Astrology is an ancient practice, and in my professional practice, as a spiritual guide and intuitive astrologer, I use various modalities and techniques from astrology including Hellenistic, Western, Vedic, Babylonian, Esoteric and Shamanic, in addition to always using an astronomy software to see how the actual skies looked like the moment you first opened your eyes on earth, and what other stories and insights it may showing you. Today I will walk you through the main seven planets and their deeper meaning, but before we go on – what are the natal charts really?

In a way, our natal charts are a spiritual study of that which is consumed by time. Every single one of us is a little seed, which has its unique burns from the sun, impressions and imprints from all the past lives, and its own nutritive cycle that it needs to grow as beautifully as it.

Once we understand our nature, our soil, our underground, the weather and the climate, then we know better how to grow in our own way and come into our full essence. Our natal charts show us these natures and cycles – for we need to know what to burn, what to eat and what needs to be devoured completely so that we reach our soul’s purpose. Everything in nature eats something else, and all needs to be nourished – so this is what our charts show.

Spirituality, and spiritual astrology, are not for the faint of heart, and real love too is not for the faint of heart.

The stars, the moon, the planets, the constellations, are all only great indicators of the signs of time – of how time consumes us and how things are woven into the cosmic fabric of consciousness; it is our understanding of a current moment, it is a language longed to be understood but will forever remain somewhat mystical because it is our desire and curiosity to learn it that drives us forward in life, and to become life.

A lot of life, and astrology too, can be explained by the simple philosophy of what I call The Three Fires of Time: wood, fire and smoke. When fire kisses the wood, the wood releases itself and rises in its aroma. The wood symbolizes our willingness to be known and the layers of ourselves that need to fall apart; the fire is the consciousness that desires to know us, and through that union of kiss, consciousness becomes more aware of itself, and we too become more aware of ourselves; and finally the smoke, the song of alchemy, our unfolding of the path, our true essence, our rising and our deepening of self – it is our true aroma that is unique only to us.

There is a weaving between willingness, consciousness and unfolding; and between past, presents and future. In the same way, the more aware we become by allowing these fires to kiss us and peel the layers of our bark that we no longer need, we come closer to ourselves. Transits and aspects, and relationships and anything else in life, is only for this purpose – to bring us closer to who we truly are, so that we are fulfilled in all ways.

Astrology can also be seen as a measurement of a biological mechanism. All of the signs and planets basically represent organs of consciousness – a certain part of our body, a certain organ, a certain function; and all of them send their messages and signals to the brain, and the brain then piles up all of these messages to fulfill the biological needs. Astrology is a function of our body fulfilling these messages – it essentially describes cycles within cycles.

And then we also see that in the signs of Aries through Pisces is the entirety of the human cycle. All twelve stages of human development exist within these twelve signs and the wheel. Cycles within cycles within cycles is what astrology teaches us.

As a spiritual guide and intuitive astrologer I walk you through the starry lands. And this is what your natal chart shows: a land. A wild land. A land you live in, and out, and through. And like any land, it has timing and cycles of the land, it has seasons and right timings. And like any land, it is in a continuous relationship to all else around, beneath and above it. Astrology is like the physiology of the celestial bodies, and the way these are expressed within you as aspects of yourself.

So let’s dive into some of the planets and what they may mean to you. Please know this is only general, and only meant to give you a starting point of how to connect to yourself and understand the essence of planets, rather than only perceiving them as something outside of you or to be fit in a category or box. All weaves in and out of and through all else.     

I’ve written extensively on these planets before, so I’ll keep some of them a bit more short, but you are welcome to browse my website for more on the topic.

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The Moon

The Moon is perhaps one of the most important planets as this is your deepest most private inner world. It is the lineage of our soul, the church within, the home of our heart. It is what soothes us and nourishes us, and what is familiar to us. The Moon shows our ability to love, how we nurture and how we were nurtured, our emotional inner worlds, and our early childhood.

The Moon is what feeds us, what nourishes us and what we feel we need to survive. It is also a significator of our wellbeing – of emotions, mind and body, as just like the Moon our bodies too wax and wane, beginning as a little seed conceived, then grown and blooming, and then returning to all five elements.

As the lineage of our soul, the Moon holds within herself all our past, and it is the womb of which we were born. This is why your Moon’s nakshatra or constellation will show so much about your life; and through using astronomy, we may see how things may progress following her travel in your sky.

The Moon is our inner world, and as such it becomes really important for us, because it essentially shows how we perceive and experience the external world. The Moon is how we conceive things and bring them into being, so the lunar phases may often show fertility and conception possibilities. She also rules the first chamber of our heart, which is about how we received nurturing and love, and it is what makes us feel alive and at home, and is the key to our happiness and emotional comfort. This is why people resonate usually most deeply to their natal Moon. 

