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Today we’ll begin our talk with discussing transit Jupiter in Taurus, what generosity and soul-centric giving truly mean, and we’ll close with a Human Design perspective on this beautiful transit for the upcoming months.

Per Tropical astrology, Jupiter entered the sign of Taurus today shifting our eyes towards the tangible, yes, but also – towards the higher purpose that hides beyond our senses and material worlds. A lot of astrologers will talk to you about money and value during this transit, but the sign of Taurus is actually a very spiritual sign connected to enlightenment in ancient teachings; and Jupiter itself is about expansion of the real wealth in life – which is spiritual wealth, knowledge, wisdom and abundance. Jupiter expands us beyond the horizons of our human eyes, and its urge for travel is not only one for distant lands and foreign cultures, but it is also one towards our inner physical, emotional and spiritual wildlands.

People who have strong Jupiter in their own natal charts, for example Jupiter in their 9th house, are those who have most likely spent many lifetimes devoted to and developing the virtues, and have been involved in spirituality or higher knowledge, theology and philosophy and foreign cultures and ancient traditions, and have an amazing talent in this life, earned by their good deeds from all past, to continue their virtuous work and perhaps even teach on these topics. And what they do isn’t just teach – they actually correct all wrong or incomplete teachings, so that people can understand the essence and truth. Jupiter is about wisdom – and wisdom relies upon truth, and it is in the ability to apply knowledge in relevant ways, rather than just be addicted to knowledge and higher learning yet not know its essence nor how to apply it in its right place and time.

In esoteric astrology, Jupiter in Taurus is a really interesting one. On a personal level, it gives the native quite a strong need to expand material possessions, comfort and luxury. Yet on the soul-centric level, this energy reveals the presence of love and wisdom within all the forms of existence. When an individual develops and grows on a soul level, it is this placement that gives them the ability to teach the spiritual aspects of material abundance to others, and to attract towards them all that they desire – because it is now coming from a space of inner harmony and abundance. The higher purpose of this placement is to break down the concept that the material and spiritual are two different spheres, and coming into the understanding that they are part of the One.

Once we understand our relationship to our tangible world, which includes our relationship to our body, because flesh and skin are very much tangible and never “less than” spirit, we’ll then naturally and organically understand many other things, intangible, also. Without getting the body right, not much else will flow naturally in our life; and it is our relationship to our material world that also mimics our relationship to the immaterial. This is why when someone is stingy with their money, they are also stingy with their emotional expression towards their partners. When we consume more than we contribute, this leads to an inner imbalance, the effects of which will be felt eventually physically also.

In astrology, the traditional ruler of both the 9th and 12th houses is Jupiter. The 9th house is related to our dharma, spiritual evolution and karma. And the 12th house is where we go to disappear – i.e. humility and where we become self-less. Naturally, our ability to be charitable is directly related to our spiritual growth and both dharma and karma. Jupiter is also a significator to our life’s greater purpose which is to contribute. And often times, when someone feels lost in their life, sad, discouraged, confused, and want to find their “purpose”, the first thing they should do is perhaps some volunteering, charity, and to reflect on the question: when was the last time I contributed to someone’s day be better? Was I kind, did I smile, did I encourage them? Doing charity and volunteering isn’t just for the humanitarians, it is for everyone, and often times, this is your opening towards health, wellness and spiritual growth.

Spiritual abundance is not reflected in financial abundance, and while in the Western world they’re often intertwined, this has never been the case in Eastern mysticism. Spiritual work will pay off to you with spiritual gifts and rewards which obviously are priceless and go beyond money, popularity on social media, and fancy titles. However – with this transit and energy now we are bringing in the very tangible actions to reconcile the two worlds, heaven in flesh, soul in body, spirit into matter, through the gate of generosity.

Generosity and Soul-Centric Giving

The essence of this transit is generosity and soul-centric giving.

Generosity is something that helps us understand the condition of our heart, and what is keeping us from giving to others more. It isn’t about “how much we give”, or what we give, it is about our own capacity to be open, willing and humble. Because at the essence of generosity, or what happens when we are generous is that we deepen in our experience to and of love.

Money is important for our spiritual lives, yet it is often misunderstood. In the old days when we walk into a church we’d always leave a donation at the front door, and we also know how important alms giving is in Buddhist cultures also. At the core of this is the universal law of equivalent exchange of energy. When we receive support in some way, whether it is soothing comfort that a spiritual temple gives us or an article we’ve read that helps us, we need to give back in turn – this is how we build bridges within to that energy, and wisdom settles in.

So when we receive spiritual knowledge and support, it is only natural to give back a money donation – as we interact, engage, and help them continue their spiritual work. Jesus Christ too was supported financially by his disciples, and monks too are supported by their community. And we as givers too open ourselves to reveive more through our giving – because giving humbles us, and through that humility love enters us.

In the old scriptures when a rich man asks Jesus Christ how to gain eternal life, the answer he receives is to give all his money to the poor. But this doesn’t mean that money is evil, as this said specifically to a man who had deep inner obstacles – and his heart was closed off.

