Whenever something goes wrong in our body, there is always a deeper reason waiting to be found and to be listened to so that it’s healed. Our bodies have their unique languages and communicate with us continuously, and learning how to understand their language allows us to be in a deeper connection to ourselves and build a relationship of greater wellbeing and fulfillment. Understanding the cause of an ailment is crucial for healing. And yet the root cause of the physical ailment doesn’t stop at the physical level – it often times starts within our unique inner emotional and spiritual lands, where energy has stagnated or emotions have not been released or tended to.

Ancient Eastern civilizations and ancient Chinese medicine have long understood the interconnection between our physical body and our energy, emotions and spiritual selves; and its way of treating physical symptoms and ailments combines both traditional healing and energy work. This means that while we must treat the physical body, we must also balance and re-align our Chi energy and heal the emotions connected to the organs associated with the symptoms, otherwise the healing will not be complete and traditional medicine may not be enough. When energy stagnates within us, it needs to be released to flow again, and both the emotional and spiritual bodies of consciousness must come into more balance with our physical.

I’ve previously talked about connection between emotions and organs in my article Wellness Guide: How Each Emotion Affects our Physical Body, and you can also read my Wellness Guide for Mind, Body, Emotions and Soul for in-depth wellness techniques on how to balance each part of you.

Female health is somehow still a taboo in our world, and there is certainly a need to have more specialists and healers educated on and tending particularly to women. There is so much that affects our bodies in a unique way because of the way our feminine energy flows, and there is so much that we don’t yet know regarding how even over-the-counter medicine or birth control affects us in the long run. Most medicine is usually tested only on men, and there is also the issue of so many beauty products containing harmful ingredients to our female bodies. Even cosmetic interventions such as lip fillers are beginning to show their harm, and we’re already seeing research on the way breast implants have caused significant ailments to women.

A lot of women today are unfortunately experiencing health concerns, and the spiritual reason behind all this is because womanhood and feminine energy has been mistreated, neglected, disrespected and abused for centuries – which is now manifesting physically in women’s health. This is why most remedies include water therapies, which is just a reflection on our true essence and need for nurturing and emotional understanding. A woman needs to feel appreciated. She needs to feel supported, loved and approached with kindness, softness and tenderness.

For example, many vaginal issues such as cysts are treated by sitz baths – and the reason for that is because we need to reconnect to our needs, tend to them and feel a sense of peace and support as we surrender in the waters. We need to feel that it is okay to be taken care of and when we aren’t being taken care of and supported and loved, this manifests physically. As women, we need to feel gentle and safe enough to share our vulnerabilities and fears and anxieties, and be comforted in someone’s arms, to cry on someone’s shoulders; we need to feel understood and loved and supported, rather than criticized, shamed, and suppressed in our needs and voices.    

Today I’ve gathered some common ailments related to our female health including breast health, ovarian health, uterine health, cervical health, vaginal health, menstrual cycle health, hormonal health, sexual health and pregnancy health. These are important topics for all of us women to know and be aware of – and to also support one another as well. Knowledge is power. Listening and understanding is the way. When we understand the underlying messages of our bodies, these wise insights can help us treat and prevent our symptoms and female ailments.

In general, any female problems are usually a denial of the self and the feminine energy, a crossing of our boundary, a need for emotional release, and a rejection of the feminine aspects within us – whether rejection from self or rejection from another towards our true self.  

How to Listen to Our Body

The way to listen to your body and understand the messages a little more clearly is to first look back at when the symptom occurred: what was happening in your life then, how were you feeling, had someone crossed your boundary, have you felt unsupported or unappreciated?

Next: what is the symptom preventing you from doing? Our bodies are never against us, they try to help us in the ways they know how; but when we don’t listen to our emotions, they need to speak louder until we hear them, so they’ll use our body. And sometimes it is as a protection or release of toxic energy. Reflect on your symptom: Is it something that makes you feel contracted in your energy or ashamed or vulnerable? Could that be possibly a boundary that your body is making to this part of you?

