As a creative myself, I love all kinds of art, and one of my most favourite architects (a love at first sight!) is Antoni Gaudi. With immense skills and talent, his art inspires and pushes the boundaries of the mundane and expected – and it opens doors – doors to our imagination and what’s possible when we don’t necessarily stay within the lines. Twists and turns, curves and movements come alive through stone, and a fairy tale emerges from the nuance of colours and shapes. His art beautifully reminds of the mysticism that life is – that no matter how many straight and direct roads and highways we build of concrete, life’s paths are full of twists and turns, and time there is a matter of timing, with clocks unstrikeable and unclockable by us. Just one step after the other, with trust, and with patience of rhythm, following the drum of our own heart.

Creativity doesn’t have a fixed goal nor a fixed destination, it is a melody that sings you and shapes you along the way. And the way we start isn’t always where we end, but that’s the beauty of it – that’s the art that you are. Creativity needs openness, bravery, and a lot of freedom to breathe.

If you look at Gaudi’s human design bodygraph you’ll see how he has both his G and ajna centers opened, so today, let’s discuss these while taking in the pleasure of his art in Barcelona.

Usually when a client comes to me for a session saying that they feel lost and confused and not sure what their purpose or direction of life is, they have a open G center. And they usually know this, and they think that their whole lives will be paved by uncertainty, lack of clarity and direction, and not really finding their place in life. I am here to tell you that that’s not true at all. You are not singing, you are being sung; you are the melody itself being sung, and the painting continuously being painted.

Our G center is known as our identity center, also known as our self center; so when it is opened it means you have an open self. But what it can make us feel, because of the way out society conditions us, is that we don’t know clearly where we are going because we don’t have a clear cut “direction”. It is actually easier for us to see very clearly where others are going, which is why many with open G centers make amazing therapists, teachers and guides, because they are able to take in the energy of those other people in their aura and understand their identity, thereby guiding them clearly after. This is because when we have an open center, we take in the energy from another, absorb it, amplify it, and then potentially experience the energy even more than the person with the center defined. The problem is that we are also conditioned by other people’s opinions of us or them telling us who we are or what we should be doing. So with an open G center, it is absolutely important for you to choose and discern whom you surround yourself with, and don’t create your identity based on what others say for you and about you.

You may be feeling that you are always trying to find yourself, find your purpose, find your direction, and that your life isn’t moving in the way others’ might be. Know that this is purposeful – because you are meant to explore as you move, and because your purpose is actually muti-faceted in talents, gifts and experiences. So to some people you might seem flighty, or “why don’t you have a stable one job”, but that’s your unique path and no one else’s business.

Open G centers are usually on a search for spiritual truth, and they need to allow the unique unfolding of their life and life’s purpose, because their purpose may often be a creative one – and needs many threads to come together until we can see it a bit more clearly. They are also quite comfortable with pushing the boundaries of life, and experimenting, which is wonderful.

When one wonders what their direction or purpose might be with this center opened, I first look at their incarnation cross to get a sense of their direction and life’s purpose; and I also look at their overall energy and aura, and not self theme. The most important thing to remember is that when we have an open G center, being in the right environment is crucial to us – because this is when we’ll meet the right people and opportunities to take us where we need to.

If we are in the right environment, the right people will find us and approach us and offer us the opportunities we need to fulfill our life’s purpose; and if we are in the wrong environment for us, all will seem messy, frustrating, we’ll feel lost and off. Being at the right place and right time, is a phrase written for open Gs.

To discern whether we are in the right environment or not, we must learn to listen to the feelings in our body. So while the incarnation cross will help you see your overall life’s purpose, so that you don’t feel directionless, knowing how to tune into yourself, your aura and energy and not self theme, allows you the opportunity to discern what’s good for you and what isn’t, whether people, things, places or situations. For example, if you are a generator, you need to listen to that sacral and gut feeling, and you need to follow your wait to respond. The right people will find you and approach you, you just need to keep aligned to your joy and do what you love doing wholeheartedly.

When you feel lost or constrained or limited, it is most likely because you are not in the right environment for you nor surrounded by the right people for you. In these times you might then begin to feel a push or urge to move or travel, and you absolutely should.

Even if you have an open G center, you might still have a defined gate inside of it. So for example, if you have gate 1 defined, which is the gate of creative self expression. This is the gate of the trust artist soul – a creative, mutable, and ever flexible authentic, and even freaky, genius! You have an incredible and truly original direction in life – and this direction is the creative’s direction, which isn’t fixed, it is intuitive and ever moving in its own timing. You may often feel the need to be alone, and you absolutely should be, because creativity needs independence. By staying aligned to the beat of your own drum, authenticity and truth, no matter how against the grain it might be, you magnetize others towards yourself and inspire them with your own creative and authentic impulse of energy. You have a real gift to inspire others to go in their unique directions of life also, and not be a sheep.And in many ways, you truly are a walking work of art. Gate 1 loses its sense of direction when it is overworking and doing things it doesn’t enjoy, or over-analyzing and trying to find its path in life mentally. This path of life is not one we walk through the left brain or logic.