The Sun

The Sun is our fuel of life – it is what moves us forward. It is also a great teacher, and shows us what we need to burn, what layers and beliefs we need to peel away, so that we come into our true essence. The Sun is the knower – and it peels us until we release our true fragrance.

The Sun is what gives us vitality, energy, it is the father of all planets and what shines upon them light to be seen. The Sun is what resides in the heart of all beings; and it is connected to the light of Christ. As such, it is about learning to come into its higher expression of its essence, no matter what sign it is in, and we do this through developing the virtues and our heart. It is a life long learning and provides insight for soul growth.

The Sun rules the second chamber of our heart, showing how we may express our joy and heart’s desires, and where we may shine brightly for others also if we choose to embody its highest manifestation aligned to higher spiritual values. It also rules our confidence and an identity that we come to understand by peeling off the layers of old self beliefs, conditions, restrictions and surface level understandings. 


Mercury is the closest to the Sun, so he is kind of like the eternal student and shape-shifter. He is the part of us that is willing, or not, to learn and grow and change as it learns more and more insights emerge. Some people are not willing to take in knowledge and face perceptions different from theirs, but we can only learn and expand if we are willing to.

Mercury is closest to the Sun, who is our greatest university, so he is most able to take in that knowledge if he is open minded and willing to. Mercury is a part of us that makes us more practical. It rules our hands – and we shape things through our hands, we make things, create things, we write and learn – so it shows our wordsmith abilities, our intelligence and our craftmanship. 


Venus is what makes forms round – she smoothes the edges of all, just like the waves smooth even the hardest edges of rocks and stones on shores. Venus is what makes a person come into softness, and connect to true beauty – as it gives a person the ability to see, appreciate and recognize true beauty. Venus is not plastic surgeries, fillers, filtes, potions and lotions – Venus is the kindness of a human heart, the gentleness in movements, and tenderness in touch, the mindfulness of speech.

Because Venus rules round shapes, she also carries her energy into fruits such as, especially, cherries; and if someone wants to bring in the Venusian energy into their body and life, they can eat cherries, especially on a Friday, which is the day of Venus, and the cherries will soften a person’s character, sweeten their life, nurturing the Venus love within them, as well as bringing rosiness to their cheeks and brightness to their face.

I often describe Venus as a woman’s body in a dream state – and how throughout her sleep it moves and twists until it finds its right position, where the body feels most comfortable – in balance. Venus is that which brings into balance all that isn’t yet. This reminds us that balance is not static, it is a dynamic, it moves and shifts as needs.

Venus gains her form through formlessness – through the dissolution of everything. She is the purified love carrying the highest vibration of the love – the high heart – as she purifies herself of desire and out of the virtues and soul growth, and of her true self worth and confidence, she loves unconditionally. She sees the essence of things, and she sees the spiritual purpose of the senses. This is why she rules abundance and self love, because you cannot love unless you’ve built the capacity within you to love. And she knows – truly knows – that abundance and wealth are those of the spirit.

There is a vulnerability to Venus – she walks the devotional pathway, she knows surrender and trust, she always remains gentle, yet this is her power. She is generous, and aligned to her higher values and morals; and she has learned the intuitive language of the heart. Venus is a consciousness of love, purity and discernment, if one is able to touch her higher expression of self.

Venus rules copper and rings. Back in the day, she was shown with a copper mirror – which was made by refining and polishing copper until it was made clear as mirror; this shows us the importance of self knowing and devotion to self awareness, for this is what love and relationships are based upon. Venus also rules rings – a circle – the vows we bind ourselves too, showing that relationships need to stay true to their word, and are not to be taken without self reponsibility. It also shows the cycles of love, and your own personal growth through relationships in this life; and that two partners may go through changes and cycles and phases, yet they are meant to evolve within the circle rather than separate. In astronomy and astrology, we see your Venus and love evolution through her phases, tracing your natal Venus phase and her travels along your chart and birth sky.


Mars gives strength to the muscles of our human body – and in his higher manifestation, he is the part of us that know how to use these muscles. In his higher self, Mars knows chivalry – he is not a teenage boy, he is the man who has manners and protects his loved ones. He isn’t some guy who views sex as casual, he can stay celibate and single for years, until he finds her right one, his Venus, because he has self respect and knows what he wants. Mars has muscles for his confidence and work he does for others, rather than to overcompensate for his lack of confidence.

Mars rules fire, and the gas pedal, and as we know fire is a powerful element: it can either warm the food or burn the house. In his higher manifestation, Mars knows how to channel his fire and drive and energy; and he is the part of us that courts what we want and desire, and how we court it. Without self awareness, self discipline and integrity, Mars is a destructor and an immature boy.

Mars rules iron. In old traditions, iron was the metal called upon because of its protective qualities. We use iron to nail down a baby crib and keep the little ones safe. We use iron to protect our lands with a fence surrounding our house. And then there’s the iron in our blood: too little – we are pale; and just right – rosy cheeks and sparkling eyes.

