Dear Miracle,

Yes, you!

The Christmas season is here and regardless of religion or spiritual belief, this is a sacred time when we celebrate the biggest miracle of all; the birth of a child, the birth of love.

And we are all miracles.

It is through our childlike eyes that we can see the purity and the divine in everything and everyone around us. Many people say that the only way to see God is not in temples or up towards the sky; to see God is to look into the eyes of a loved one. This is where God is. This is where Love is. And we find the divine in everything and everyone that makes our hearts expand with joy.

The 12 days of Christmas, spanning from December 24th to Jan 6th, were known by the ancients to be sacred, magical and very potent. In European Mysticism, the tradition has it that during these days the veils between the worlds is very thin and our upcoming year can be “read”. Each day represents the next twelve months, and for each day a different theme was reflected upon and celebrated.

For example, the first day of Christmas represents the month of January and we celebrate our roots and ancestors by sharing family stories. And on day three, we celebrate the human heart; opening our heart chakra and allowing miracles into our life. As a rose, we expand our vision and compassion and should only do what gives us true joy.

During these potent twelve nights, we are the Creator of what we want to speak into our existence for the upcoming year. Words carry very powerful vibration and we should be mindful of that. It is a wonderful time to gather all parts of us into wholeness and holiness; to bless our tenderness, be grateful for what’s passed and focus on what we desire for our future, remembering that beyond the outer skin is the beautiful being that we already are. It is important to spend our time with those that truly matter to us and strengthen these connections.

There are many signs and omens that we may find during this special time. The night of the 24th is particularly magical as it was believed that animals speak to us, in their own unique language of course. It is a common tradition to leave food for them on that special eve. It was a way to give back to nature as it gave to us the gift of a child born under the stars; a child who came to teach us unconditional love and togetherness.

When the worlds touch one another, it’s as if they kiss.

In Indigenous and many others cultures, people have an intimate connection to the natural world. They relate to rocks and trees, as they connect to humans. As children we give names to our toys and dolls – and look at animals with wonder as if they speak to us. As adults we continue to give names to things – sailboats, trucks, cars – our bigger toys. Name giving is actually a very important tradition and ceremony. Children do this automatically because they have a greater connection to spirit, the supernatural world and their clair senses.

To build a deeper connection to nature, spirit and life itself – we don’t have to go out and look for the fairies. All we have to do is just sit still and notice, truly notice how everything surrounding us has its own part of the greater consciousness and unites it all together. We don’t even need to leave our bedroom. Just stand still and notice. We often talk about duality and while this is an absolutely needed step in spiritual development, once we understand duality – we need to collapse it into oneness.

Everything is imbued with spirit and we are in continuous dialogue; a wordless language through which the sacred interacts with us during our most mundane moments. Sometimes it might push our bums a little to humble us. Or protect us. Or to give us a tender hope; a blessing indeed.

Maybe it was a touch on your shoulder. Or a holy helper like a butterfly, a rabbit and a squirrel. Or maybe the radio plays a song with the exact words you needed you hear. Maybe it’s a dream that somehow wraps around your body warmly for the entire day. Or maybe it was the car in front of you which plate said “angel” and you just knew everything would be okay.

These usually occur during our most unexpected mundane moments. Like folding the laundry or cooking dinner or driving on our way to work.

And then something happens.

The worlds touch one another.

They kiss.

And we’ve witnessed their love.

Whether it was something we saw, smelled, touched or sensed, we just know there is a liminal quality to this moment that is very real.

And we find that love is not just felt in the heart, it is known in the hands too. 

These magical moments happen in their own timing and have their own otherworldly terrains, which are never straight nor direct. In this way, they are similar to our world because no matter how straight our manmade roads are built, the roads of our lives often have many twists and turns. And that’s okay. 

“The magic woman said, Yes, I can tie all the winds and storms with a single thread. But I cannot give [Gerda] any greater power that what she has already. Don’t you see how strong that is? How men, flowers and animals serve her, and how well she got through the world, barefoot as she is? She cannot receive any power greater than she now has, which is held in her the purity and innocence of her heart. It is only this love that can defeat snow kingdoms and melt the ice from Kai’s heart. And even the greatest magic bows to such power.” ~ The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen

There is no greater power than our heart; the innocence and purity of love. And just like Gerda, we don’t always know where we are going when we find ourselves in the twists and turns of life. There is too much unknown in the unlit corners but we decide to walk anyway. Our feet will get tired and we’ll feel lost and discouraged. There are too many questions our mind will ask and we will not have the answers. But that’s okay. We will figure it out along the way. Because there is always an invisible kingdom of holy helpers guiding us. Because there will be tender hopes along the way and the loving human eyes of those beside us, holding us. Because you are more loved than you know.

Remind yourself of where you went when you went farther than you thought you could. Because you believed.

Wherever you are in your life right now, I hope you can carry the childlike hope & love in your eyes. Protect it and share it with your loved ones. And may the miracles that your heart desires be held by your hands.


Dear Miracle

Speak yourself into the beautiful creation that you already are!

Wishing you a blessed time and year ahead of love, togetherness and true joy in the heart!

Thank you for being here!

Much Love & Peace,


Cover illustration by Arthur Rackham “And suddenly the branches twined around her and turned into two arms”.

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