in the way of water, through the mist
we’ll still find each other

you should know i feel you
more than one life should allow

i should know you see me
beyond the senses, to my soul

through the mist, only this will guide us
soften voices, soften skins

soon the sun will be half-moon
half-transparent bluish flames

will peer beyond our eyes
did i tell you how much i love the lanterns on our porch?

& everything, everything i’ll ever find
i’ve already found because you’re inside me

heart into heart
synchronizing heartbeats

so reach out your hand
take mine
hold me

do not waver
even when tides are high
even when tides are low

the night – sensate like lover’s silk
the mist – a sound of blood-close things
the distance – a tarnished silver ring

                             (just add the baking soda)

and let us drift across the water
in our tiny little boat, only you and i
& our love

A little more:

I love love love the Greek Islands. And was loved there too. I fell into a love, into a remembering, into an awakening. Soul-sized is the land of our heart but that’s the land that only matters. There, there are languages older than voice and word, older than time, from a time before time beyond time. Such languages only the heart understands. These are the languages that water things like him and I speak. And we come to each other like waves. Because this is how water loves. The rest is only a matter of timing. And perhaps a boat. 

Me in Ios, Greece.

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