The beauty of both astrology and human design are that they are sciences of differentiation – the insights you may receive from them are of the purpose to see your uniqueness, and appreciate yourself as you are, rather than being burdened by the conditioning of the world and cultural or societal expectations to fit into a box, category or narrative, looking and being like everyone else. You are you, unique, and there is no one else like you – that’s the beauty of it. This is how we are all beautiful and helpful to one another, as we can learn from one another, and give to one another our unique creative sparkles; and this is how we grow and expand, through sharing of our unique perspectives, views and recognizing in each other our uniqueness. Astrology and human design also often give us the peace of knowing that our paths are unique, and we all have our own unique timing and unfolding of our life.

We live in a material world, and naturally, when we need food and shelter and needs that need material resources to be fulfilled, naturally we feel a pressure to fit into a story; often times, it is someone else’s story, such as molding ourselves to a narrative, behaviour, group mentality or within a corporation. When we do this for too long, for example working in a big corporation, we may become a brick, a widget, and feel like we are replaceable. We may begin to behave in, or do, what is expected of us within the hierarchy, because we depend on it to support ourselves financially.

Naturally, if what you are doing even within a big corporation or network makes you feel purposeful, you love it, you love the contribution you make and you love your daily work, it will be fulfilling; but for most people, that’s not the case. Most people, with open will and ego, enter into a cycle of overachieving, proving themselves, and eventually increasing their lower self esteem.

Regardless of whethere you work within a big or small corporation, are entrepreneur or not, regardless of whether to love your work or not – you still need to be rewarded appropriately. Even if you love what you do, if you are not rewarded appropriately, you may eventually feel unfulfilled, drained and unappreciated. We all as human beings need to be rewarded appropriately for the energy, time, elevation and value we are putting out; otherwise it leads to inequivalent exchange of energy, we feel drained and we can’t even give as much anymore. This relates to all areas of life, including relationships also – we need to feel valued and appreciated by our partner; and we need to have our own sense of self worth, so that we choose the right partner for us, rather than settling down just to not be alone.

From that point on, once we enter into the cycle of feeling a lack or unappreciated or undervalued, most people often begin to feel they need to prove themselves – so if they are not receiving appropriately, whether in love or work, they feel they maybe aren’t giving enough, and will give more and more and more, in order to receive something in return, even if it is only little bread crumps. But this only leads to lower sense of self worth, self value and self respect. This may also lead to associating or measuring one’s worth in financial terms. And that’s not a good measure in life – that’s not a good measure for the quality of life, self worth, self respect, happiness and serenity.

This may also then lead some people to a resentment shaping within them – towards those higher in the hierarchy or those who seemingly have “more”, and associating all people “above” them negatively, assuming that all higher-ups abuse power. Eventually when they themselves reach the higher stairs and floors within the hierarchy, they too may misuse or abuse their power now, because of their own lack of self worth.

The less we perceive ourselves, the more things we’ll do externally to make ourselves feel better and mask our inner insecurities. People with good sense of self worth, value and self respect do not misuse others, and they do not take advantage of other people’s generous and kind natures. People with good self esteem understand the concept of fairness, and of equivalent exchange of energy. They are generous and charitable, while also knowing how to spend their time and energy, and they do not sell themselves short – they know the value of their work, and so in return, they know the value of other’s work and will not take advantage of them. They will actually raise and lift and support other people. Happy people want to help and raise others, they don’t put others down; they focus on how to encourage and help and support another; they don’t “critisize” or point out mistakes to make themselves feel better or more important.  

An open will center can easily slip into a life of lack, and unhappiness may become an unfortunate norm. So what can you do about it if you have an open will/ego center?

You have to understand that you do deserve to be valued and rewarded for what you do. You are not here to prove yourself to others, nor live their lives. You need to recognize your own unique talents and skills, not sell yourself short, not overextend to the point of feeling drained; you need to align to your own needs within and desires and what you love doing, and if you have worked hard at building value in your work – and you know you are giving value and high quality – you need to price that appropriately. Not overprice, not underprice; it needs to be in fair reflection of your work.

Life will lead you in this way towards you seeing your own self worth – because for example, if you undercharge for your services, you will actually see less clients. And – very importantly – you need to know you deserve respect, and set boundaries. You need to stay mindful of the temptations to fall into ego trips, and playing competition with others, or falling into the “fitting the narratives” traps, you are not here to prove yourself or measure yourself in financial terms; you are here to build your real value based on who you are, and then receive the recognition and financial reward for it also, yet not identify with it. Overachieving is usually associated with low self esteem.

Sometimes with an open will you may never truly know exactly how to value your work – and in these cases it is beneficial to have someone with a defined will center, who is acting of their higher manifestation with moral and integrity rather than selfishness and inflated ego – to see you clearly, to reflect to you or help you value your work. They can say, “oh wow you are so good at this, you have talent in this, this is how much you should price your product/service because of the value and quality of your work”.

It is naturally more difficult for an open will to know their value in a material way – because internally you don’t measure your value in financial terms. But we do live in a material world, and it is purposeful and beautiful – so the start of your path is to recognize you bring value, and learn along the way how to appropriately value your time, energy, talents and skills. Only then you can sustain your work and contribute with more. You can’t be charitable without having shelter and food in your own life. You can’t help another if you yourself need help. We live in a world of inflated egos, masks, patients being healers, and everyone looking the same online; so you need to align to higher morals and have a solid foundation of self value while embracing your uniqueness and having the courage of heart and soul to be you in a world trying to make you like everyone else. 