Now connect to your deeper needs and feelings: What do you need more in your life right now? Do you need more love, more caring, more appreciation, more support? Is there something that you have felt sad about and denied your own needs because of others? How can you bring more love and acceptance in your life?

Our bodies are only trying to send us signals about which parts of us need more attention and caring. No matter what happens in our everyday life, our bodies carry us through it all; all of our parts come together for a mutual decision to say, yes to life, yes to us. We just need to understand their messages better.

The Masculine and Feminine Sides of Our Body

Before we move to the ailments, it is important to understand how the energy flows through our bodies. This will allow us to discern a bit more where the issue might be arising from.

Neurologically speaking, the right side of our brain innervates the left side of our body – which is our feminine side; and the left side of our brain innervates the right side of our body – which is our masculine side.

In other words, the right side of your body harnesses your masculine (yang) energy in your life, while the left side of your body harnesses your feminine (yin) energy.

In action, the masculine side of the body is the one that gives, while the feminine side of the body is the one that receives.

The feminine side of our body is all about the emotional, feeling, subjective, artistic, creative, abstract, intuitive approach and the being, receiving, relational sides of ourselves.

The masculine side of our body is all about our logical, analytical, objective, verbal, directional, follows steps in orderly fashion, systems thinking, structural approach and the doing, initiating, giving, career sides of ourselves.

Left Side Energy Blockages:

When we experience consistent issues on our left side of our body, it is revealing patterns associated with the feminine energy in our life: patterns of receiving and expressing (or repressing) our femininity, whether by self or by others in our life.

It may be an indication that something within our feminine energy has been off-balance and needs more attention. It may have to do with the way we view ourselves as women or the inability to feel our feminine gentle selves; it may relate to mother or mother figure themes, nurturing, nourishment, giving too much to others and not prioritizing your own needs for self-nourishing, feeling unsupported and unappreciated by other people, or in some way your emotions or voice being suppressed or disrespected by others.

It may be indicating that you are not receiving what you need from others, and you are constantly prioritizing others’ needs instead of your own. It may be that you are receiving enough support, appreciation and respect – and it could be in any area of your life such as work, success, love, gifts, money, emotions. It may also be revealing that there is a resistance to accepting your own gentle nature, talents, creativity, potential – and that you need to keep strong all the time because perhaps you have to be and you don’t have the stability or support to allow yourself be vulnerable sometimes when you need to be. You might also be experiencing feelings of loneliness, lack of self-value and self-esteem.

Symptoms occurring on this side of your body can also be your body’s way of setting boundaries, because your feminine boundaries have been crossed, or releasing toxic energy from sexual partners.

Right Side Energy Blockages:

When various symptoms occur continuously on our right side of body, it reveals patterns associated with masculine energy in our life: patterns of giving and expressing (or repressing) our masculine energy.

These usually relate to issues with work, career, father, spouse, male figures or authority, as well as anger or frustration that hasn’t been allowed to be expressed and felt within us. There is a lot of self-criticism, and a sense of emotional numbness or hardening of emotions towards ourselves or others, and a need for more softness, gentleness and compassion.

I’ve noticed that more times than not this refers to women giving too much attention to and over-nurturing men, such as their spouses or sons, at the expense of giving more love and affection to themselves and their daughters. There can also be suppressed or unresolved anger which might stem from past situations of being controlled by male figures or feeling some sense of powerlessness. There could also be too much responsibility that you have taken upon and carry burdens on your shoulders because you don’t have the needed support from another, especially concerning financial matters and a sense of stability in your life and not being able to rely on the male figure in your life.

It could also be related to inner beliefs, could be generational as well, that put men on a pedestal, ingrained patriarchal belief systems, a rejection that women have been and still are often abused and mistreated, or there is some denial that women need just as much care, affection and support as men, and actually even more so. There is often a sense of being too hard on women, including hard on self and self-critical, while being lenient towards men. 

