in the you of you is the me of me is us, of us is love

Love is a sweetness of emotions, of sensitivities, and it is embodied through our every day lips, hands and ordinary gestures along the circling staircases of our lives. Love is like bread – it needs to be made and remade, every morning, every day, made anew. Love is a deep sense of integrity, patience and commitment. It is the bedrock of courage, fidelity and sacrifice – as we let go of our ego motivations and take another as part of ourselves. Love is a choice to walk the devotional pathway; love is a choice, love requires actions, every day and continuously, not just sometimes.

How else would lovers be able to put the well-being of their beloved before them? Because the one we love becomes a part of us. And we desire most deeply to give to them what they need and not what we want to receive in turn.

How else would lovers stand against all threats and danger to protect the one they love? Because love is a courage, and we have no other choice than to protect the one we love – to protect the sacrament of our union and the heart of our beloved.

How else would lovers sacrifice at the altar of love to join souls as one, for two worlds to kiss and for hearts to become one? Because love is a sacrifice and it kneels us, it humbles us – yet it doesn’t feel like a sacrifice, because it is the sweetest pleasure when we give to our family and loved ones. What we sacrifice is our own selfishness. And we learn to be there for those we love when they need us, rather than when it is convenient for us to show up.

Our beloved is a seed of God, a blessing. Through loving another we nurture and we grow that divine seed of love within us – in the church of our heart. And then we become the embodiment of love – we build love, contain love, emit love – into the hearts of all and everything around us, so that this world is our heaven on earth.

Love is the most tender and most resilient of all. It shifts us, grows us and transforms us with its sweet soul song that flows through us. For love, true love, all is worth it.

In my native land Bulgaria, the 14th of February is actually one of our national customs called Trifon Zarezan. Trifon Zarezan was historically the day that marked the beginning of grape pruning. And so even nowadays, many people spend the day with a nice glass of wine celebrating the beauty to unfold in the summer when the grapes are all ready.

They say true love is like a fine wine, and this reminds of the deep sense of integrity, patience and commitment that the devotional pathway of love is. When properly tended to, and with a kindness and patience of rhythm, love grows deeper, stronger and sweeter.

Just like the little vine that starts frail and vulnerable, there is so much potential within it if we pay attention and nurture it as it needs. A love union is a sacrament – it is a choice to devote and to care so that the divine blessing shines through us.

Love, like a good vine, needs strong roots. We need to be attentive and present, not just sometimes, not just when it’s convenient, but always, consistently and continuously. The more we tend to one another, we stronger the roots will be and grow into the fruitful sweetness that we long for. In its sweetness are the hands that cared for it along the way through our everyday seemingly ordinary gestures.

Like the sun and rain that touch the vines, the inner light of God shifts us from within ourselves. It moves us towards being more compassionate, loving, responsible, caring and loyal. Surely, not all days are bright – and sometimes things can be over-watered not only suffer in drought. But we hold on – hands holding hands holding on holding strong.

And what does the beautiful process of wine making and grapes tending teach us?

First, we have to protect one another. Grapes are very tender and must be carefully looked after, to be protected from frost, birds, insects and anything that may harm them or compromise their quality. Likewise, when the wine process begins, the lids have to be tightened because even if a little air gets into the jars, the taste left may be bitter.

Our relationships and families need to be protected like the grapes and wine. We have to have the integrity to protect one another, protect the sacredness and privacy of our bonds, and protect the hearts of our loved ones. Do not let anything disturb or taint the beauty and pure innocence of your love. Protect one another, don’t go behind your backs, and stand up to those who speak your loved ones harm or gossip. Whenever problems arise between the two of you, keep it between you, and approach one another with care, because human hearts are fragile and trust is easily broken. Trust is what love is built on.

When we love someone, they become a part of us. As they in you, you in them, keep it warm and safe in the church of your hearts. Stay in grace, compassion, integrity and fidelity. And remember patience, for patience is the mark of truest love. Patience opens us like a flower and enters the soul of matter.

Along the beautiful devotional pathway of your relationships, friendships and family, love, love, love each other consciously. Spend time re-exploring and re-learning each other, as we change through the years and we can’t get lazy with paying attention to one another. No matter how long we’ve lived under the same roof, we change in our inner worlds, and there will always be parts in both ourselves and the other that will remain wild and unknown like the wild unknown lands we sometimes come across. Don’t take each other for granted assuming you know it all, as there are always new shades and nuances to discover in the changing lights when the sun shines upon them. Loving is art. Whether it is wine making, love making, poetry making, life making … it is all a beautiful weaving of love through our every day lips, hands and ordinary gestures. 

And perhaps our greatest magic in life is a bit more human than we might think. Perhaps it is in our little attempts, no matter how unsuccessful sometimes, to try to understand another person’s inner world – to try to understand languages and landscapes perhaps a bit too foreign or unknown to us, to reach our hands beyond the lines that seemingly separate us, and then sit, listen and learn.

Happy Valentine’s Day, may every day be a love day!

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