Today we’ll talk about what is meant by your “earth” in astrology, and no, it doesn’t refer to the earth element energies such as Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo. I call it the inner earth; each one of us has an earth – which is essentially our terra firma, the foundation within us, the soil upon, and within, which we were born, which then becomes the point of perspective through which we view our external environment, the people, the stars and constellations. This inner earth and soil, and how we tend to it, is what will essentially create the way we experience our life. In esotericism we refer to this as within so without, as above so below.

Often times in my astrology readings I like to offer my clients a visual of the celestial skies at the time of their birth through an astronomy software – so that they can actually see how the real skies looked like when they first opened their eyes and were to look up. I find that it is important for us as astrologers to be able to not just know the ancient texts, but to have a real depth of understanding from an astronomy perspective also, of how all actually moves and travels along.

When you first opened your eyes on earth, if you looked up the skies, you’d see the planets in specific constellations as they are currently travelling along their paths – and this essentially becomes what you’ll see as your natal wheel. But what we need to remember is our perspective of this seeing i.e. we are viewing it from earth, not from the cosmos.

To understand anything in life, we need to understand its opposite. And without the external, it is harder to understand our internal cosmos and unverse.

And this same concept goes for astrology. To understand any sign, we need to understand its opposite – as every planet looks at its opposite and only this allows it deeper self-knowledge. Everything has meaning only because of something else making a relation to it. Nothing is absolute, especially in a natal chart and its expression of energy in our life.

Essentially, our natal chart is a spiritual study of that which is consumed by time – weaving past, present and future into one. Through the understanding of cosmic movements within and without, and the marriage of consciousness and willingness, we become an unfolding of self-realization and come deeper into self. We rise like new air, we rise into awareness and unveil our truth of aroma and fragrance, which is our true essence on its path towards its soul’s purpose. You can read about that in The Three Fires of Time.

The first lesson of the priestesses in the ancient mystery schools was to know thyself and know the earth. And they’d spend many years doing that – for it is only through self-knowledge that we can rise in life. The earth was particularly understood to be the reflection of our own relationship to self, and the way life worked also – as everything in nature holds all the secrets and wisdom of life and the universe, all of which apply to our own personal lives also.

Your earth is your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wildlands and landscapes of your inner self. Your body – is a wild sculpture of rainlife, of life within life within life. And along your inner wildlands you will find that some are explored, and some aren’t yet. The movements of planetary transits and the constellations with their unique voices and languages, as well as all people and situations in your life are essentially all allowing you to explore and understand your location or terra firma amidst it all, and then through that self-realization, to move beyond it and reach your soul’s purpose and dharma in life.

Like any earth, you too are comprised of many things. Various landscapes, temperatures, seasons, weather, continents and cities. Some are small towns with cobblestone streets and rich histories longing to be learned with a lightness of steps and a curious heart longing to explore the hidden gems; others towns are full of high rises with established beliefs and structures.

There are some parts that are deserts, where we might feel like nothing can grow and yet there we have the opportunity to see the beauty of stars at night; and others are jungles of richness and abundance. And we have caves, where we retreat like mystics; there, we need our lanterns. These lanterns are the flames of our awakened heart and eyes.

And we have forests where sometimes the branches can hide us from our eyes, but there we come into a deepening of trust and instinct. And there are mountains, where we put on our hiking boots to explore and climb, and the path may feel hard with obstacles, but a patience and kindness of rhythm, we learn perseverance, and on the other side, beauty surprises us, and on the top of our climb, we see horizons of wisdom in a way we haven’t seen them ever before. 

And within our earth, just like in all other earths, there is a lot of water. You are full of oceans, seas, lakes, rivers and icebergs. Some bodies of water are sweet, others of salt; some have many waves and strong currents; others still and quiet tucked away secretly in the forests. All are of different temperatures, yet all need tending to their needs. Lakes cannot stay still for too long for they will become swamps, so rainflife is needed. Ice, snow, vapour and rain – all different shapes, yet water is water, always.

There are also animals and wild life. Each have their own nutritive cycle and needs. Sometimes they are quiet, sometimes they are loud. All deserve intimate understanding and a way of speaking to them. These are our emotions.

We also have diverse continents of foreign cultures and foreign language that we’ll need to explore and understand. We have cities and tiny towns all with their own different cultures, belief systems, thoughts forms, ideas and perceptions. There are streets – some cemented, some cobblestones paved from many generations; and then there are other roads – off the path – where with courage of heart, we go to explore them on our own. 

Your Inner Earth

In astrology this is sometimes referred to as your inner earth sign. It’s the mirror image of your natal Sun – or in other words – it is the opposite sign of it in the same degrees. So if your Sun sign is Taurus, your Earth sign is Scorpio, and vice versa, and so forth. Some astrologers refer to this as a description of how you felt as a child, how you perceived the world and the stories you built within. In psychology, this is known as your inner child.

Your natal earth sign becomes more important if you have your Moon conjunct it, or in other words, if you were born on a full Moon. This is because your emotional world, which is what your natal Moon shows, is still deeply attached to your childhood and has a hard time gaining perspective to discover itself – basically, you are only sitting in one room of a house in one city without understanding that you have a whole planet to explore. So full Moon babies need to spend more time in self-development, emotional release and introspection, which is actually their path in life and what supports their energy, so that their whole life flows easier. Full Moon people are at a beautiful and very important phase of their soul evolution, which is about inner integration and introspection throughout their life.

For example, if you were born on a Cancer full Moon, that means your Sun is in Capricorn, your Moon is in Cancer and your earth sign is Cancer. To embrace the higher expression of your Sun sign, you need to first integrate your inner self. You need to basically learn how to cry and have a space where your emotions and your true self will be supported. Without understanding your inner emotional needs, healing them and discovering those paths you walked through as a child, you will not be able to build the successful kingdom you desire as a Capricorn Sun. Once you connect to your heart and to your deepest inner self through the beautiful nurturing empathic heart-centered energy of Cancer, you will no longer build only tall rigid walls towards success – you’ll have the warmth inside the rooms and corridors, the hearth of flames, that will ensure the true success, abundance, love and accomplishment of all you desired.

Of course, your inner earth isn’t just the opposite of your Sun sign – it then is shaped, paved and nurtured throughout your life; and each planet, each constellation, becomes a part of it also, as it its seeds are then planted, nurtured and blossomed within you. Venus is the part of you that draws within your desires, she is the part of you that finds form within the formlessness, within the dissolution of boundaries – it is the way you love and weave love, and the wealth and abundance of the fruits and flowers you grow and shape. Mars is the part of you that courts that one he is seduced by i.e. Venus. Mars moves towards that which he desires and is the energy of initiation, protection and drive. And so on. All are in relationships to one another, because everything is a relationship; one cannot exist without the other, as the meaning is only often revealed through the interaction with the other.

To understand anything, we must understand its opposite; and when we view the external world, we then have the choice to shift our eyes inward and self-explore and grow on a soul level. And every polarity has a meeting place, where two energies can meet and kiss, with a patience and kindness of understanding. No matter how seemingly different, there is always a meeting place and a common theme that may bind them or become the bridge for connection. And then we become our full body of rounded earth, and of cosmos. We become the full self.

Our earth is so much more than the inner child or a part of our natal chart. It is you, your evolution towards spiritualization and towards individualization, so that you become a soverign body.

Once we understand and illuminate our inner nature, we shed light on our path forward towards reaching our soul’s purpose in this life with an open awakened heart – and we can then also create a new earth, growing our beautiful flowers, nurturing our animals, and creating new paths with love and with caring.

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