Myths, stories and tales work in our subconscious as a vehicle of remembering, of initiating, and of awakening. They follow basic human archetypes, reflecting our human condition. They awaken parts of our psyche, of our abilities and retrace a shared part of humanity, of information deeply stored in our consciousness from past lives. As the stories engage with our consciousness when we hear them, we start to engage with them too, and we start to connect to ourselves in a way that is deeply ingrained within our soul; we remember the essence of who we truly are.

The symbolism of the child is vast, multi-layered  and deeply esoteric, and I think it is now more important than ever that we understand its wisdom. The reality is that we are experiencing a crisis of consciousness and we need to remember ourselves by connecting deeper to our true essence: the innocence and purity of our heart. The heart is our initiatory pathway and is the source of harmony for our consciousness.

The Crisis of Consciousness. 

As human beings, we yearn for union. We are seeking togetherness whether consciously or unconsciously because deep within we know that oneness is where we all came from. We long to feel connected and we long to connect. And yet we can’t connect to another if we are disconnected from our self. We can no longer ignore our inner world. Our physical experience is our inner world incarnate; our external world is a reflection of aspects of ourselves – and if we can truly understand this, then we will truly expand and experience ourselves in the way we desire.

On a collective level, we’ve become increasingly materialist and linear in our thinking. This becomes detrimental because it stops the expansion of our perceptions and perspectives. Whatever news comes from media arguing about “right or wrong” – the core issue continues to not be addressed, which is that we are facing a loss of consciousness within ourselves and within society. We perpetuate polarity and separation. This manifests through many forms such as inability to accept someone’s opinion when it challenges your own narrative or version of truth, fear of vulnerability and intimacy, inability and unwilligness to care for our emotional wellbeing, hate campaigns, fear mongering, lack mentality and inability to build fulfilling relationships.

There is also the lack of spiritual authenticity portrayed by dogmatic belief systems and/or religions, where even “new age spirituality” has become a medium to separate rather than integrate. There is also a lack of boundaries and people start to meddle with other people’s soul and free will, rather than recognizing another’s true self and allowing them the space to be as they are. As a collective, we bless lies and crown hypocrisy just because it has a popular account, many likes or is famous and shown on television. Many people are at war with themselves and will battle themselves through others by reliving and replaying their unresolved wounds. This is because there is disconnection from self.

When we fail to integrate all aspects of our consciousness, we will fail to recognize the divinity in our self and will also fail to recognize the divinity in another. This leads us to being harmful and hurtful towards other people.

When there is disconnection from self, we can’t truly connect to higher spirit, and to our deeper core, yet we still need life force energy which in this case – we’ll get from the external. This leads to loss of compassion, empathy, respect and any sense of interconnectivity. This also leads to casual sexual behaviours, manipulation, control, addictions and abuse of the life force energy.

With so much of our life now being virtual, including swiping human faces on apps and everything moving so fast without tuning into ourselves first, we also start to negate our own ability to discern or think due to decreased attention span. Our pattern recognition to receiving information also decreases. This leads to brain fogs, not knowing who we are, and not being able to connect the dots and make sense of things. As a result – we also have more difficulty recognizing unhealthy and predatory behaviours. Just look around – we live in a world of objectification and we’ve normalized abuse. Our disconnection from intuition and our core self also makes us more susceptible to corruption and propaganda. And then there’s ignorance. Ignorance is a choice which can then become a behavioural pattern, turns into plain stupidity and gloriously spreads around like a real virus.

