There’s nothing more powerful than the human heart. 

In The Alchemy of Manifestation we covered the process of manifesting, and today, we will delve into one of the most crucial of its aspects – the secret force that drives our heart’s desires towards their coming into our human hands. It’s faith.

Our strongest powers are invisible – and it is our faith, which lies in our human heart, that is the most powerful of all, the greatest magic of all, as it weaves into itself the unbreakable braid of mind, body and soul.

Let’s begin.

One of the hardest yet most important spiritual lessons in manifestation is that the outside doesn’t matter.

No matter what is going on externally, no matter how slow or non-existent or contradicting or confusing – it doesn’t matter. All that matters is for us to keep the connection to our heart, the knowing of our truth and heart’s desire, to trust in our self, in divine order and in divine timing, and to be able to reconnect to that higher faith at any given time through our heart regardless of the external people and circumstances.

You can think of this in relation to a creative project, as manifestation is essentially a creation process. Imagine something you’ve been working hard on for many years – you’ve been putting yourself out there showing your skills and gifts and talents, and yet nothing much has been happening, or at least not in the way you needed it to, as in you haven’t felt or been seen nor recognized yet. Should you give up? No.

What you need to do is that if you truly feel that this is your calling – that you truly feel it and know it in your soul, with every fiber of your being, you shouldn’t quit. You have to persevere. You have to find a way to re-energize yourself, to re-motivate yourself, to find your passion again and again and again, to re-connect to your why, your heart, to continue to visualize and dream, holding that vision with sharp focus and clarity of mind, and to trust, trust, trust in the unique unfolding of your life.

Sometimes our life is dreamt by a bigger dreamer than us. And it’s a dream that will come into fruition, a dream more beautiful than we could have ever even imagined. The humility in this deserves to be treasured.

There are constant pressures in our modern world and an emphasis on instant gratification, short attention spans, and just hurry, hurry, hurry. But an ancient truth we have forgotten is that: Hurry is a fear.

The so-called multi-tasking mentality is in itself a message to our body that there is a threat coming – so that’s why we are putting ourselves in over-work, over-drive, because of some perceived chaos coming. Slow down.

There are clocks beyond the lines of our clocks – and these are the ones that really, and only, matter. There, time is a matter of timing, unclockable, unstrikable by the hands of our human-made clocks. Sensitive to a seeing, experiencing and a certain kind of intimacy, beyond our understanding. Unpredictable, in the elasticity of the cosmic fabrics.

Settle into the ancient truth that when it’s time, it’s time. It doesn’t matter if you think you’re ready or not, if things look messy or not, if it makes sense or not, when it’s time, it’s time.

And it is our faith that will eventually form, shape and draw in all and everything.

T h e  P o w e r  o f  F a i t h

What is faith anyway?

What does it mean to you? Do you feel that you even have it?

You already have it. Even if you think that you don’t. We all have faith in something or someone. So the first question should be – what do I have faith in?

Think about your today. What did you do – and based on what you did, what do you have faith in? We may have faith in fears or doubts or failures. We may have faith in nature, in our family, our spouse and children. We may have faith in our words, our cooking, our work – and in a future dream.

Faith means to have complete trust and confidence in something or someone.

It’s a deep believe. It is essentially something that we believe may be possible even if we can’t see it yet.

If someone is afraid of getting a fever, then it is because they believe it is possible to get a fever, and in way, subconsciously, they have faith in fever – in the existence of fever.

Do you have faith in your success and your creative abilities? Every time you put yourself out there and try it out, regardless of what happens, regardless of all the times you were rejected and failed and no one really supported you along the way, is because you do have faith in yourself. Remind yourself of that. Maybe you were rejected just yesterday, which felt like crap of course, but today you woke up, and did the best you could throughout your day, even if it wasn’t great you still did the best you could, put it some effort, and then still tried again after – that’s even deeper faith.

Something you can ask yourself to keep in check of how you move through life and what you base your decisions on this: Imagine you are in a relationship. Ask yourself: Am I staying in this relationship because of what would happen if I didn’t? Is it because you’ll feel lonely without a partner, or without the dream of a relationship or the external image of it, so you are sufficing for someone even if they are not meeting your needs and wants? Do you believe that you won’t find the right one for you, or perhaps because you don’t believe that it is possible to find the right one for you?

