I’ve received quite a few questions recently from readers asking if I could please discuss the concept of bhrigu bindu. And on this sunny beautiful day today, as I have some spare time in between sessions with my clients, I felt inspired to discuss this with the hope that it may help you understand your life in a better way. We’ll dive deeper into what it means because understanding the essence of something is always what comes first; I’ll then guide you on how to calculate the point using two examples, and finally we’ll move into possible interpretations through its position in each of the twelve houses.

When one asks about the bhrigu bindu, which is also known as the destiny point, the intention is usually related to wanting to learn about “what is my destiny or purpose in this life?” It’s a natural question, because as human beings we have a deep need to feel purposeful, to feel like we are doing the best that we can, that we are on our right path, and we long for our lives to have meaning. While I do not hold the notion of a singular purpose in life, and the concept of destiny is a whole different topic in itself, there are a few different ways in which to see where and how this destiny is shaping, and what is our overall life’s work, soul purpose or life path. It isn’t one thing, or a career title, it is an overall theme or forming throughout our life that may be taking various shapes or manifestations along the way.

To look for our destiny or life path through the lens or perspective of astrology, we often look at various techniques and placements such as the North Node or Rahu, atmakaraka, Ascendant, 9th house and Jupiter, as well as all the rulerships and planetary placements, Navamsa chart and any stelliums or significant planetary constellations.

Bhrigu bindu, also known as our destiny point, is believed to unfold a yet another layer into our destiny in this life. It is a technique from Vedic astrology often used to see through what our destiny will come through or how it will come together; and this destiny point is mainly used for predictions, as some astrologers look at transits over it in the chart and then make their specific predictions.

Just as a preface before we begin, for those of you unfamiliar with my work, I am a spiritual astrologer, and as per my personal ethics, I do not practice specific prediction based readings, I do not play God, and my practice is mainly focused on spiritual development, soul purpose astrology, and helping my clients gain further insight and clarity on what has happened or unfolding and where they are going in this life, and helping them align to their true self, inner wisdom and creative self for the purpose of self development. In my practice as both a guide and an intuitive, I seek to see and tell you the story unfolding in the stars above as a reflection of the story of the stars within you – because you are a constellation, a bright unique constellation.

What is Bhrigu Bindu?

Bhrigu bindu, also known as the destiny point, is described as an imaginary midpoint between our North Node, or Rahu, and our natal moon. Midpoints come from the Arabic parts, or lots, essentially pointing to certain “power points” in our natal charts. Arabic parts include the famous Part of Fortune, Part of Marriage and Part of Love. While the Arabic parts were mathematical formulas, the midpoints are much simpler. They involve finding the middle point between two facets of the natal charts. It is best to take a look at midpoint pictures after an initial analysis of the chart has identified the most important themes present, because the midpoint pictures will either reinforce and amplify those chart themes or else will introduce new or contradictory elements – important counterpoints which modify the original impression. Now let’s understand bhrigu bindu deeper.

Bhrigu was a sage, and the word bhrigu means “radiant, shine”, so it is like a fire, a star, in the sky. As the self manifests as various objects in the field of duality, bhrigu is thus a kind of a personification of the quality of self to shine a bright light on objects surrounding it, so that they can be seen, observed and better understood.

Bindu means point, and what is a point? A point or location or position helps create, design and form different structures, shapes and patterns. Essentially, the bhrigu bindu is a point in, or a unit of, the creative process.

Bindu also means drop of energy and if we look up at the sky each night there are thousands of bindus – which to us may seem tiny or unimportant but to someone out there each is a sun. In the same way, in our natal chart, there is a bindu, which may help us create and form a life of our dreams, or just show us the way in the night sky, guiding us and navigating our path forward when we feel a little lost at sea.

To understand this a bit more, or rather what it shows, let’s understand what the North Node and the moon are, as this is how this midpoint is calculated.

The North Node of the moon is what we have come here to form and shape through our hands, efforts and talents – it is what we are destined to step into and develop further for our soul growth. In Ancient Bulgaria, the North Node symbol meant a person who sits on the earth with legs wide open, to show the connection to soil, earth, the material, and how we bring spirit into matter. So our North Node comes from an inspiration from our soul, what our soul desires to create for its growth and evolution, but we then need to create it materially. The North Node is when we become sculptors – and we form something; and while we are not perfect in it, because it is a craft that excels through practice, we learn patience, perseverance, discipline and craft mastery along the way. It’s a life’s work.

And what is our moon? It is the lineage of our soul, it is the womb of which we’re born, it is our deepest part within us that we often keep hidden, it is our church within, our emotional and spiritual wildlands, our way of loving and being loved, our way of nurturing and being nurtured, it is what matters to us most deeply and what gives us comfort and inner stability.

