Spirituality is a way to go deeper; at its essence, it is an expansion of perceptions. Self awareness tools such as astrology and human design open such doorways, and allow us an opportunity for a deepening. We go deeper, because we want to touch something that dissolves some of the pre-conditioning of this world, and allow us to experience a different kind of freedom within that which is called the hidden world. We go deeper, because this allows us to have more confidence moving forward that we are not just our body, and that we are more than what we thought we were – we are something that is beyond our conditioning. These sometimes almost mystical experiences, born out of our inner worlds and walkings, or awakened through our interactions with others, serve that confidence – serve the faith on the path that way. And it also serves the purpose that we can now be of help to others in a better way. Because to know ourselves is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and others also.

According to psychologists, little children wake up in the middle of the night, and go to their parent’s bedroom, not to see whether the parents are there, but rather to see whether they are there. The repeatedness of this assures them of their existence. And this is how stories begin. This is how we start forming, shaping, ideas, beliefs and understandings within the walls of our bodies.

You are a church of skin. And within it is the home of your heart.

In astrology, the ascendant is like the front door of the house that you are, whether you’re a church, temple, ashram, monastery, or a beautiful Gaudi building. And within it – is the home of your heart. The ascendant is your body, what other people may see, and in spiritual astrology it is your path of life, and one of the main desires that pulled you into incarnation. Opposite of it is the descendant – the other – the way through which you can grow spiritually and leave the boundaries and structures – to touch that which is untoucheable. And within this house that you are, your natal chart, are many other houses within houses, rooms – all of which are areas of your life, parts of yourself. Each one has a door, and we open the doorways through experiences, interactions with others, emotions awakened, our inner lanterns and soul growth, and we open doorways even through thoughts, songs and photos. Each room also has windows, and every time a light may shine through them, it is because of that light that we gain insight and see something that we haven’t seen before; and we discover little treasures and natural gifts also that we could not have found otherwise.

This life essentially allows us an opportunity for a deepening. A deepening of self knowledge, a deepening of love, a deepening of loving others more. Self awareness tools like astrology or human design serve us to understand ourselves in deeper ways, and hopefully dissolve some of our pre-conditioning. While walking a spiritual path is an inner walk along our unique physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wildlands, and we walk this alone, we deepen so much through other people.

We are all here to meet the other – and to learn and expand through our interdependence and mutual exchange of energy. We are here to live through that, live with that. If we all stayed only within ourselves constantly, we wouldn’t really grow on an inner level. 

Within human design there is our not-self side of us, which essentially plays out mainly through our open centers, or undefined centers; this is where we are open to being conditioned by other people, or by the transits. Whenever we meet someone whose center is defined, and ours isn’t, we take in their energy, absorb it, amplify it, and then may become conditioned by it.

The word “conditioning” often has a negative undertone, and while yes, we need to decondition ourselves, we can’t and shouldn’t avoid people nor isolate ourselves from relationships; and in human design particularly, it is looked at as we are meant to “get over it”, which can sometimes make some people almost avoid interactions with different aura types. Your knowledge of your human design bodygraph, and open centers, is only meant to give you insight into gaining more self awareness, rather than go into more blame, guilt or judgment.

When two people meet and merge, whether in love or through an ordinary interaction, there is a natural aura melding process that unveils – that’s just how life works. In love, this is how intimacy happens, because without this merging we cannot possibly connect to another person. Love happens when boundaries dissolve, and its light enters the soul of matter. This aura melding also allows us to peel the layers of ourselves, and come closer to who we are – because we get to face something externally, through which we can reflect on something within us that we haven’t seen before. A new space is opened within us through another person.

So today let’s look at the positive side of conditioning through the lens of human design, and why we are precisely meant to engage with other aura types for our self development. Conditioning is not something to fear, it can be a meaningful tool for self knowledge and allow us an opportunity for a deepening.

Human design, as its essence, teaches us two main things. The first is that we are all unique. We all have our unique natural flows of energy, aura, profile and lines, and our gates and centers, both open and defined. And the second thing is that it shows us with the knowing of our strategy and authority – which essentially teaches us that we are self accountable and hold the responsibility for making our own decisions. For example, a generator has their unique way of flowing and being in this world, and when they follow their natural strategy of waiting to respond, they lead a life of greater self fulfilment, self authority, come into their inner power, and overall, feel a greater sense of wellness and joy. Self knowledge is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves.

The Aura Melding Process

As human beings we all have our own auras, and generally it can extend to around seven feet or two meters around us, though it may expand or contract depending upon a variety of factors such as how healthy you are, how you are feeling emotionally or psychologically at any given moment, or how comfortable you feel with the people in your immediate surroundings.

This aura is a field of spiritual energy, or life-force, which is present around each of us from birth (and before birth, as the foetus develops). The biggest shock for most people is finding out how large the aura can be, as for some people the outer layer of their aura can be to twenty metres, or sixty-six feet, or even further away from the person’s physical body. This means that whenever we are with other people our auras are intermingling, and whether or not we are mindful of it we are picking up signals from other people’s auras all the time. In this aura blending process we are open to building intimacy, connect to another in a deeper way, feel and show empathy, experience love; and it is also where we are open to being conditioned by others.

While this auric melding suggests that one merges into the other, both individuals maintain a self-other distinction because each relies upon the other to mirror the other’s movement. For example, lovers may often duplicate movements and emotions; the woman touches her hair, and her lover touches his also, sometimes even subconsciously to signal his openness and attraction, and willingness to deepen the connection. This kind of almost mirroring of movements and emotions may draw subjectivity, and yet witnessing these acts makes the lover uniquely aware of his, and her, humanness. Even though he can never wholly lose himself in her as a body or person, it is precisely this absence of knowledge that becomes the presence for his beloved. In other words, we may often be afraid of losing ourselves in love, and yet we can’t lose ourselves, we only unveil our true self – but not knowing this truth, is what keeps us present in the moment, because there is a willingness, an openness and a vulnerability in this. Like the act of love, empathy cannot be forced and involves the whole person in grasping a full perception of the other person.

