When someone asks me what is the most powerful prayer of all, I say it is I love you.

I love you
I love you
I love you

These three words gently put us in the presence of true power. They open the doorways to the heart and we become the conduit of light. When you speak these, repeat these, feel these, whisper these, mean these, you touch and allow another vibration within you free of judgment, free of doubt and free of fear. These words bring clarity and resonate with God essence. Whenever we speak of love, for love and with love, we embody angels on earth, as the language of the higher realms is only the one of the pure heart.

Love is a transformative power, love is the reality of who we are, and you say and mean I love you you are truth, you are of heart and you are in heart. Because you can’t speak love from a place of judgment, falseness, emptiness, doubt or fear.

What is prayer anyway?

The deeper meaning of prayer is that it is a way of relating and connecting. It is a language, a relationship, a reaching towards something greater than us. It is a bridge to God. It is a remembering of true love. Prayer essentially allows us an opportunity for a deepening. It allows growth. It allows us an opening, and allows us to love – to love deeper, to love more and to love in more ways, shapes and forms.

Prayer is a way of surrendering – of going beyond the limitations of ourselves, beyond the rational and sensical, just like love does that too. Think of how love has made you feel and expand in your chest throughout your life. Real love. How through it, through the devotion, trust and surrender that it blessed you with, you opened your heart, minds and soul in a way not much else ever allowed you to.

In both love and in prayer, we open in vulnerability and humility, leaning ourselves towards eternal hands of warmth. Relationships, both within and without, grow deeper into trust. Intimacy deepens with that vulnerability also. And our faith deepens through the surrender. We deepen through the opening of our heart. Words are mini Gods, and prayer is a blessing, so when we speak to others, we can bless them also. The humility of this deserves to be treasured, for it holds a responsibility we must all carry with our choice of words.

Love is a seed of God.

Love is a seed of God, which then grows inside of us, and we become a church of skin, a warm shelter for all.

The beloved is also a seed of God. It is said that we love our beloved more, we love all other people even more. The beloved is a window through which we see all other souls and their immense beauty. So when we are in love with our soul’s beloved, we love everyone.

And in turn, when we love others, we are making a connection to our soul’s beloved, regardless of where they are; and whether we know them yet or not, we are energetically sending them love – which they feel and it changes their life also. They might suddenly feel an inspirational idea, a loving thought, come across a loved song or lyric, or a beautiful dream unfolds and wraps them throughout their entire day. We can also send people healing when we speak I love you to them even if only in our mind.

True love is selfless and unconditional. True love doesn’t hurt, it heals and transforms; it is only people who hurt people. Love doesn’t hurt, so let go of these beliefs from the mainstream. True love is pure and it is also changeless. It doesn’t depend on who the person is, or even what they say or feel for us; love is love because it is its nature and essence. Ice, snow, vapour, rainlife or waves, water is still water regardless of the shapes it temporarily takes. It may engage with all and everything around it, it may be moved, but it still remains in its true essence, it is not swayed away from itself – it stays true to itself.

Our love too may change shapes and forms of expression through the years, but its essence doesn’t change – we still love those we truly loved. Surely sometimes due to circumstance or otherwise, we may not be together with someone romantically, but if it was of true love, then it doesn’t matter – we love them and that’s enough. The compassion of rhythm and higher understanding and acceptance take over us.

It is said that when we are blessed with a soulmate, whether a family member, a child or a beloved, it is a real blessing. It is special and divine – it is a gift and we must treasure it, for there is nothing more powerful than experiencing love in its true deep level. And it is peaceful, and it feels like home. Because it is the home of our heart.

Appreciate the love you have in your life. Hold it lovingly yet tightly, protect it, nurture it and tend to it with attentiveness and care each day. And be grateful, always – because love is sacred, it is blessed and a blessing, and it bears the seed of God. How you choose to grow it within the church of skin, through your every day gestures and movements of both lips and hands, that’s a decision only you can make. This is what will pave your path forward, and within yourself. And there, in your heart, is the kingdom of heaven.

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