Dig deeper. Because if the answer to the question is “Yes, I am with my partner because of what would happen if I wasn’t” – then consider that you might be building your relationship based on fear and not love. In this case, you might have faith in fear, in loneliness, in abandonment, in low self-esteem, in not being good enough, in the fear that things may not be better for you in the future, etc. And if that’s the case, that’s okaywe all have fears. The point of this exercise, no matter how uncomfortable, is for us to observe ourselves and be aware of in what and where we have faith, or perceive we have faith in. From that awareness, we can now change things.

Knowing our fears more intimately will allow us too soothe them, understand them, and hold their hand like that of a little child, telling him softly, “it’s okay, we’ll be okay moving forward.” Sit down with your fears, doubts and hesitations, and ask them what their messages are – what are they worried about, what is it that’s bothering them. Understand them and where it’s all coming from. Be discerning.

Once we do that, we will no longer be moving in resistance and in shame or guilt, nor would we be creating inner conflicts and chaos. If we truly want a partner who is emotionally connected to us, we’ll be able to move away from those who aren’t, despite our fears and doubts, so that we can align our desires to our actions and behaviours – thereby, creating a powerful vortex of faith which will draw in more fulfilling experiences for us. This doesn’t mean that a perfect soulmate will drop down from the sky like in some sci-fi movie – it means that we will be making more discerning choices, choices of truth and heart, which will inevitably lead to more fulfillment and pleasure of our experience of life. And eventually, yes, we will be in the right man’s arms.

So let’s say that you’ve never been in a great relationship with a partner who was emotionally connected to you, gave you stability and security, and was truly devoted to you. The past doesn’t define you – and so it doesn’t mean that you will never be in such a relationship that your heart desires and that you’ll never experience yourself in the deep intimacy you so long for. If you knew that the right person for you was behind the corner – how would your choices of today be different?

Let’s say you are a musician, sending your demo to record labels, producers and putting yourself out there – and yet you keep getting rejected and nothing much is moving forward the way you wished. It doesn’t matter. Keep going. Find a way to re-energize yourself and to motivate yourself again. Keep working on your art. You never know which of your small ordinary steps would turn out to be a trampoline. You only need one person to notice you – the right one.

There is nothing more powerful than the human heart – and it is our heart, and the unconditional faith that it truly holds, that is the initiatory pathway to all and to everything, to all beyond human also. 

Build a bridge to Faith.

When we understand our mind and our faith, we need to start building a bridge towards the only faith we need in life – and there are only, only, two things you need to have faith in: yourself and God. Remember: hurry is fear. So slow down, and be gentle with yourself, walk steps lightly with a rhythm of kindness and self-compassion. Faith is a continuous movement, a slow pace, within you that guides you forward. Your steady slow pace solidifies your self-trust, confidence and belief, and solidifies the bridge to faith – with love and with devotion, with perseverance and dedication, it builds a strong spiritual core within you that is unshakeable and unbreakable – your faith in the unique unfolding of your life, and that you can indeed have all you need and desire from the purity of your heart.

Our minds are powerful but it is important to understand that they are only a tool, and it is us who is the master of them, not the other way around. Whatever we think is because we learned it during a time when it was helpful for us in some way, so there is no reason to feel badly about our thought patterns. Just understand that in the same way we learned our previous thoughts and behaviours, we can learn new thoughts. Make your mind your greatest friend and ally, the companion to your soul and body.

When faced with fear and doubts, shift your eyes towards love, towards something that gives you meaning and expands you rather than contracts you. And choose love. Choose love each time, again and again. Replace doubts with I can, I will.

When making a decision ask yourself: Am I doing this out of fear or out of love? The only thing that heals fear is trust. It’s faith.

And faith is a thing of the heart, not the mind. Faith goes beyond the seen and rational, it is a deep trust in life and in yourself. This is what essentially strengthen the core of us – which is our heart, which is the magnetic center of which all can happen. To enter the soul of matter, we need the heart.

Often in life we need to set a principle and a set of higher values that we hold ourselves to – our Northern Star – and then refer back to that for guidance during our uncertain times. In this way, we can ask ourselves: What would that higher principle do in this situation? For example, maybe your faith is love – your principle is love. Then ask yourself: What would “love” do in this situation? Would love move away with grace from those who don’t serve me anymore? Would love be discerning and can love love even from a distance? Would love need me to make a comment out of my own need for validation or because I want to express gratitude? Would love be more patient and self-aware? Keep yourself aligned to your Northern Star and let it guide you – stay true to it and your inner values.