So when we are using these two to calculate the bhrigu bindu, we are essentially looking at something that really moves us forward in life on a deep soul and heart level, while also helping us to bring our life into greater balance and stability. Our bhrigu bindu is a sensitive point in our chart, a sensitive area of our life, and rather than thinking of it as “destiny or fate” you may think of it as a gravity point that centers you towards something that is meaningful to you and your soul’s path. This point, in one way or another, ultimately serves to be a balance point to you, and working on the themes or areas related to its house placement may help you to create a more stable life.

How to calculate and interpret the Bhrigu Bindu

The bhrigu bindu is a mathematical mid-point between our North Node, or Rahu, and our natal moon. To calculate it, you need to calculate the distance between the two, starting from Rahu and moving towards the moon, and then divide it into two, and see in which house it is placed. Notice that it is the distance from Rahu to the moon, not vice versa. Let’s go through an example.

Example 1: Suppose in your natal chart your Rahu is in the 2nd house at 4 degrees of Gemini, and your natal moon is in your 3rd house at 20 degrees Cancer. As every sign has 30 degrees, we begin calculating the distance from Rahu to the moon, which is 46 degrees (26 degrees of Gemini + 20 degrees of Cancer). Now we divide 46 by 2, and we get 23. And now we add 23 to our Rahu, which then becomes: 4 degrees + 23 degrees = 27 degrees of Gemini. Our destiny point is thus at 27 degrees of Gemini in our 2nd house.

What does that mean? A destiny point in the 2nd house is all about your voice – your voice and what you speak and write may be crucial to the way your destiny unfolds. And in this example, since Rahu is in the 2nd house also, it is literally your destiny to make an impact through your communication skills and natural talents. You might be emotionally nurturing others through your voice, your words, and making an impact on humanity through what you say, teach or share. It is also about singing, so perhaps that’s something important in your life also. A bhrigu bindu in the 2nd house shows that your family was destined and played, and still plays, a major role in the beauty that your life will unfold as. Fame, welath and a great deal of security can come to you through this placement, and essentially your destiny is connected to your family, your voice, and what you have to say, sing or express in this life. This position shows that your family may be helping you and supporting you towards your soul’s purpose, perhaps they could be allowing you the time and financial support until you master your craft, because this position is all about self efforts, natural skills and talents, and making wealth through it. Entrepreneurship is shown here also, and making money through what you create, which could be of great talent and natural gift.

Another thing to notice in this example is that as the natal moon comes after the North Node, naturally the bhrigu bindu will be either with the North Node or second from it. What this may show is that you are entering a new starting phase of a new cycle of your soul’s evolution. It is a bit like being born on a new moon, and things may feel quite aligned or in the flow, as the energy is more one-directional. With a North Node in the 2nd house in Gemini, this shows that you might have spent many lives seeking and acquiring higher spiritual knowledge and wisdom, but it might have led you to lead a more isolated life while travelling the distant lands, within and without. And so in this life now, your soul desires to integrate back into closer relationships, establish stability, and through your talent of words, express and translate the higher wisdom into more practical and easier understood messages for the average person. This is why the destiny point is so closely related to your voice and your family.

Example 2: Now suppose it was Rahu in our 3rd house at 20 degrees Cancer, and our moon at 4 degrees Gemini in our 2nd house. Calculating the distance from Rahu to the moon, we move through the entire zodiac: 10 degrees left of Cancer + 30 degrees of Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus + 4 degrees of Gemini = 314 degrees. Divided by 2 is 157. And then adding 157 degrees to our Rahu, the bhrigu bindu now become 27 degrees of Sagittarius in the 8th house.

What does that mean? If your bhrigu bindu is in the 8th house this could mean that money comes to you from others, as part of your destiny revolves around you receiving financially from another, whether from in laws, settlements etc. The 8th house is a bit of a difficult house, in the sense that when it involves whether our Rahu or destiny point or atmakaraka, it shows that our life purpose or destiny may unfold later in life, after we’ve made some karmic adjustments. Because it deals with underground matters, including corruption, manipulation, control and power dynamics, this placements asks you to be wise and keep in your integrity because at some point in life, the temptation or situation might arise in which you’d need to choose which way to go. Remember that free will allows us to make choices on how we respond and what we choose – so it is up to you, but know that this house carries high karmic consequences.