We can’t even communicate with one another anymore; we fail to consider viewpoints that challenge our own narratives and ideas in a calm manner. Spiritual development is the expansion of our own perceptions – and the only way to expand our own perceptions is to consider viewpoints that challenge our own narratives and ideas, and move beyond the limitation of ourselves. And sometimes breaking the status quo means breaking the status quo of who we are; of our own boundaries. This requires respect, deep listening, intentional dialogue and an open heart. And yet we are also limiting ourselves; in our intention to unite, we’ve put ourselves in boxes, categories, religions and groups, which actually separate us further and ultimately rob us of our own ability to grow. By putting ourselves into 2d boxes, we are negating our complex and multi-layered human character. Those who stay authentic – will inevitably face many challenges because their authenticity will trigger the false selves of others and will be met by aggression. The truth is that no matter how kind, empathic and authentic we choose to be, we need the environment that will support us and nurture us in our being, otherwise we’ll close off and retreat. We can’t let that happen – we need people of love in our world and we need to protect them.

On a collective level, people have a really hard time connecting deeply to one another anymore because true intimacy requires vulnerability and authenticity, which can’t happen without connection to self first. Our self has become fractured, fragmented and our bodies carry heavier weight in our emotional field because of unresolved wounds and fears.

As humanity evolves, consciousness also evolves. And as much as we need to keep the essence and wisdom of ancient teachings, we also need to adjust the practices to reflect the change of human condition and collective energy. Misunderstood spiritual concepts are dangerous and can lead to further fragmentation, fracture and disconnection of self. 

Another crisis in consciousness that we experience as a collective is the loss of understanding of the soul and the consciousness from a higher perspective of oneness, rather than strict connection to a religion or a belief system. Many who identify as spiritual aren’t. They have no authentic relationship with their consciousness and reject and resist anything that differs from their own through pattern. 

There is also a loss of the past; of the history that we shouldn’t forget, of the miracles we shouldn’t forget, of the expansion of consciousness we shouldn’t forget, of the ancestral wisdom that we should respect, of our true belonging and roots, of the stories we must continue to tell because they are all a part of us. This robs us of remembering who we are and of remembering what we are capable of doing; of all the magic we can truly create with our energy and consciousness. All information lies in our physical cells and within our subconscious like muscle memory. Many people refuse to believe that we carry it from past lives and from generational lines, but whether we believe in it or not – it’s true. We exist beyond the physical, yet past lives can be very physically ingrained.

This rejection of our energetic body perpetuates the idea of sole traditional medicine while negating holistic wellbeing and the emotional body. It’s been proven that emotional states of being affect our organs and contribute to illnesses, sometimes even create illnesses, and yet emotional wellbeing is not supported. Emotional intelligence is also not taught in schools even though every psychologist will say that all of our problems stem from childhood and the lack of cuddles from our parents, and their inability to handle their own emotions. The list of crisis of consciousness goes on and on and on.

We have to regain our natural state of being which lives and thrives in compassion, empathy, ethics, integrity, respect and love.

The Child.

I can give her no greater power than she has already, said the magic woman; don’t you see how strong that is? How men and animals are obliged to serve her, and how well she has got through the world, barefooted as she is. She cannot receive any power from me greater than she now has, which consists in her own purity and innocence of heart. If she cannot herself obtain access to the Snow Queen, and remove the glass fragments from little Kay, we can do nothing to help her. – “The Snow Queen” by Hans Christian Andersen 

The child is a great place to start if we want to remember ourselves because it is also the relationship to our inner child that determines our wellbeing and connection to spirit and the core of who we are. Our life force energy is also determined by the condition of our inner child.

Within our emotional and spiritual body, the child represents the feelings of curiosity, openness, wonder, innocence, pure creativity and raw spiritual energy. It is the child that unifies the emotional with the intuitive system. When we see through the eyes of love which is our childlike eyes, we approach the world with more trust, more openness and more curiosity – all of which are the basis for living a life of more self-fulfillment and willigness to connect to others on a deeper level. Curiosity is the basis for more vitality and expanding our consciousness also.

In Zen Buddhism there is also the practice of The Beginner’s Mind, which inspires and cultivates the importance of approaching life with curiosity as if all you experience, hear and see is for the first time. With such openness new possibilities will continuously unfold and we will expand even further within ourselves.

