I’m a water thing, made of some magic things, love things, and some tender and sweet mystical things.

Water is one of the most important things we can do for our health and wellness, and its healing benefits have been known for centuries. Water is where all life is, where all begins and is born from the soils of soul; water is the language of our bodies, it is the lands of our emotional world, and it is how we connect to all and to everything.

In many Indigenous traditional teachings, the waters of the earth and the waters of our bodies are the same water. In the Mohawk language, one word for midwife is iewirokwas. This word describes that “she’s pulling the baby out of the Earth”, out of the water, or a dark wet place. In the words of Mohawk midwife Katsi Cook, “The follicular fluid which bathes the ripening ovum on the ovary; the dew of the morning grass; the waters of the streams and rivers and the currents of the oceans – all these waters respond to the pull of our Grandmother Moon. She calls them to rise and fall in her rhythm.”

Whenever I have a session with a client asking about wellness and wellbeing, the first thing I’ll always say is water – whether it is drinking more water, cleansing with showers and salt baths, or tending to the emotional world, pouring waters of tenderness and compassion, it all begins with water, always. As water is connected to our natal moon, in my astrology sessions we also often look to the moon for wellness techniques and the lineage of the soul, as well as the nakshatra or birth constellation for additional tips for our physical wellbeing.

Water is interwoven with our bodies, it is life itself, our bodies speak the language of the moon. We wax and wane, we ebb and flow, and go through our phases. Water is also very healing and nourishing for our physical health. Drinking healthy water and being mindful of how we drink it is important. Taking salt baths, showers and spiritual baths are rejuvenating, cleansing and healing, and offer protection benefits for our aura and energy. We should also learn the way of water as we handle our emotions and feelings with allowance and kindness of rhythm, without judgment and without resistance. Feel as you feel, and let is all move through you like water. And as water, you too will move through anything, with trust and with gentle flow, through any rock and any stone.

Drink plenty of water every day

Our bodies are mainly made of water so it should be of no wonder that we need to take in plenty of water every day also. We need new and healthy water to freshen up our inner world because otherwise lands will be dry and polluted. It is said that we should drink at least 2 liters of water each day, but some people may need up to 3. Please remember that we are all unique so listen to the language of your body.

Drinking water helps with anything. If you have cramps drink two tall glasses of water or half a liter, and the cramps should relieve themselves within half an hour. Drinking water may also relieve temporary rectal pain that some people may experience before bowel movement.

You should also have plenty of water rich foods in your daily diet such as fruits and vegetables. Drinking tea is also soothing, especially herbal teas though don’t have more than two cups as it might bother your tummy. Stay away from sodas and alcohol. And if you have a sweet tooth or like your snacks, that’s fine, just make sure you’ll drink more water that day.

Water is also amazing for the skin and offers many anti-aging benefits. It is one of the best ways to keep your skin looking youthful and fresh.

It is also important to be intentional and loving with your water. Water is alive, and keeps memory. You can whisper it softly sweet things before drinking, and just keeping gratitude and love in your heart as you sip it. You can also hold your cup warming it with your hands before drinking, and dream something beautiful for yourself.

Showers and baths

It is not only in our body that water must flow, we must soften our skins also. Showers are one of the best cleansing and grounding techniques. They are also great stress relievers, so whenever you feel stressed or your mind is running a thousand miles or you just need to re-focus or re-inspire yourself – take a shower! We often get many inspirations and ideas in the shower, and the reason why is because we soothe our minds and muscles, and open ourselves to receive. Clear minds, clear hearts, clear bridge to receive freely messages, ideas and inspired creativity. Water is a channeler and deeply connected to our intuition. Salt baths are also amazing for cleansing our energy and aura.

Soaking in mineral water or hot springs have many benefits also. It is naturally relaxing and helps to alleviate pain, especially muscle aches and soreness. Baths also help our circulatory system, which is the key to our brain and heart health. Warm water soaking has been shown to improve circulation. It’s why physicians often recommend adding a soaking regimen to promote healing after surgeries.

Bathing is a natural skin care as after soaking our skin is softer, hydrated, youthful, and deeply nourished. Salt water also helps skin irritations and even psoriasis, acne, eczema and dry scalp. And while it is not going to replace our regular workout and cardio, hot springs or warm water soaking naturally increases metabolism and helps us burn extra calories. And perhaps most importantly, bathing allows us the time to focus back on ourselves and on tending to our needs and bodies.

And then there are spiritual baths. A spiritual bath is an ancient cleansing ritual that combines the therapeutic and esoteric properties of water with the use of sacred herbs, plants, minerals, oils, and other ingredients to dispel negativity, produce a desired outcome, promote healing, and to bring us into alignment with our higher purpose or destiny.

Sacred bathing is a restorative practice that has been used throughout the world for many centuries and is part of the holistic healing modalities of many ancient cultures. It is a bath of not just washing/cleaning the skin – but a purposeful and ritualistic experience with the intention of purification and connecting our body to our heart, mind and soul.

Nurture the inner emotional wildlands

Our bodies speak the language of the moon, we wax and wane, ebb and flow each month going through our phases. Being aligned to our natural rhythm is really important for our wellbeing, and water rules our emotional world. We must know the way of water – the flow, surrender and trust, and how to balance it out within us.

Feelings are like water – they are pure and clear, and there is no right or wrong, they just are, they flow in and out of us. Once we get that water boiling, and we add some chamomile leaves we get chamomile tea. This tea is our emotions – and the reason we have it is the leaves which are our thoughts. Depending on what leaves we use, that’s the tea we are drinking. So both feelings and emotions are liek our compass, our guide, but we must know their language so that we know what they are telling us.

We often think our feelings and this is what causes us stress, so we must learn to feel our feelings. This means – be like water. Let the feelings show up, feel where they are felt in your body – does your chest contract or expand, do you feel butterlies or worry in your tummy. Keep your focus on your body, stay present, as water is present, and let things drift away from you like waves.

When a thought wants to attach, tell it shhh, shhh, and move it away the way your hands make a little circulation in the bath or sea and move away a current of water.

As women especially we may have a hard time sometimes to surrender and trust which is our natural energy of course, but we can often feel overburdened or not have the right partner or people beside us who allow us to be in our true essence or give us the stability we need. Water allows us to relax into its hands, into its arms, and just flow, just be. Through trust and surrender, we open ourselves and align to our natural rhythm and flow.

We remind ourselves of our gentleness, tenderness, movement and grace. We remember patience. We remember to have softness and compassion in our words, hands and gestures. We know what when a wave comes that we don’t want we’ll just push it away in another wave, and we know that we can also pull in things towards us. All has its unique rhythm, life too has its timing, but like rivers flow to sea what is will always be.

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