And so – if you have this gate defined within your open G, what will lead you forward in the right direction is following these creative talents and urges of yours in whatever shape they come. You might suddenly feel a burst of inspiration or want to go to an art gallery or want to make something completely out of the box, even “geniously weird” like a video or song or painting – so go do that! This is your doorway outward, and toward placing you in the right place for the right people to find you. Anytime you feel frustrated, go to a place, or mental space, in which you feel free so that your creativity comes through. Go where you feel inspired, where you feel free and joyful! And as you can see from gate 1: sometimes the direction of our life is not having the “direction”.

So my advice for those of you with an open G is: Don’t worry about directions!

Don’t worry about your “direction”, it is not for you to know, it is for you to just trust the flow of life, be the beautiful melody that you are and allow yourself be sung through the inspired creativity that moves through your body. Trust your flow, because you are on a path of exploration rather than a fixed goal or direction.

Your priority should be to just check in your feelings and body – what feels good for you and what doesn’t, because your life will happen for you and the right people will find you and approach you when you are living through your joy. You are not here to have a fixed identity in this life – you are a painting of many shades and nuances, and experiences and experimentation.

Look at Gaudi’s art, and read about his life. It took him quite the path to be seen for his talents and end up doing what he did, but the right people found him and opportunities opened; and he was also quite spiritual which is natural for the open G, which further deepened his creative expression with nuances from mysticism.

Does his art seemed like something “fixed”? He pushed boundaries, he created from imagination, and imagination doesn’t have lines or identities – it is fluid and flexible and ever shaping and ever shifting. Like you, dear open G, you are a melody being sung, a painting continuously painted, an art ever shaping and ever shifting.

And what gifts us even more openness related to potential creative talents is actually our ajna center. When it is opened it means that we have an open mind – and an open mind is open to receiving. It doesn’t have a fixed way of thinking or having pressure to have fixed opinions – it is curious and desires through its openness. Absolutism sinks us in the water like stones, and we fail to see the beauty and complexity of the nuances. So embrace the open mind, while don’t put yourself in categories and don’t let others project on you or condition you to put yourself in categories. When our ajna is open we are not meant to box ourselves nor our opinions; and it is not healthy for us to waste time and energy trying to form strong opinions and/or trying to convince others of our rightness – we are meant to stay open as through this openness wisdom may find us.

Not just Gaudi and other great creatives and writers had an open ajna, great thinkers like Freud, Jung, Einstein did as well. And when we let go of trying to use our ajna center as our decision maker, and open ourselves to see beyond the boundaries of conditions, we get to tap into our greater creative and intellectual potential. It is a gift to be able to see different perspectives, to be out of the box thinker, and to literally put yourself in someone else’s place, which is also similar to someone with an open G center. But we need to be mindful, because this open mind center can also make us feel confused when we try to become solid with some opinion rather than staying with and cultivating curiosity. In many ways, we need to get comfortable with uncertainty without pressuring ourselves to figure it out.

We need to allow ourselves to stay in these liminal spaces, in the in-betweens, seeing the nuances and various shades and various perspectives from all sides of an issue. Ideas may come at us from all directions and we don’t need to be certain about any of them to feel smart or intelligent, nor do we need to think things through logically if we’re actually meant to think about them more abstractly. That’s fear talking. The way our mind works through this open center is not “consistent”, meaning that the more we relax into it, as if we are taking a shower, and the more we play with it, playing with different ideas and curiosities without pressuring ourselves to form an opinion at all costs nor try to frame how it “should be”, the more ease and magic we’ll find.

Align to your immovable

Embrace the gift of your openness you’ve been given. We speak the language of the moon, we wax and wane, and yet the waning is always held by the waxing even when we can’t see it yet. We flow like water and waves, and change like the cycles of the land in our unique timings, and fluctuate like the seasons. It is precisely this shifting that allows us an opportunity for a deepening. It allow us to explore the different and beautiful facets of our personal consciousness. And it is because of these shifts that we allow ourselves to stand in another light and look at ourselves and at all that we are creating in our own lives from another angle.

Through these explorations of seasons, cycles and tides of the self, we learn what remains constant and continuous – we notice the eternal and immovable – the undercurrent, the part of ourselves that is always the same. This part doesn’t waver even in the wildest storms and hurricanes. And when we meet this part, it is our true essence, the self that cannot ever be defined because it is eternal, and we can now remember it and learn to go back to that place as often as possible.

There will be seasons, and tides will change, but the sun is rebellious even in ice, it always winds, and it shines and it melts, and it softens us. When you hold that knowing in your heart, you come to feel the part of you which is immovable. So settle into this knowing, into the shelter of your heart, and know, truly know, that as rivers flow to sea, what is will always be.

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