Often the point of knowing our value begins with someone pointing our talents to us; for example a school teacher, or a parent, or friend, who says, “wow you have an ability to write, to use words in a way that’s eloquent, perceptive, appropriately and moving.” And so – we find recognition from outside, someone helps us see what we are good at – and then we build on that, because we probably already know we love it.

When we build on something that based on the truth of who we are, magic can happen! It doesn’t mean we’ll magically become the best, or reach success, it’s not as simple as that – we are meant to work hard to refine our skills and talents, and it doesn’t mean we will become financially independent quickly or ever – it’s not about that anyway. It is about aligning to what you love, who you are authentically, and not trying to fit square pegs into round holes as this will only create more pressure, resistance and unfulfillment within you. And once you know who you are and what matters to you, and what you want to devote yourself into, you then walk the path of working to develop it, building your self respect in that, and building your confidence through doing it and being rewarded and recognized for it.

Confidence is something we build with the help of others when we are recognized and rewarded for our work; it is an interdependent thing, not an alone thing. We need others to recognize and see ourselves; but we need the right people to see the right things in us; and through their clarity of vision, we can deepen into seeing our own selves. Whether we do see ourselves or not though, that’s up to us – because it all begins with us; because even if someone sees a talent we have, we are still responsible for seeing it ourselves and working towards it. No one can make us see something we haven’t awakened in sight within us already; because we just can’t perceive what we haven’t awakened within us first.

Open wills often do not identify with fitting boxes, categories, or expectations from society or corporations; it is rarely fulfilling for them to work in big corporations. They are here on a path to see what they love and what they deserve through doing work they love and showing their uniqueness. They can be strongly individualistic, so they need the space to express their true selves rather than feel restricted.

Our value comes from who we are, not from who we think we can be; self value comes from being ourselves. We all have talents, gifts and skills, and we need to work on them to develop them, refine them, and then offer something unique and of great quality – which will then need to be recognized and valued appropriately by others, whether valued as response, appreciation or financially.

If you are a generator, you are here to build something for the betterment of humanity; if you are projector, you are here to guide in some way, so what do you have within you that enables you to do that?

What matters to you, what do you have energy to do, what drives you as purpose and meaning and desire? Whom do you need to collaborate with or what do you need guidance with? What more do you need to learn, and how, and where do you need a guide, a teacher?

When you recognize what you offer, then you have nothing to prove, and you will no longer fall into games of trying to prove you are better than another or competing in any shape or form. But you need to recognize it, and build your worth, value and confidence upon it. If you do not recognize it yourself within yourself, it doesn’t matter even if another recognizes it within you. It all starts with you, that’s why know thyself is the foundation of all in life.

Both our natal chart and human design chart are charts of potentials; and unfortunately, often times it is unlived potentials. Time goes by, and we may suddenly find ourselves not able to do the things we could have done earlier, because perhaps we didn’t give ourselves a chance, we didn’t believe in ourselves, we didn’t trust ourselves, we didn’t support ourselves nor hold ourselves to the appropriate regard of who we truly are. Maybe you have a unique perspective, maybe it is in the way you make others feel beauty and see beauty around them, no matter what it is there is something unique about it, find it and devote to it.

There is no else like you, and we are all like unique pearls and jewels of life, stringing along, yet each pearl needs the other for the necklace of life; and in each pearl is the reflection of the other, and of the whole necklace, because life is about interdepence within the wholeness and entirety of the universe. 

Who we are isn’t the pumped up ego of the defined will centers working of their lower manifestation, it is about what is really within us. And everyone in this world has something wonderful to share in a way that no one else can, and this is how we all contribute to one another and the world, and hold ourselves in the necklace.

What gives us purpose in life is being of contribution to others – it is to be in service to others. This is why there are people who have high financial success, yet they feel empty and unfulfilled within; the key is always: “how do you contribute to others? How do you love, how do you show up, how do you encourage and support others? How can you be more generous?”

The only way to break out of the pre-conditioning of the open ego/will is by knowing who we are.

And we all as human beings hold the responsibility to pointing out to others what good they do; we are here to support one another, lift each other, raise each other up.

Perhaps you are able to see a talent another person has, or maybe just tell them how much you appreciated their work, their words, they gestures – this is how we all help one another. It may not seem like a big deal to you, perhaps you think they already know how talented or great they are – but you must still do it; because maybe you’ll make their day, encourage them, maybe you are their key to them seeing and recognizing something within them, or just to give them the support and encouragement to keep going; and give them recognition that you do see them, you appreciate them, their quality of work, words and their kindness are valued by you.

Give praise when it is rightly to do so, because it matters; when someone has helped you even if they don’t know it, tell them, thank them; don’t give empty compliments, but be genuine and generous when you recognize and appreciate something in another.

This is an interdependent world and we are all here to hold and help one another; to support one another, lift each other, raise each other up higher. Kindness, love, grace and generosity, are like sweet scents of a rose; they hold our hands for long after we’ve unheld the rose’s petals, and we hold others’ hands after, and all continues moving with the sweet scents. No word is too small, no gesture is too small, no recognition, compliment and gratitude are ever small.

Know your values, have self respect, and give respect to others’ unique skills and talents also. You are not here to prove yourself; so if you find yourself suddenly tempted to prove your worth by citing your career success, money, salary, status, material achievements or possessions, or signing up for a marathon even though you don’t even like running, perhaps you’re in the energy field of someone who has a defined will and ego center. These are things perhaps of value to them, but not of value to you, and life is not a competition against one another. You are here to find what matters to you, what you truly value, and what is your truth, and then follow and walk the beat of your own drum. It is only when we are recognized for what matters to us most deeply that we can find the fulfillment we seek. 

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