When our heart center is developed, we are more generous, kind, open, giving, compassionate, loving, and thus, more spiritually mature. And when our heart center is not, we are selfish, critical, arrogant, greedy, emotionally closed off, and thus closed off to all else of higher understanding and wisdom.

So in this situation, what Christ helped this man do is transform on an inner level something was that holding him back – and through the portal of generosity he transformed it.

Generosity isn’t something to be done so that we gain a place in “heaven” nor is it to gain “salvation” – it is our souls that need the freedom that generosity gives us. It is about the condition of our heart.

Generosity creates an openness to receive, and to love. Whether it is opening the door for others, treating our family to a nice dinner, buying flowers, donating to a charity, volunteering, or smiling to strangers on our path to gift them our kindness – generosity opens us to experiencing more love and wellbeing, aligning us to what truly matters, rather than shifting our eyes away from it through temporary pleasures or instant gratification. The language of love and of our heart is joy – so let that guide you.

Radical generosity is for everyone. It isn’t only for monastics or humanitarians, and just because you are not religious or spiritual doesn’t mean you should do the bare minimum in life. It’s about humility. No one is too high not to kneel to give.

It is about recognizing that the hands that give are just as empty as the hands that needed the giving. That walking silent gratitude notices the fillings of the hearts, and love becomes us.

We are all interdependent in this life, and the humility of this deserves to be treasured.

One of the greatest fears is that we’ll be perceived as poor. It terrifies us. And when we need support, this deep inner fear becomes visible to us because we need support. And perhaps we ask for it, but then we still don’t receive it because we are surrounded by takers.

Unfortunately in our modern world people just don’t know how to give, how to support and they usually only take. This is why their inner lives feel so empty, and why they feel purpose-less. To feel more purposeful, you need to be able to contribute to someone’s life, and to keep the energy within you moving – in and out, give and receive.

And for those others who give, give, give – you need to be more mindful and value your time and energy more. If people are not appreciative of your work, teachings and time, stop giving to them and find a more supportive environment. If there is imbalance between giving and receiving, you’ll begin to feel drained energetically, because there is no equivalent exchange of energy, and you won’t be able to give further down the line anyway.

But how can we practice generosity if we don’t have the money to give to someone? Anyone can give – it isn’t just about finances. It is about emotional giving, being supportive, and even about donating your skills and talents.

Jupiter in Taurus Transit through Human Design

In Human Design, using the I Ching system of the 64 hexagrams, we enter the Jupiter transit first through gate 3. And in a few weeks, we enter gate 27.

Gate 3 is what’s known as the Gate of the Sacred Fool. It is our ability to playfully create order out of chaos – which means taking a leap of faith to move beyond the conditioned understanding and almost robotic ways of being that we’ve fallen into. This isn’t about impulsivity or restlessness or immaturity, as the Sacred Fool has within himself discipline, self-accountability and responsibility.

When something feels chaotic, i.e. not longer in alignment to us and current state of being, we need to re-organize it. We need clarity of mind, purity of heart and sincerity in action to have abundance in our life, and chaos does not give us clarity at all. So this is first and foremost about clear vision.

How this may manifest in your life could be through your need to establish better routines which are more aligned to your life right now. Cleaning out your closet, donating clothes, cleaning the house and re-organizing the furniture shifts the energy and that could be a great first step.

To feel more comfortable in life we need routine, and routine is necessary, for some people it is their energy that actually needs it in order to thrive; and we all as human beings like to know things, because in this uncertain things called life, all is unstable and knowing gives us a sense of control which soothes our worries of the unknown. But even within routines changing happens constantly – and so in changing circumstances, or when your old routine no longer gives you pleasure, gate 3 opens and invites us to playfully create our new order and meaning of things. We do this through grace – walking a kindness of rhythm, and using a light-hearted touch as we reshape things, so that we are aligned to our new way of being.

If we don’t do this, what this energy creates instead is frustration – frustration with God, higher powers, disempowerment, inner distrust, and an overall feeling of loss of control which we’ll then look for ways to mitigate through superficial things or control tactics. Lean on humility and grace.

And it is this grace that then takes us gently in a few weeks to gate 27 – which is the Gate of Caring. Here, if we approach this from its higher manifestation and with reverence, we step into the world of nourishing and caring. We shift our eyes towards those we can help and support, as the essence of this gate is caring for others from an abundant overflow.

This abundant overflow is the inner overflow – it is a heart that knows that no matter how much it loves and it gives without expectation in turn, it will never feel empty because this well of love’s energy is neverending. So it doesn’t resist kindness towards others. It doesn’t resist supporting others. Of course this all starts from within, as we can only give to others what we have within. This gate is the gate within us that opens us in deep compassion for other people. The key to this gate is only in our own hands.

Use this transit, and all else in your every day, as opportunity to engage with life and deepen into compassion through the opportunities that it presents you. Perhaps when you are in traffic you can awaken your patience and non-judgment. There are many gates to love.

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