The child also symbolizes the loss of self and the reclaiming of it. In a way – it is our own healing path because it represents our relationship to unresolved wounds, trauma and the pain body. In healing modalities, psychotheraphy and even soul-retrieval work, we are taken back into our deep past to understand our pains and release them to regain for inner peace and self-recovery.

When we are children, we are also more connected to the spirit realms. This is why often times, our favourite stories, songs or movies from childhood will hold clues of major themes for our soul purpose and how our life’s blueprint will unfold in the future. Also – the openness of a child’s heart is known as the door to heaven. Through this openness, trust and curiosity, is how we get closer to God and establish a deeper connect to love and faith.

To move beyond the limitations and fears, we need to stay with curiosity. Children are naturally curious, so it is easier for them to access information from the higher realms. In their natural state of being, they don’t get stuck in fear mentality and doubt; they remain open-minded little mystics and philosophers questioning life and willing to expand. A sign of that is also their infinite imagination which serves as their consciousness portal.

As we grow older though, we begin to build our bubble of strong fears and resistances. As a side note for healing purposes: if we want to help someone who is very closed off, with fears or rigid beliefs or superstitions, it’d be really hard to “teach” them something, so the most important thing we can first do is to just get them curious about something new. Then, they’ll get excited and move out of a fear state to then be open enough to receive the answers they seek from the divine.

To know and to understand, we must see through the childlike eyes of curiosity and innocence. This is the secret to expansion. 

The notions of right or wrong, good or bad, are notions of polarity. The very idea of knowing it all assumes a state of separation and duality. As human beings in physical bodies, we must have the humility to accept that we don’t know it all and approach life through a open heart. Our heart is the center of our being and balances our entire energy and body; this is why it sits right in the middle between the lower and the higher chakras. Our heart is the portal to higher consciousness and to connection with one another. When we move away from it, we also move away from true connection and multidimensionality, and we remain rigid and stuck in the matrix and the extreme polarities.

Curiosity seeks to understand; it allows us to not just look within our own selves but also to find out the unique world of the person beside us. This allows us more appreciation of one another, more respect and greater compassion. We all have our own worlds that we live in. The only bridge connecting us is love which is found through willingness to be open and vulnerable, so that we learn our unique languages.

Another symbolism of the child is the connection to the hidden realms and wildlife, and the sacred dialogues that they naturally understand. In that sense, ritual, prayer and ceremony, are essentially a dialogue; a language with the sacred. It is a way for various energies to interract together and it is understanding that the sacred interracts with us continuously through everything. Learning that wordless language teaches us how to relate more deeply to all life surrounding us.

In Indigenous and many others cultures, people have an intimate connection to the natural world. They relate to rocks and trees as they connect to humans. The way we treat the world around us is a reflection of our own relationship to self. Sacred dialogue is something that children naturally understand. As children we give names to our toys and dolls – and look at animals with wonder as if they speak to us. As adults we continue to give names to things – sailboats, trucks, cars – our bigger toys. Name giving is actually a very important tradition and ceremony. Children do this authomatically because they have a greater connection to spirit, the (super)natural world and their psychic senses. 

To build a deeper connection to nature, spirit and life – we don’t have to go out and look for the faeries – all we have to do is just spend some silence in our bedroom. Sit still and notice – truly notice how everything around you is a part of greater consciousness and unites it all together; how every object is imbued with spirit.

This is how we build a connection to everything and everyone – spend time with it, see it, truly see it and appreciate it even when it doesn’t look like you or share the same language.

This is how we build respect towards life and everything and everyone in it.

Esoterically, the child represents the depth of intuitive connection, psychic power and the magician’s power. Manifestation depends on the condition of our inner child because whatever is sent out into the world by us is ultimately carrying our own energy – including our emotional wellbeing and state of unresolved wounds. When we are in a state of healing, we are gaining power and sending off healing vibrations, and if we are in a state of neglect or avoidance we are losing spiritual power and connection and sending off these emotions externally. To change our outer world through our energy – it is of crucial importance that we heal our own selves first.