The 8th house is also about intimacy, trust and all that comes after marriage, behind closed doors, so try to stay loyal and truthful to your partner, and invest in your emotional intimacy. Your marriage or being able to build and sustain long term intimacy, and be emotionally vulnerable and emotionally mature, are really important for you in this life. With the North Node in your 3rd house in Cancer, while you will gain the support through other people, you need to master your own talents, gifts and skills, and put it time and effort into your own craft. Your intimate relationships, and your willingness to bond deeper with people, will help open your heart space and come into your North Node of expressing yourself in a more heartful and soulful way, touching the hearts of others, and being emotionally mature.

Now let’s go through some short and general descriptions of the bhrigu bindu through each of the houses, and please remember that this all depends on planetary aspects, sign and constellation, and the ruler’s position in your chart. And please remember not to focus too much on this, because as I mentioned earlier, midpoints are not “absolutes” and are mainly used for prediction purposes. However – if your North Node is in one of these houses, you may find the below meanings of greater resonance.

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Bhrigu Bindu through the houses:

If your bhrigu bindu is in your 1st house, this means you are an initiator, and are here to learn to be your true independent self, not part of the herd. Growing in your confidence, knowing who you truly are, and self endeavours connect you to your destiny.    

If your bhrigu bindu is in your 2nd house, your voice is powerful and creates a deep impact on others; you may have the ability to inspire and empower others. People will listen to you when you speak – and that’s your destiny. Your destiny is also connected to wealth and to your family. You will create your own wealth through your natural gifts and talents and skills, and your family will support you in this life bringing you luck and blessing. The 2nd house is about values, confidence and self respect, so your destiny is to build your self trust, and to stand up for yourself, speak up, find your voice and don’t let others dim your shine; and if someone doesn’t align to your values, or doesn’t treat you right, just let them go, and trust your path and yourself forward because something so much better is around the corner.

If your bhrigu bindu is in your 3rd house, it is all about your communication skills and perhaps teaching. It is about the media, the internet, social media, travelling, and sharing information. Your destiny revolves around your bringing in knowledge and information to others; and perhaps even the ability to bring together various cultures and ideas, even if philosophical or spiritual, into something more accessible or easier to understand by the average person or community.

If your bhrigu bindu is in your 4th house, your destiny may come through your mother, or through your native land, or house/home, or heritage. The 4th house is about our heart, our ability to love and nurture, and receive; so your destiny may have to do something with bringing emotional connection to people, but this can only start from within first.

If your bhrigu bindu is in your 5th house, your destiny comes through your creativity and creative self expression. This house is about playfulness, heart’s joy, and children; so your destiny might come through your children also, or if you don’t have children, through your ability to bring joy and authenticity to others, inspiring the childlike wonder and joy within them. This is a house of good karma from past lives.

If your bhrigu bindu is in your 6th house, your destiny might come through being of service to others, and learning about selflessness. You might be working in healthcare, healing, veterinary hospitals, hursing homes, or anywhere you help care for others. You are here to learn compassion, helping others and being of service, which is what will give you purpose in life.

If your bhrigu bindu is in your 7th house, your destiny comes through your marriage partner, or if not married, business partner – and just partnerships in general. Your destiny will come together for you through your dealing with others one on one, and learning the balance and interdependence that relationships need. Learning how to show up for others, to practice less talking and more listening, be a faithful friend and partner, learning to compromise while learning boundaries also, and being selfless and compassionate towards others are all important themes in this life.

If your bhrigu bindu is in your 8th house, this shows that your money comes through others, whether in laws, inheritance, settlements, etc. Be mindful of corruption, power dynamics and get rich quick schemes, because these could carry high karmic consequences. This is a house about intimacy and trust, and the “what happens after marriage”, so resist temptations to cheat and stay loyal, keep your integrity to people in your life whether business or personal, and trust in life and God during your times of uncertainty.

If your bhrigu bindu is in your 9th house, you might be blessed with spiritual gifts, strong faith and beliefs, and that’s all part of your destiny. Your father may be really important in your life, and be of guidance towards how your destiny shapes.

If your bhrigu bindu is in your 10th house, work and career become really important for you, as well as status or how the external world perceives you, or how you show up for others. This life is about building something long term, and your destiny may literally be to have a succesful career in some specific field.

If your bhrigu bindu is in your 11th house, you may have the opportunity to come into great wealth; and your destiny unfolds through other people, friends, networks, or groups of people. Connecting to others is important in this life.

If your bhrigu bindu is in your 12th house, your destiny may unfold through foreign lands or people. This house is about spirituality, the unseen, the untouched, and it is where all goes to disappear. It is about ego dissolution also, and may be about disillusionment, which is often uncomfortable – but true love can only begin after we’ve seen the truth. What you choose in this life is only up to you, but life will provide you opportunities for a deepening, as this is what your soul seeked.

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