Right side energy blockages may indicate over-giving, or under-giving, and usually sacrificing our own needs in one way or another for the sake of other people. It may also reveal resistances to being true to ourselves or sharing our talents with the world. All these can lead to feelings of exhaustion, frustration and anger. There can also be difficulty in giving to others, because of fear of not having enough, not being good enough, or fears of sharing with others. There could also be the themes of over-giving, over-mothering, over-controlling, or over-bearing attitudes.

Common Female Ailments and Their Spiritual Causes

I have divided female ailments and diseases into general groups by health and for some of them will give deeper examples, as well as affirmations that you can say. I invite you to get creative and come up with your own affirmations and wellness techniques; and really tune into yourself on what is the unique message of your symptoms.

Breast Health

Our breasts represent mothering, nurturing, loving, expressions of kindness and of care. They are located where our Anahata or heart chakra is, so they are directly connected to anything with the heart, the way we are loved and nourished and supported in our life. Health issues with the breasts usually may reveal either the need for, lack of or provision of care, love and nurturing.

Breast cancer: Usually this may stem from being put in a situation for too long which was harmful to us, such as negative life experiences or a role that burdened us that was thrust upon us by others. It could also related to: Belief that how we treat ourselves and others is nurturing, when it is not; Nursing grudges or resentment; Feeling unloved or unlovable; Needing to mother or be mothered; Living with the constant threat of someone’s emotional abuse, feeling responsible for it when it happens, and feeling unable to stand up for self or not being supported by others in these abusive situations; Appreciating yourself for saying, “No” to an abuser, yet still wanting the abuser to somehow change into a good person and apologize to you thereby perpetuating a cycle of keeping yourself tied to this situation; Longing to be loved and appreciated, yet not having the right people to provide you this.

Acne between the breasts: Usually refers to irritation with a mother, mother figure or significant female, whether she is in our physical life or in our thoughts or emotions.

Mastitis: Can be indications of either over-nurturing, feeling over-nurtured, or feeling angry about having to over-nurture someone who really should not need so much support. Inflammations usually relate to fire, or anger, stored within, which needs to be released and balanced with water, or gentleness such as compassion and self-forgiveness.

Cysts and lumps: Usually refers to holding too much emotional burdens in the heart, or being under-nurtured, needing more nourishment, support, love and emotional support from others.

Left breast: This relates to our feminine energy, and is directly linked to our heart – thereby literally meaning that we carry too much in our heart. Issues can stem from putting others first and negating our own self, or being under-nurtured by others. Perhaps you give so much love to other people but they can never really meet you in turn, give you the affection you need and your heart pours out only to then feel alone in its emotions. There needs to be more love towards you, and you need to find the people who can love you and give you the compassion, empathy and understanding that you need. Trust that in time the right person will come into your life who will be able to match you in love and emotional giving; and until then, focus on cultivating your own space of love and caring internally and externally.

Right breast: This relates to our masculine energy and issues can deal with over mothering, over bearing, or over protection attitudes. There can also be too much self-criticism, or anger and frustration. Perhaps you have been put in a position of carrying too much responsibility and burdens because your partner or a male figure didn’t end up being reliable, responsible, emotionally mature, stable, secure and dependable. You need to find some support and stability in your life, and prioritize your needs regarding self-care rather than always caring for others who don’t take self-responsibility to care for themselves. Focus more on affection and gentleness and intimate loving relationships rather than career, work, material success or status. Try to be more gentle and compassionate towards yourself and not so self-critical, and stay away from negative self-talk or holding yourself to impossibly high standards. Trust that life and God will send those who will help you in the ways you need to be helped and supported in the right time. 


♡ Affirmations to relieve or reverse breast health issues:


Left breast:

I am loved and supported and nourished by all around me.