Faith in word, word into action. 

When it comes to manifestation – words are powerful, and words are essentially our faith embodied. It’s like prayer. And we pray ourselves into being each and every day. We pray when we cook, when we speak, when we move, when we write, when we dance, when we create, when we love and when we believe. But usually, these are unconscious. 

So we need to bring the power of our words into action. In every word is the potential energy and the power to expand or contract our experience forward. Ultimately, our words, whether spoken consciously or unconsciously, whether towards ourselves or others, become our thought patterns which then become our behavioural patterns, and then – our physical movements, gestures and experiences, i.e. physical reality with natural consequences. This is why it is really important to be mindful of, and aware of, what words we use as our way of language. With our modern day use of shallow words, and words filled with ugliness, ignorance and vulgarity – or just surface level expressions through memes and emojis – we are only limiting ourselves further. We need to learn and awaken ourselves into the art of language. 

Words carry powerful vibrations, and weave our own energy as well. Of course, they need to be woven into our emotions as well, for more power and married into trust and faith from within. 

Once something begins to seem possible and “normal” for us, as an emotion or experience, it is automatically now ours. It now belongs to us, through the law of attraction – and will be drawn into us. And to make anything possible and believable – we need faith, which is complete trust and confidence stemming from the true heart. 

This is why prayer is so powerful – because it comes from the heart, and it is the heart that is the initiatory pathway for higher consciousness; it is the emotions that are the vehicle of our spiritual bodies; it is the heart that pulls all and everything towards us because while thoughts are electric (projecting), emotions are magnetic (attracting). There is no greater power, no greater magic than the human heart. And prayer is words from the true pure heart. Prayer kisses and marries word, sound, and emotion with faith. And when I say faith, it is essentially faith not only in the God, but faith in the best version of us, in the marriage of creation and creator, in the bridge between us and a higher power – for we are all emanation of God.  

How can we increase our faith?

Our memories are like batteries – and we enter doorways through them, as much as we enter doorways through thoughts, emotions, movies, sounds, images, wounds, scents and words. So one simple thing to do is: Be mindful of which things open which doors, because you will be put exactly in that energy again. 

You know this already – how you can hear a certain song in the middle of your day and you will be then automatically transported back in time, in that instance, in that feeling, in that memory, feeling the way you did back then, as if it is your current reality. This is great for well-being exercises too – because you can change your energy, even if temporarily as a stepping stone, just by knowing the power of memories and how to use them to tune into specific feelings and emotional vibrations. 

So go back to your archive of memories – open it. Think of a time when something happened in your life that was amazing – perhaps almost too good to be true, something you longed for and didn’t even believe it would happen and yet it did. Every day is in a way a prayer answered, a dream realized from some yesterday. But sometimes we just need a bit of a bigger perspective to see it and to be a bit more emotionally detached from it to recognize it. Think of a time when you needed something and in some way, it happened when you really needed it. Maybe it wasn’t a big deal, maybe it was finding 20 bucks on the street or in an old pocket but you needed that extra cash. Maybe it was reconnecting with an old friend, who gave you a sense of support or a warm feeling when the week before you were feeling sad that there was no one in your life to understand you. Maybe you couldn’t go on a beach vacation this year, but you went to a spa which gave you the feelings you actually desired such as relaxation, calmness and freedom of mind. Or maybe it was seeing a rabbit in the wild when last night you asked for a sign of hope during a prayer. 

You can also keep tokens or photographs of these memories of past dreams and wishes around you, especially in your bedroom so you can see them before sleep. Gather as many moments as that, as many memories, and store them safely and beautifully – write them in a journal if you need to remember them, and add more when you remember more of them. And then go back, and replay these, as often as possible, reminding yourself of how far you’ve come and how far you’ve realized for yourself in life. Where were you 5 years ago? 20 years ago? Did you believe something would happen? Think of a time when you were feeling lost, and yet somehow someway a mysterious hand reached out to yours, held it, and guided you forward. 

Essentially, we build trust and confidence when we see how we’ve done things previously. Maybe we don’t have much confidence when starting a new project or venture – but that’s exactly how it is supposed to be. Through our perseverance and doing, we will gain the confidence. When we are faced with obstacles and when things are moving slowly or feel stagnant, we will embody our confidence. Faith strengthens through experience of walking the twists and turns of life’s leafy paths in the forest. Surely, it begins in the heart, always and as all else in life, in the heart is where the power is, but faith also comes through our hands.  