In Human Design

Suppose you have an open emotional solar plexus center, which is connected to feeling more empathy for people. Any time you come into contact with someone whose solar is defined, you will be absorbing and amplifying all they are feeling, even if they are not even aware of it. You will also be more likely to be conditioned by it, if you are not aware that these are not your feelings, and this is not who you are, but rather it is who they are. When you are in their presence, you may be conditioned by them, as they are by you through their open centers. That’s just the chemistry of it.

Awareness is the key to all, and through awareness we can deepen into knowledge and expand in our natural gifts, rather than being burdened or overwhelmed by the negative side of conditioning. So one of the most important things when interacting with others is to be aware of what you bring and what you take away.

When you are around someone who is in a high state of being, with positive emotions and feelings and thoughts, naturally your own energy will increase and even push you beyond your own conditioning, opening you up to a beautiful higher vibration. Whatever is going on with that other person’s emotional system, you will be amplifying through your open solar plexus center. However – through self awareness, you understand that they are not you, and you are also not them.

Whatever is going on with them, you are participating with this through your energy and blending of aura; but when you leave, you hold the choice of what you will bring with you and what you will leave behind. There is a leaving and bringing of something always. It is only your choice, of what you will absorb and let it stay within you – and what you will choose to cleanse away. In the same way, you’ve left your own mark on their open centers also.

We are all here to meet the other – and to learn and expand through our interdependence and mutual exchange of energy. We are here to live through that, live with that. If we all stayed only within ourselves we wouldn’t really grow on an inner level.

We can walk away with a sense of inspiration, a self reflection which we could not have experienced otherwise only by ourselves – because through others we enter spaces within us that can be so precious and valuable.

We always leave with something such as ideas, inspirations, and joy, and we always bring something to another’s space of self also. It is a mutual dance and exchange that is beautiful, and allows us to experience life and ourselves in a deeper and more meaningful way.

Suppose you are a Projector. Well naturally you desire to be seen and recognized, and with other people you can have the chance to seen and recognized. And through that recognition, you recognize and see yourself in a better way also.

Often times we may not even be aware of the beautiful impact we make on other people’s lives unless they reflect this to us, and let us know. You might have natural gifts of making others feel more confident and inspire them, and it is only through our interactions that we may understand this.

We get to see how expansive our energy may be, how amazing our creative gifts are, only when we enter into these relationships with other people. We see and recognize parts of ourselves through the reflections from other people. We can perceive parts of ourselves that we would not have been able to otherwise if it wasn’t for another person.

When we have fixed channels in human design, that’s us, and we don’t think about it too much or at all, because it is like breathing air, natural and consistently, and it is like an organ within our body that we are not even aware of. We are not “looking for it”, we are it, we are living it. And when we meet someone who lives through that similar kind of energy, we get to see what our energy is like also. Still, they are not you, as you are not them.

Suppose you are a Generator. Well, you have a powerful defined sacral, and powerful life force energy that will feed others; and when you walk into a room with people who have undefined sacral centers, you will see just how much your energy is needed and how it impacts others.

You need others to understand who you are. Of course, the way they experience life is different from the way you experience life – but there is purpose and empathy in understanding this. There is learning in this. You can learn so much not only for yourself, but for others also, so that you are a more open minded, more loving, more wise and more compassionate as a person.

Self knowledge also allows us to understand how we contribute to other people’s lives, and within the relationship itself. We become more self conscious and step into our self accountability, which is a foundation for healthy and long lasting relationships.

We need to know our place within the aura of others.

We need to know how we act and respond when we are in the aura of others, because this shows yet another part of who we are and who we are not, and who we choose to be. And we ultimate make better choices, based on self awareness. It is actually precisely through our choices that we see who we truly are internally.

Reflect on how you feel around certain people and how your own energy changes when you are in their energy. What discussions do you continue, what discussions do you pull back from? What actions do you take forward, and what actions are no longer needed here with them? Do you keep engaging or not?

Remember that we have our own authority, and our own aura. It is about understanding who we truly are, what we’re made of, what we’re capable of, and what we do not choose to become.

The whole point of human design, or the concept of conditioning, is to become the witness – to see how you are being conditioned when you are (rather than avoiding people), and to understand the mutual exchange of bringing and leaving, of the beautiful dance that we dance with one another; a dance of love perhaps sometimes, through which we can create something new, a new story, a new song, a new experience within the aura that is now blending.

We can make a tremendous difference in people’s lives when we are more conscious and we understand our place within the different aura types of others. For example, if you with a Projector, you can make a tremendous difference to them by recognizing something they could bring of wisdom, and inviting them to share it. And by them responding to the invitation, which would be their true self strategy, they will shine, they will feel good, and you too will feel good by knowing the beautiful impact you make, and allowing for that natural flow of energy to dance through you. They will now be able to bring something different to your life also – a different perspective and a different space which you will now enter, and may expand from. We are not all the same, and that’s precisely the beauty of it all.

We see who we are, and we see our heart, through our choices and responses. We find an opportunity to shine and to unveil a yet another layer of ourselves – and the kind of person that we are. Through others, we have the opportunity to step into and show our kindness, patience, compassion, joy, inspiration, grace, empathy, intelligence, creativity, discernment and setting boundaries – and all these are difference shapes of love, different speeds of love, different movements of love. The act of love is what brings the clarity and deepening in our humanness, and we come into more love, more purpose, more togetherness.

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