Right breast:

I embrace and trust life knowing that I am safe and loved. I choose to love and be loved.


Cervical Health

The cervix represents the ability to maintain, manage, honor, and sustain creative urges.

Cervical cancer: Can refer to continuous obsessive or self-punishing or shameful thoughts about the child, or children, that one could have had, should have had, or should not have had birthed.

Cervicitis: May indicate anger toward the self for suppresing or stifling our creativity in favor of gaining or winning approval from another for the things they expect us to do.

Dysplasia: Usually related to fears that the joy we gain from creating will be insufficient to sustain life-long happiness or fulfillment due to recent painful experiences.

Uterine Health

Our uterus is the home of our creativity – the church within all is born.

Uterine fibroids: Represent stifled creativity along with a desire for a life-changing experience.

Uterine cancer: Can be related to continuous obsessive thoughts of one’s failure to create perfection.

Infertility: Usually reveals patterns of inability to trust in own body, or a higher power and faith, or unrecognized unwillingness to reproduce. Usually this unwillingness is deeply unconscious, and sometimes it relates to the woman fearing that she’ll be abandoned because other people will focus more on the newborn baby.

Endometriosis: Usually stems from needing to control every little thing, or being overly dependent on our partner, being in a co-dependent relationship, or holding onto a core belief system that is limiting to self, unhealthy or outdated though deeply ingrained in the subconcious. May be related to themes of insecurity, disappointment, abandonment, powerlessness and frustration. May often replace self-love with sugar, and have a tendency to blame other people or hold grudges.

Endometritis: Usually refers to unrecognized anger toward self and our part in the reproductive process.

Uterine prolapse: Usually because of inability to release pain and anguish over the loss of our position or status.

Ovarian Health

Our ovaries represent points of creation and creativity in general.

Ovarian cancer: Usually stems from being or feeling unable or unwilling to let go of the life that could have been or should have been with the child we could have had or should have had. There could be subconscious fears or deep grief that God has forsaken us or is punishing us by not giving us what we want. It could be related to a strong belief that something is terribly wrong with us and with anything that we create in our life.

Fallopian tube issues: Usually relates to feeling that our progress in life is being blocked by unseen forces, often called “bad luck”.

Polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS: Usually stems from a deep concern that having a child will cause our loved ones to ignore us in favor of the child i.e. fear of abandonment. It could also be related to fears that the child will cause us grief that way we think we caused our own parents grief i.e. feelings of self-condemnation.


♡ Affirmation to relieve or turn around creativity stemming problems:

I am balanced in my creative flow.

Vaginal Health

Our vagina is the entry of creative energy and it is really important for us because it shows how other people enter us. Our vagina is also connected to our throat chakra and often times what we can’t express or give voice to, or our voice has been suppressed by others, it will manifest as a message in our vagina. It is important to understand that as women our energy receives energy from other people and absorbs it into us. Naturally then, our vagina will protect us from a man’s toxic energy and build up walls against his penetration – which can manifest as cysts, pimples, irritation or dryness. These usually show that your body is naturally cleansing and releasing his toxic energy and build up from your connection to him.

In general, symptoms being experienced on the left side of the labia, vaginal walls, glands etc., relate to feminine energy; and symptoms on the right side of the body relate to our masculine energy.

Bartholin cyst: This is one such example from the described above, usually showing a deep need to release suppressed toxic energy, or protecting you by blocking a man’s sexual energy towards you. If you are coupled, it shows a deep desperation to prevent intimacy due to unresolved anger either with your partner or with yourself. It can show someone’s prolonged crossing of our boundaries as women, and as a result the vagina is building a powerful wall against further penetration. This penetration can be either energetically or physically; in other words, perhaps someone is trying to enter your space energetically by constantly thinking of you sexually, or your own body is trying to prevent you from going back to an ex, and it does this by physically making it harder to “think back of the sexual memories together” because now it’s just uncomfortable to think of sex with the cyst. It can also be as “simple” as someone in your family not respecting your feminine self or being angry, controlling, overly patriarchial or unhealthy masculine energies; or someone crossing your boundaries, or you feeling angry that you can’t express yourself.