Iron is strong, reminding us that we too must be strong and in times of need, we’ll armour up with all tools we’ve got. But we must also have the internal strength – and in knowing ourselves, we become strong, discerning, focused and rooted. Iron also reminds us that we what we truly need isn’t just mere surviving but it is thriving and florishing with rosy cheeks and sparkling eyes. And some good loving. And some good laughing. We need vitality and aliveness from within.

Iron endures. Over time it changes its shape, just like us, yet it continues to be resilient. Even too much heat cannot destroy it – it’ll just change its shape as it melts down. Like iron, we must shapeshift and be okay with that, while remaining resilient and rooted within our true selves. We do this by having a strong core value system, staying aligned to higher values and integrity, and by keeping our heart filled with love and passion. We must also be discerning and set strong boundaries. 

Mars is the part of you that goes after what you want – so how do you do that? Are you a hunter, a monk, a teacher, a leader, a guide, a lover? What values do you align to, what boundaries do you have, and how do you respond when thinks aren’t going your way? What are your limits? How well do you know how to manage and channel your energy and emotions? 


Jupiter is another planet, like the Moon, that is really crucial in any natal chart, because it essentially shows a person’s moral compassion and dharma. Some people don’t have a good moral compass, and in this life they need to learn the virtues and come into greater spiritual wisdom. Others have high spiritual values, and they embody them, and this is the result of their past lives spiritual development and good dharma in this life. Jupiter shows that fusion of all past and future into the present; and is the wisdom we may have in our soul.

Jupiter is our highest spiritual purpose and what we have come here to accomplish and give to the world. He is the fusion of our mind and heart and soul in order to creater greater love and wisdom and contribute to society; he becomes the vehicle through which we can express, externalize, or be a part of, the divine plan. This is why in our natal chart is shows spiritual gifts, wisdom, higher learning, spirituality and religion, abundance, expansion – because change starts from within, and only when we expand within, when we grow and evolve, we can contribute with more.  

As ruler of the 9th house, it plays a role into our Navamsa chart, or soul growth, so it is a really important part of us, that essentially shows our dharma and potential for expansion and spiritual growth.


Speaking of spirituality with Jupiter, Saturn is actually a very important spiritual planet. Jupiter is often times what we already have earned through many lives – so with a strong Jupiter you’ll be a natural wise one since early age and esoteric knowledge comes easily to you and is easily integrated and digested. And yet Saturn is the one you walk with on a spiritual path to learn and gain that knowledge.

Saturn is about work and being in service to others, not self, which is why it is known as one of the most spiritual planets – because spiritual growth and maturity happen, or are seen, when become dedicate to being in service to others. Our spiritual gifts too are meant to be given back to humanity and we serve others through them. Every skill, talent, gift you’ve been given and blessed with are only to be given back in turn for the betterment of others. And every lesson you go through is only a way for Saturn to mature you or refine you in your maturity. Saturn serves to help your maturity in this life, so that you become a responsible human being living a life of self accountability and of virtue. 

There are no quick fixes, no short cuts, it takes time, years, patience, perseverance, endurance, humility to grow spiritually in this life. Spiritual growth is an organic growth; it doesn’t happen with mushrooms, ayahuasca and magical tea ceremonies; as these only act as external help, thereby perpetuating inner belief that you can’t do it on your own, and may eventually become to your detriment and limit your growth.

Saturn shows you the real work it takes, which is the devotional pathway – the strength, the courage, the perseverance, the patience, the hard work, the consistent amount of effort you must invest into things, and humbleness that we are only mere humans. Saturn’s walk shows you who you are and what you are made of – stemming from what choices you make within the limits you face.

Saturn rules the skin, and this is why people connect it to limitations – but as human beings we are limited. We are limited in skin and bodies, and we are limited in time. And yet – while facing the limitations, and the seasons changing, we come into the real expansion which is within. Creativity too often happens because of limitation.

We don’t push seeds into the frozen ground in winter, flowers will not bloom, it is not their time yet. We will only hurt them, and we’ll frustrate ourselves. Saturn rules time, and the cycles of the land. He teaches us to walk with a kindness and patience of rhythm. Saturn is about humility, and the word humility at its essence means to be of the earth – so it is about grounding and being grounded – it is about knowing the place and time and order of things, and knowing our own size in proportion to all else around us.

Spiritual pathways are the ones of the hermit in the mountain – and eventually he lights his own light, his lantern. This is when he becomes the wise one, leading others. Saturn is your walk – and it is the only one that will teach you the real things that will bring you real tangible results after.

Saturn makes a person sensible and a philosopher. It defines his relationship to nature, and when facing obstacles it whispers, “It is not time yet”. It reminds us of the humbleness of life, and the respect we must have for the higher order and timing of our life. He paces our step, and when we fall he shows us that we need to take care of our heels and steps. Saturn is the one who shows you the reality of things, and while uncomfortable, disillusionment is what opens the door for love.

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