This increase in faith aligns us with the consciousness of expansion which is the consciousness of the universe. We understand that along the twists and turns of our unique physical, emotional and spiritual wild lands – there are paths not clearly seen and yet it all comes together for us, as it should, when it should. This inner knowing creates a powerful bridge to all and to everything – because it becomes the foundation of our strong spiritual core. From that knowing – we create and allow more freely. There is time for quietness, there is time for movement. We understand that. We know. We believe that. 

To build a bridge to this God consciousness we need to build that bridge with trust, love, faith, and a certain sense of humility i.e. allowance of something greater than us which we may not currently or ever be able to see or fully understand. But the more we trust and believe, the more we acknowledge the interconnection of all and of everything – the more we also receive back, and in that reciprocity, the bridge solidifies and the connection becomes stronger. 

All our word forms and thoughts are essentially mini Gods. It is consciousness dissecting itself to experience itself in denser forms so that it is more aware of itself, so that it understands itself even more. This is you as well. A denser form of a higher version of self so that you come into more self-knowledge, discerning what you are and what you no longer what to be. The denser you become, the easier it is for you to see yourself. So as you descend from pure energy, to become denser and materialize into form, you see more aspects of yourself.

Does vapour know that it’s water?

It deepens into a drop containing all of its intimacies – from vapour to raindrops, it deepens into even more intimacy. It can become rivers into sea, it can be still as ice, held within boundaries as lake, breathed into lungs expanding and contraction like the breathe of life, it can kiss fire and earth until it becomes other elements, it can be sweet as lake or salt as ocean’s tides, it can be quiet and it can be loud, speaking many languages and sounds, but water is water, just as love is love, regardless of what it currently may look like.

“I am a hole in a flute that the Christ’s breath moves through. Listen to this music.” ~ Hafiz

Water will change shape through the form through which is flows – the material, the vessel, the temperature – and this is what happens with us also. We shape life force through our thoughts, behaviours, bodies, emotions and actions and intentions. This is why it matters how our word forms, and how our gestures are in correspondence and alignment to our internal form. In essence, our mind too is a mirror – of how universal power sees itself and is reproduced. When it alignment, we become into more harmony, within and without. 

And as rivers flow to sea, what is will always be. What’s yours is yours, and inevitably, it will not only be felt in your heart – it will be in your hands as well also. 

How does faith come into action?

Faith is the reason why we take a flower pot, put soil and roses’ seeds, and nurture this with love and devotion of rhythm. We may not know whether the roses will bloom, when the sun and rain will bless us, but we care for it, every day, as much as we can.

We are essentially creating the environment in which an experience may choose to take place. We are aligning emotion and intention to action. We are mindful of all around us, while being guided by the desire of our heart. The soil doesn’t smell like a rose. The pot doesn’t feel like a rose. The sun nor water look like a rose. And my hands are not rose. But all are needed for my rose.

This is faith. And this is the responsibility and power of faith also. We are understanding what if we desire for something to manifest, manifesting it itself is not enough – we ourselves need to change our energy to match that – otherwise, even when we draw it in, it will slip through our fingers like sand, unless we know how we can sustain it. 

To strengthen faith pray. 

Strengthening our connection to our heart and to God is always something beneficial for us. Prayer is such a beautiful way of connecting to the sacred and creating a sense of intimacy between our heart and God. Prayer is not a fragile thing – it holds us through our hardest moments with tenderness, it is not afraid to go on its knees as well in the mud and dirt and thorns and raise us and lift us through this. Prayer always finds a way to stitch our hands with morning sunlight and is strong enough so hold us through everything. And prayer is not only when we place our hands together and speak to God through our heart – there are so many other ways in which we can pray.

What is prayer anyway?

Many Native tribes in North America use sweet grass in prayer – as they braid it of three strands. This is what prayer essentially is: the weaving of our three invisible powers – our mind, body and soul. When we weave these powers, we create an unbreakable braid.  

The strongest power of our mind is our intention. We set a clear focus of mind, and try to replace doubts with I can, I will. We get intimate with our fears learning what they are, and holding their hands, as we tell them “It’s okay, we’ll be okay.” We learn what our so-called negative emotions are telling us to gain more insight and self-awareness – so that we become the masters of our mind. We learn our batteries – how to access memories for our benefit using their energy to empower and not destroy. We cultivate the laser-eye vision and develop the third eye.

