – to bring us closer to who we truly are, so that we are fulfilled in all ways. There are no “bad” aspects in a chart, at least in my view; only opportunities to learn and let go of what you don’t anymore need nor want.

Spiritual astrology is not for the faint of heart, as it demands a really high level of self honesty, self discipline, patience, maturity, and the capacity within us to accept these aspects of ourselves and then put in the work. It is not an easy path. It’s not a glamorous path. It isn’t a quick fix, there are no short cuts, it takes time. But real love too isn’t for the faint of heart; real love too requires courage of soul, devotion, honesty and continuous intentional effort.

My teaching and work of astrology, with these articles that I write here offering them to you or through personal readings with me, are to give you ways of navigating through aspects in your chart, so that you are not getting in your own way anymore; and it is also to give you a bit of a hawk eye’s view on the bigger picture, of the why, and your soul’s path forward. I do not focus on predictions, because this is not what I believe in – I don’t want you stuck; I want you to make more conscious choices along your path and develop in a natural and organic way.

I want you to feel more connected to your inner self and your feelings, and align you to growth and higher virtues, so that you can make more conscious choices in your life. First and foremost, I am a spiritual guide and teacher, which is why my astrology practice is as a spiritual astrologer; so if you are looking for a more conventional way of horoscope reading, you may find a more conventional astrologer to be a better fit for you. 

A birth chart, just like our conditioned sense of self, is full of rules, thoughts, opinions, restrictions, attachments, expectations – and you need to let that all go, learning how to exist within the true interconnectedness of all things together as one. And this can only happen when we move beyond the lines, when we dissolve our own boundaries and the borders that separate us from ourselves. Who you are is not who you may think you are.

Your birth chart is essentially a map of your gravity – of what you came into this life with. Gravity implies resistance. There is a way to go beyond gravity. There is a way to go beyond being the subject of pre-conditionings; there is a way of moving beyond the subject of old karmas in the sense that you may create a new way of being, responding and acting, rather than replaying the same old karma creation patterns.

We are here to fall within the non-gravity, the non-resistance, so that we unveil our true self and creative potential; and this can only happen once we let go of that which we hold so tightly as our definition of self, and what and how things should be. You’d be surprised how tightly people hold on to their attachments and coping mechanisms. But to go beyond the gravity is a coming away from the old belief systems, expectations, attachments, compulsions, so that we can move more deeply and freely, and touch the interconnectedness of all things – because the walls of our natal chart have been dissolved.

The higher purpose of astrology is to have that delicate conscious touch and discernment of heart’s wisdom, of knowing how to use it as a perspective, a window and a tool, while not being subject to it. It is the window but not the ocean itself. To be aware that there is an ocean in existence, you need to first be aware that you actually have a window; if you then want to see the ocean clearly, you need to clear your window; and if you then want to touch the ocean, you need to step outside the house. 

Transcendence comes from the Latin prefix trans-, meaning “beyond,” and the word scandare, meaning “to climb.” So to transcend means to move beyond the ordinary limitations; and in a spiritual sense it means to see beyond the physical needs and realities. Transcendence is a way of fully seeing the world; it’s a seeing beyond the surface level towards the deeper connections that are at play. It’s seeing the meaning of the whole beyond the individual parts.

The benefit of touching transcendence is that you now have the opportunity to see the deeper reality and the interconnection of all things. And this is what holds you because you now realize that you’re just as much a part of that deeper reality as anything and everything else. This allows for a deeper and more meaningful interaction with life, in a much more intentional and present way, as we become more fully aware of the greater arch of our life and its connection with the larger whole.

Whenever someone asks me about life’s purpose, I can tell you straight away that it is, for all people, to be of service to others and to learn to love, and then, loving fully. For each person their path that way may be unique, and the expression of that through their hands, lips and gestures may be differently manifested. But it is still the same in its essence: Being in service to others, and learning to love more fully and intentionally. The art of life is the art of love.   

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