The way to heal this is to settle into your gentle self, and apply all love, nurturing and tenderness. Reach out to a mother or mother figure or a female healer/counselor who can be emotionally supportive towards you. Sometimes vaginal issues can also be generational from the maternal line and suppression of feminine energy due to controlling patriarchal male figures. In the case that you have recently separated from man with whom you were in an intimate relationship with, whether the relationship was physical or emotionally bonding or long distance, this cyst could be a sign of release of his energetic bond or control over you and clearing of the toxic energy you might have absorbed from him.

The remedy for these cysts, and any other cysts described below, is usually home treatments of sitz baths. The reason for that is because it is important to reconnect to your gentle side, the way of water, and be able to tend to yourself with love and with support. Water is important for us as women because this is how our own emotions and energy flows – so it reminds us of the importance to feel our feelings, honour our needs and cry when we need to. When we relax in water, we also remember how it feels to feel vulnerable and yet to be held in our vulnerability as we need to. For every woman, it is important to have someone who can love and support her in her true self and gentleness, and water reminds us of how it feels. Set boundaries with those who take more than they should from you without giving in return to you, and bring as much love and care to yourself as possible.


♡ Affirmations to treat and heal cysts:

I am loved and appreciated and receive all that I need to. I honour my boundaries and value and respect my needs. I no longer allow those who don’t support me in my life and I no longer allow anyone to cross my boundaries and treat me unfairly. I only allow those who love me, support me, treasure me, adore me and respect me into my life and into my heart – and let only those who can truly love me and give me what I need and desire to share my life.  


Vaginal cysts: Usually a manifestation of our desire to avoid or prevent intimacy, but feeling that our “No” is not a good enough reason, where as a health issue should be, or could be, legitimate and more accepted.

Bacterial vaginosis: Often stems from allowing a specific negative belief to control us.

Non-infectious vaginitis: A subconscious belief that girls are dirty or bad and serve no useful purpose.

Vaginitis: Can stem from anger at a partner, sexual guilt, or punishing the self.

Trichomoniasis: Usually relates to feelings that we are not contributing to society, or we view ourselves almost like as if we are a parasite. There could have been also a recent life experience that awakened within us the recognition that we are not fulfilling our true life purpose.

Yeast infections: Usually shows that a new negative belief system has been just formed. Recognizing it, along with treating the physical disorder, can help us to heal quicker. There could be unconscious frustrations at never seeming to receive admiration, positive attention, or recognition for one’s many selfless acts, or what we perceive as our “selfless acts” whether true or not. 

Another reason for yeast infections may sometimes be related to penetration of some toxic energy, so now your body is cleansing – and in these cases it is helpful to self reflect on your relationships recently. Yeast infections, from a spiritual perspective, are usually our body’s and soul’s way of waking us up. They require of us to take some time in self reflection and healing. Understanding and addressing gently the underlying emotional and energetic imbalances is helpful. Please don’t ever feel ashamed of any of these infections, nor anything else in this article, it is only our body’s way of trying to balance itself, which is what healing is: balancing. Our body tries its best to give us messages, so just spend time self reflecting and healing, while also treating physical symptoms with physical remedies as well.   

Urinary tract infections or UTIs: Usually stems from being angry at our partner, lover, a male figure, authority or father figure; and also blaming others.

Vaginal prolapse: Relates to unresolved issues over what one has or has not produced and created in their lives.

Leukorrhea: Unrecognized or unresolved fears or regrets over being female and sexuality. Inflammatory: regrets over one’s sexual activity. For example, after delivering a baby, regrets over our behavior during the birthing process, or the results thereof. Parasitic: wanting desperately to be as desirable as someone else seems to be and obsessing over other women who are desired. Physiologic: fear that being female will present certain dangers or will prevent certain life choices from being available.