The strongest power of our body is our creative/sexual energy. We learn how to harness it and channel it for our highest benefit. We learn the process of creation and how to keep ourselves in a state of vitality and expansion. We harvest the health benefits of our body and take care of it.

The strongest power of our spirit is our emotions. It is our emotions that are the vehicle of our soul – and it is our heart that is the initiatory pathway towards higher consciousness. We learn how to connect to our heart, how to feel our feelings, and what is the language and unique messages of each of our emotions. We learn how to use our emotional powers in healthy and balanced ways – and this is how we become absolute magicians, healers and change-makers. 

In my article How To Live Life as a Prayer, I guide you in-depth how to do all of that, through our ordinary every day gestures. Essentially, to live our life as a prayer means to weave our heart, mind and body into more love and more intention – to allow emotion and soul to flow and shape through our hands, lips and every day gestures, as we come into more appreciation, trust, purpose, faith, connection and tender devotion. 

“Ask believing you’ll receive it, and you will receive it.” ~ The Bible

This ancient truth, all across The Bible and other mystical texts, becomes a simple statement once we understand this: No one can think a thought in the future.

The thought form of the thing is already yours as soon as you think it. You could not have had that thought, or desire, or idea, if it didn’t already exist, if it wasn’t already pulling you towards itself, if there wasn’t already a need of it in the world, or the real potential of it happening.

Your steady recognition of this thought and your consistent focus on it or choice to focus on it, causes it to condense itself even more, and to eventually assume a physical form. For example, your careful recognition and steady application of wealth, abundance and love, in your heart and in your mind consistently, is what will cause it to assume furtherance in your experience in life.

Suggested exercises: For every 10 minutes you spend learning and reading on something – spend also 10 minutes in its application in your real every day life. Consciously spend time thinking every day about the thing you desire, and recognize how it is coming together through the subtle ways. Spend time searching for new outlets and channels through which the desires will shape, form and manifest. 

Another exercise is to expand your imagination. In Alice in Wonderland, the Queen punishes Alice for insufficient imagination, and then tells her, “My dear, sometimes I think six impossible thoughts before breakfast.” Try expanding your perception beyond your known boundaries – beyond the boundaries of the mind, to reach something you haven’t reached before.

Our human minds and understanding are incredibly conditioned and limited, and it is precisely through imagination and considering the impossible that we can expand ourselves. Sometimes we become a bit too comfortable with the known, expected, seen and visible, partly because it gives us a sense of security because eventually, it becomes our very own prison. And we forget to consider how we could otherwise be. And we forget to see the miracles of life, from the smallest to the grandest ones – we become sceptics used to the news showing us how ugly life is and we forget what true beauty even looks like because we are surrounded by plastics, filters and fakeness. We need to remember ourselves. 

To create any change in life, we need to have the humility to see the reality of it and then the audacity to imagine how it could otherwise be, taking the necessary steps towards it. With imagination, we open the doors towards the divine, the lawless and eternal, the possible but not yet manifest, the unlimited potentials – making the impossible possible, or at least considering that hey, it may actually happen even if all else around me says or seems like it wouldn’t. 

Prayer is a method of emotion, intention and thought, and leads us towards a deepening of understanding that we have been given a choice in life to act as we shall, and yet we flow together with the higher forces as well. The choice is through our own vessel of body, mind and emotion – while we also surrender and have the humility to understand that we don’t know it all. We recognize and accept these higher powers, higher orders and higher universal laws. We recognize and accept the responsibility we hold – and the higher values and integrity we ourselves need to abide to and align our actions with our emotions, intentions and values. We recognize and accept that while we are not in control and dominion over much of the external situations and people, we have the power and responsibility over the energy we bring and contribute and affect others with.

The creator and creation are one – we are of the emanation of this creation called God, or however you feel comfortable calling it, but it is understanding that if we believe in something higher, divine and of unconditional love, then we ourselves need to strive towards embodying it, because it is of us as we are of it. As within so without. In the heart is where God is, is where our heaven is. So become the frequency of heaven on earth – embodying the love in all you do, in your steps on this earth and the movements of your lips and hands. Embody what you desire and embody your sense of values towards all and towards others, as you hold your Northern Star in sight, with discernment and the bright clarity of heart.

So keep dreaming, keep believing, and settle into the quiet corner of your heart, knowing, truly knowing, that as rivers flow to sea, what’s yours is always yours – and it is on its way to you. 


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