The heart is our greatest power.

The heart is the child’s greatest symbolism. The condition of our inner child reflects our heart center, and shows us whether it is blocked or opened. Wounded hearts resists, reject, distrust, and are emotionally cold and distanced. In story and myth, all villains go after children of purity and innocence because they are trying to regain their own child innocence and purity of heart. This is also why there have been many dark occult rituals sacrificing and abusing children – because it is a child’s innocent pure heart that is the greatest power and others want to have it for themselves. Rather than healing themselves, they externalize the wounds and traumas, and try to steal energy. When hearts are closed – we become predatory. These are not only symbolisms of innocence but they carrying deep esoteric wisdom. The condition of our inner child determines our energy, power, integrity and abilities.

The Inner Child. 

There are usually four inner child stages that people may go through if they choose to self-develop.

protected or blocked inner child may express itself as an adult who is completely disconnected from their needs and desires, and has repressed emotions. They will be self-critical, distrustful, and their emotional body will be unhealed carrying a lot of unresolved trauma and pain.

fantasy inner child would be someone who holds onto the “good” and the positive, bypassing their negative emotions, thereby perpetuating the emotional suppression, numbness and unacceptance of self. They would tend to worship the parents, denying their childhood was anything less than “perfect”, and they subconsciously long for parental approvement in everything they do, which dominates their life choices.

The expressed inner child is an adult who lives in awareness and is able to witness. They have soft ego evolvement as opposed to the heavy ego evolvement of the blocked inner child. They honour, respect and validate their inner child and see relationships as spiritual growth. They accept the reality of their parents as human beings who also make mistakes because of their own wounded child – rather than denying anything negative about their childhood.

The integrated inner child is healed; it is about awareness and full self-acceptance. Their ego is relaxed and they view negative emotions or tantrums as a natural part of life and an expression of the wounded inner child. They don’t self-criticize nor judge their reactions – but rather they respond to their needs and negative emotions with love, care and compassion. They have regained and continue to retain their childlike wonder, curiosity and are in full acceptance of their shadow self, which means there is little to no projection.

The healed inner child is open-hearted, curious, willing to stay present and love. It lives in trust and wonderment. It is also called the divine child and embodies the Christ Consciousness of love, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, surrender, empathy, grace, faith, hope and trust. In stories, it is the hero or heroine who is able to retain its innocence and purity of heart despite life’s challenges, despite being swayed in wrong directions sometimes, and when faced with evil and adversity.

This is what defines us in life. It doesn’t mean that we will never take wrong turns – but rather that even when we take the wrong turns or face challenges, we’ll know to come back to ourselves, our innocence and our purity, and remember our ability to love and stay curious. If we are able and willing to remember this part of us, and just stay present with our emotions rather than fighting them, we are making much more progress than we realize. All we need to do is acknowledge the kind and moral in life, which may look different for all of us, but its essence is always love.

Beyond the right or wrong, we meet in a field where we can embrace one another. From this singular consciousness is the portal of our heart.

There, all is created, first in oneness.

But when the portal between this oneness consciousness and the “material” world closes, then we start creating only from the mind, of duality. And then there are worries, fears, doubts, judgments, dogmas and pointing fingers. To know our truth – we must go within, through the portal of our heart, away from the matrix.

What I love about “The Snow Queen” by Hans Christian Andersen is that it is a story about the power of love and the Christ Consciousness. Along the way, just like all of us in life, Gerda makes mistakes, she gets angry, she feels hopeless, she doubts, she takes wrong turns, she trusts the wrong people, she feels betrayed – and yet somehow she remains true to herself, with tenderness and innocence. And others also change after they meet her, deeply touched and moved by her heart. They become kinder, more inspired, more opened and more trusting; they remember the goodness and expansion of their own hearts.