Candida: Usually stems from using someone else’s condemnation of us as an excuse to behave poorly, underperform, gossping, be vengeful, hate ourselves, engage in obsessive/compulsive behaviors like binging on alcohol, food, drugs, shopping, etc. Can create feelings of being scattered, lots of frustration and anger, and being demanding and untrusting in relationships, as well as overly judgmental.

Genital herpes: Usually forms from subconscious belief that sex is bad, dirty, abusive, or belief that God says that sex is bad; and yet feeling powerless to stop wanting to have it, so you engage in too much sex with unwanted partners just to validate the subconscious beliefs that it is not good. There could be feelings of guilt, self-condemnation, shame, and the need for punishment. It is essentially a rejection of the genitals and the sexual behaviour, whether our own sexual behaviour or a situation in our past when we were forced to have sex or had been abused or shamed for our sexual choices.

HPV and Genital Warts: Belief that sex is shameful, or that one’s sexual history is shameful and we, therefore, require punishment.

Hormonal Health

Our hormones represent our ability to regulate our emotional reactions to challenging life experiences.

Hormonal imbalance: Unable or unwilling to adapt to changes that are seemingly out of our control. There needs to be greater attention being paid to our emotional worlds and managing our emotions in a healthier way.

Menstrual Cycle Health

Our menstrual cycle is essentially reflecting the natural cycle of our inner lands. Any imbalances usually reveal rejection of our femininity. It can also refer to feeling “dirty”, guilty or shameful.

The menstrual cycle shows the cleansing of the old and the start of the new phase; it is our new beginning each month and we also take the time to rest and unburden from all the emotions we had stored in ourselves. Sometimes imbalances can reveal patterns of fighting any change, a refusal to go with the flow, fears nd anxieties or inability to let go of sadness stored, and being unable to meet our needs or to be nurtured by other people, and having no one to share our burdens with or have a shoulder to cry on.

Sometimes women who experience painful cycles may have a victim mentality – or have been victimized and mistreated by other people in their lives. As through the cycle our emotions get released, when we have painful cycles we are releasing a lot of pain yet feeling uncomfortable doing that because of guilt or shame or criticism. There are also some women who say they have painful cycles even if they do not because they remain in unjustified victim mentality and using this as an excuse for lack of self-accountability. This results from a desire to play on the sympathies of others or to escape responsibilities.

On the other hand, women who actually do experience pain or anxiety during or pre their cycles can reveal the too much pressure that they put on themselves to always be strong in situations – whcih stems from not being nurtured enough as a girl, and growing up in controlling environments where her cycle and feminine sensitivities, emotions and waving of moods weren’t understood or respected. It could also show that her intuition wasn’t respected or her feminine creativity wasn’t encouraged as a child. And so as an adult, she herself becomes too self-controlling and does not want to feel powerless by the waving of her emotions and body feelings during the cycle; which further makes the release of her emotions, and her states of vulnerability, harder to accept and flow more naturally with.

Menstrual cycle problems (any): Rejection of one’s femininity and often feelings of guilt, fear, shame or the belief that the genitals are sinful or dirty.

Amenorrhea: If not caused by pregnancy, breastfeeding or menopause, this can refer to deep and possibly unrecognized fear of any or all of the following: being an adult with responsibilities, being a female adult, attracting sexual attention, becoming pregnant, giving birth, becoming a parent. It can stem from subconscious feelings of not wanting to be a woman or a deep dislike of self.

Dysmenorrhea: Anger at the self or hatred of the body or of women.

Menorrhagia: Usually results from a generational family pattern of cyclic emotional or physical abuse toward the family’s female members or children. This creates an unrecognized belief that life as a woman is all about suffering, with the body cooperating to validate the expectation.

Metrorrhagia: Usually results from a generational family pattern of cyclic, predictable, emotional, or physical violence toward the family’s female members or children.

