Tonight I step into the sea with you. I don’t even need to look up. Because there are bright stars. In the water. I lean and I surrender in weightless blue, my prince of blue, my yes, my always and forever. Where boundaries dissolve, I am stirred entirely by your widlish soul.

… Eternal, lawless. Tiny liquid, water stars. Water within water. Skin against skin. We are in the night lit sea. We are love. We are loving. Let them watch.

Let the bigger fire stars watch us. Let the roses at the shore watch us. Let the moon, let the darkness too watch us. In the midst of chaos, we are prayer. When rain storms us, devotion still holds us. Love holds us. We are love. We are loving.

With voices like hands, solid. In the places blessed by us.

Souls twin like childhood dreams. In the place where heavens kissed on the inner sleeve.
Remembering the lives and the love from a time before time beyond time.

And I am here for you.
And you are here for me.

Body against body.
Skin against skin.
Water within water.
We are tiny liquid, water stars.
Let them all watch us.

A little more:

My new little written gem was inspired by the beautiful poem “Lake Michigan” written by one of my most loved poetesses, and sweet friend, Beth Ann

I love nightly swims, though I can’t actually “swim”. So let’s call it nightly dips with someone special. I think it’s so romantic, so intimate, because the night is all yours. The sky is all yours. And all that surrounds your love is the wildness of nature. You have the freedom to be completely together outside – and it’s like the whole world is all yours. Because that’s how love feels too. It feels like everything. And it *is* everything. 

I think the first few lines say it all about this love poem – it is the feeling that when we are in love, deeply in love, boundaries dissolve, and we are stirred entirely by the widlish soul of our partner. And we don’t even need to look up for the stars – because all the stars we ever needed and wanted, the hope, the dreams, the magic, are found right here beside us – in front of us. In such waters, where we love and we are loved, where we give and we receive, in freedom and in devotion, the soul of true love is born.    

The cover photography is by one of my favourite artists Ibai Acevedo, whose work I’ve also previously featured in my articles The Art of Nurturing Intimacy, Choose the One who …, Sacred Relationships, and Peeling Cinnamon. I love his work portraying in the most beautiful ways the closeness, love and intimacy that he shares with his partner – and so happy to learn that they are currently expecting a child. Soul born of love, indeed.  

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Photography by Ibai Acevedo.