The power of love is strong; it carries within it an energy that is blinding and forceful in its light. Some people will turn away from it because it just doesn’t resonate on their frequency – and that’s okay too because we are all on our own unique paths and timelines. Love detoxifies – and so anything preventing us from loving more will be stripped away through the light of divine love. Simultaneously, we are also shown that The Snow Queen is not a “bad” character; in her own self she is needed and purposeful as she is the one that provides the snow and ice for those who need it to survive in the winterlands.

Gerda’s consciousness is her own love which is aligned to that of the Christ Consciousness; of compassion, non-judgment, patience, forgiveness, generosity, peace, faith, charity, oneness, humility, trust, joy and gratitude. The tale perfectly portrays what happens to us when we lose touch with our heart, and when we lose connection from self and from one another as a result – our hearts freeze. The story of Gerda shows us the cycles of the land, and of life itself through our various seasons of cold, warm, uncertainty, doubts, fears, hope, friendship and love. With her bare feet, she walks us through it all and we walk with her too.  

When we lose ourselves, deep in the forest, we need to remember that the remedy is always tenderness. In the old days the “evil eye” was known as a condition that caused dryness, and we too dry up when faced with challenges. And then we harden up and armour up. Protection is of course needed and we must always protect that innocence and tenderness; these precius gifts are not meant to be shared with anyone outside of us. Yet we must also remember that we need water; we need nourishing, nurturing and compassion especially during our hard times, so that we stay soft-hearted and take one step, after another. Along the way, things and people will come to remind us of our love but we must be open enough to recognize it and allow it to wash its water over us.

There’s no greater power than the power of our heart.

Our greatest adversary in life is forgetfulness: forgetting the purity of our heart, our inner truth and ability to love. No matter what has happened in our life, we all have, at least once, been touched by love; by tenderness, compassion, trust, grace and generosity. It is love, and only love, that is the greatest magic of all, the greatest reason for all and the greatest healer of all. To reclaim our true power, we need to remember.

The reason why I am talking about all of this is because the child archetype exists beyond the individual; it is part of our collective consciousness. The collective inner child is reflected in our society and human condition, as the sum of all of our individual inner children. The condition of it will determine how balanced the society will be. When the society exploits the inner child, or exploits the innocent, pure and kind people, it will fall eventually. When the society nurtures the child, protects the vulnerable, and take care of and supports one another lovingly and compassionately, it will advance. This is what brings growth to all of us, individually and collectively.

And the warmth of Gerda’s tears fell on Kay’s chest melting away the ice from his heart. “Gerda! Where have I been all this time? Oh how I’ve forgotten!”

Love heals. It melts ice from hearts. Love is our path, within and without, internally and externally so it will be reflected.

So love consciously.

Connect to your heart because this is the portal of connection. Through our very presence in someone’s life, we make a difference. We leave little prayers along our way into the consciousness of others, because communication is energetic. Even if they seem like they haven’t resonated with it, one day their frequency may reach a higher level where they will be able to recognize this within them, remembering our words of love. While no one can make us see something that we don’t already have as recognized wisdom within us, we can still make a difference leaving sparkles like firefly clues along the way. When we expand our own energy through our heart, we inevitably influence that of others around us. Stay in innocence, joy and playfulness. Love curiously. Love kindly and passionately. Love wholeheartedly. Love yourself. Accept yourself and integrate your emotions without resisting them. Love gently until having the capacity within yourself to start loving with longer broader strokes. Tears and pain will transmute with more grace. Within the feelings of love, you will find yourself. And with the integration of all the aspects of your consciousness, you will come into your wholeness, and holiness, remembering the core of who you are and watering the dry soils of all else.


With love and peace,


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Cover Art by Margarete Petersen.
Illustrations: "The Snow Queen" by Hans Christian Andersen, illustrated by Christian Birmingham. 
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