Missed periods: A period that is missed is usually due to worry and stress and no need for concern if it happens once or twice. It can also be because of pregnancy or breast-feeding, eating disorders, polycystic ovary syndrome, pelvic inflammatory disease (i.e. inner turmoil regarding one’s creativity or choice of whether to have children), uterine fibroids, or premature ovarian failure (i.e. belief or fear that “God hates me because I have done nothing meaningful in my life” or an “I give up” attitude).

Premenstrual syndrome: For some women the monthly cycle is a reminder of all that is wrong in their life. The weight of such worrie may manifest as an increased emotional burden which in turn creates physical discomfort. It can also show that you’ve been giving too much power to outer people or external influences, while rejecting your needs, emotions and feminine ways of being.

Pregnancy Health

Miscarriage: These can represent an end to a developmental phase. It can be caused by fetal or maternal health conditions, extreme subconscious fears of the future or extreme distrust of body or self, but almost always the reason is inappropriate timing for the spirit baby, so it’s not your fault at all, please don’t blame yourself. When your child’s soul, known as the spirit baby, is not ready to be born yet and it changes its mind last minute, it can result in miscarriage, but it often just needs a bit more time. Spirit babies are born only when they are ready to incarnate, and they have their own time and timing depending on their soul’s purpose and path; and we need to wait for them to feel ready. Sometimes they might feel a lot of fear as birth comes closer, because incarnation can feel terrifying, so they just realize they need more time. But they usually stay around the mother’s aura, and are born as “her next child” when they are ready to incarnate.

Morning sickness: This is natural of course, and it reflects our worries over trying to anticipate all of the issues that may or will come up with the birth of the baby. Having a supportive and loving partner, who provides you with stability and is emotionally mature to soothe your worries can relieve this.

Sexual Health

Frigidity: This usually stems from fears, fears of father or father issues from childhood, feeling unsupported by father figures or spouse, feeling emotional numb towards him, denial of pleasure because you feel you don’t deserve pleasure, insensitive partners or egoistical partners, or subconscious beliefs that sex is bad.

As we can see, all of these female ailments and symptoms relate to our needs to be loved, cared for, respected, heard, understood, supported and be held in a loving safe space of deep connection. When we are not, we begin to deny our feminine selves, and struggle with self-esteem, self-worth, self-love and self-acceptance. We need to be able to accept and love our feminine nature and flow in our true essence rather than be constantly forced to go against it.

As all ailments, we need to pay attention to our inner worlds – to our emotional, mental and spiritual wildlands – and take care of our emotions, ingrained belief systems, thought patterns and subconscious fears and beliefs, as they all need to be healed for our wellbeing. I encourage you to meditate and self-reflect on whatever you feel from whatever arises, as you know best what it might be connected to. I also encourage you to do your own research on what more can be done in your specific situations and trust your own inner wisdom and intuition. 

Often times when we get sick or feel badly in our bodies we are quick to blame them for malfunctioning and we blame ourselves feeling so self-critical. It’s unbelievable how harshly we can speak to ourselves despite being so kind towards other people. So what we should do instead is we should shift our eyes towards all the beautiful ways in which our body does its best to communicate with us and guide us towards what we need to do to feel better. The more we listen to it and tend to its needs, the better our relationship will be. So take a time out to rest, relax, and pay attention to yourself and the unique messages coming to you through your body.

Take a break, and pour all love and nourishment towards yourself. The work will wait, the husband will wait, the kids will wait, don’t worry. It is time to bring your attention to you and remind yourself that you too, my dear woman, need love, support and extra caring. 

*Please know that I am not a medical professional nor a doctor, and I do not offer medical services nor medical advice. While I believe that knowing the underlying emotional and spiritual causes is important for both prevention and our holistic wellness as women, it is needed to treat physical ailments and symptoms with a trained medical professional. 

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