To understand the essence of manifestation, and the power of feminine energy, femininity and womanhood, we must first understand that there are four levels of bringing something into being into our physical world: 1) making, 2) creating, 3) manifestation, and 4) emanation.

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To make something is our first level – and this is when we take something already created, like a piece wood, and we make it into a table or chair. But in the world of consciousness, we are not making something new – the idea of the chair has already existed as the ingredients too. At this level, we are essentially apprentices in a workshop and learn all about textures and temperatures, while also developing our skills. At this level, we are also hopefully learning patience, perseverance and dedication.

The second level of bringing something into our world is by creating it – we become the vessel, hands and lips and feet, through which something from the higher realms can express itself physically. At this level, we take pieces that have already been made like the piece of wood or a pen, but what we are creating hasn’t been made before – it is new. It is art, poetry, stories, paintings, music, even jewellery; and perhaps it is still a chair or a table, but its design is something not done before or the way of making it hasn’t been done before.

The third level of bringing something into physical matter is manifestation, and women are naturally tapped into it because feminine energy is manifesting energy. Manifestation is essentially being directly connected to source or God, and as women we are directly tapped into it. With our feminine energy we attract to ourselves continuously, which is why our higher lesson is to actually learn discernment and how to choose among what comes our way – how to yes and no, and choose wisely. You don’t need to do anything or even have a vision board – because your true power lies in the ability to do nothing. All you need to do is stay true to you, and changeless in energy, which is why feminine energy is also known as The Eternal Virgin Energy.

The forth level of bringing something into our world is emanation, and that’s something that truly enlightened people, gurus and priests did. They become the embodiment of higher consciousness – they can walk through a garden and suddenly all flowers bloom, and they can bless a woman in her 90s who will then give birth to a child. These are real things, even though rare of course.

The Power of Feminine Manifestation

We grow up in a society that constantly pushes us and teaches us the masculine ways of living and “manifesting” such as do, do, do, go, go, go, make happen, make happen, take action. But this is the masculine pathway, not the feminine one, which is one of the reason why so many women get stuck and feel disconnected from their true inner essence – because they no longer align to their natural flow of energy in such a forward-driven society.

One beautiful way of imagining feminine manifestation is by imagining the sperm and the egg. The sperm swims towards the egg, but the egg doesn’t do anything. It doesn’t go chasing, it just stays there. And it goes through cycles – cycles of plenty, and cycles of nothingness and quietness. But still, it stays there. It doesn’t freak out, it doesn’t suddenly stand up and start chasing – it doesn’t change itself. And when the sperm start swimming towards it, the egg only opens for one. It softens its boundaries only for one. To the rest it says no, no, no, until the one she chooses shows us and she says yes – and she allows it, she permits it, she opens for it.

The strength of a woman is in her ability to say no, which can irritate men to no extend and they can even kill her because of it. A woman’s power is in her ability to do nothing, to say no, and to discern with the wisdom of her heart. Power is something people feel – and when a woman is aligned to herself, knows herself, and flows in her true essence, she embodies this power within her. Depending on who other people are and where they are in their own energy level, they can either get triggered and attack, or they can open and allow themselves to be softened, empowered, healed and transformed by her power of pure energy. It is the same with love – true love, pure love, is a power that has the ability to heal people.

We see the way of feminine energy in tarot as well: the first feminine card is the High Priestess and then, we move to the Empress. The High Priestess is the knowing, the trust, the womb, the moon within which all is conceived to then to be born – it is where the decision begins to bring spirit into matter. She has her legs closed, and is silent in her higher knowledge; she is in continuous connection and direct relationship to source and God. And so she stays in stillness and in power, until the day she chooses to take into herself the seed of the Magician, and conceive – which is why the High Priestess is the conception itself. Then, in the Empress, she births and her legs are open. Whatever we have permitted and allowed in our energy will now come into being.

Women are naturally tapped into the manifesting frequency because of the way our energy flows, which why we have the ability to birth. When we carry a child in our womb, we don’t actively do something throughout the pregnancy – it just grows within us; and then the baby comes out naturally in its time, i.e. we manifest the baby. We can manifest many other things as well, and we actually constantly do even if we are not necessarily aware or conscious of it.

Many spiritual cultures know these secrets, which is why they know that if there is a woman in the home, if she is happy, the entire family and household will be abundant. Hindus believe that if there is a happy woman in the home, she can manifest luck and abundance for the entire family and household just through her being still and flowing in her natural energy.

They believe that her energy can manifest the frequency and consciousness of the Hindu Goddess of abundance Lakshmi; and if her husband aligns to her and does as she intuits, then he can bring in and manifest through his actions all they desire. This also means: trust a woman’s intuition and trust man’s thoughts, as these are the strengths of their unique energies through which life force flows.

In many Indigenous tribes too, every day the men would spend some time taking care of the chores and children, so that the women can have their free and peaceful time when they can just do whatever they want or do nothing at all – and just sit in prayer or meditation, and devote to their spiritual practice. They knew that if a woman is well, the entire tribe will be well, as her energy is a manifesting one. You can also do your own research and look up the places of our world where there is most abundance. You’ll see that where the women are happier and taken care of by society, these places face less suffering; and where women were mistreated and abused, the entire region suffers with ailments and even poverty.

Women are naturally aligned to the manifesting frequency. What this means for society overall is that what women allow, persists, and what they don’t, cannot.

The feminine is the keeper of all secrets and mystical wisdom, and she is directly tapped into source or God. This is a real power but as all power, this comes with responsibility – a woman needs to know herself. In mystical schools, the first and most important thing all priestesses had to learn, and spend many years learning, was know thyself and know the earth. Only then they’d be able to be initiated into higher knowledge and be able to manifest things we can only dream of – because they knew how to discern, how to master their energy, how to navigate their inner emotional and spiritual wildlands, and how to purify their energy of which they can pull in anything, including a soul to be born without physical conception.  

It is said that the higher purpose of a woman is to connect man to God and lead him to his destiny and true self; and the higher purpose of man is to protect woman and give her the stability she needs to flow freely in her energy. A woman can discern the beautiful qualities of a man, and then inspire him to embody these – is he a teacher, a guide, a protector, a builder, a warrior. She can raise her boys to be honorable, courageous, truthful and fair, and emotionally intelligent. She can inspire and guide all men in her life – her lovers, her husband, her sons, her brothers – and this is beautiful and purposeful.  

But when a woman doesn’t know herself, she can no longer be connected to herself nor see the wisdom through which she can help and guide the men and children beside her, nor can she guide her own self also. She can no longer say no, set boundaries, discern, and eventually she begins to allow things she doesn’t want without even being conscious of it. Unfortunately in our modern world, many women don’t know themselves truly nor do they have the toold and support to do so. Even the brand of “women’s empowerment” is no longer about true empowerment – it has become a tool and a way to separate women further from themselves and from one another; it has become women’s exploitation. As women are the foundations of our world and societies, and how the energy of earth flows – all the things we think we want but don’t, and all the things we allow even if we don’t consciously want them, persist.

We need to know the power we hold, we need to protect it, and we need to re-awaken our inner wisdom. Know yourself, and find the right people who will support you in your self-discovery and self-knowing – and who will provide you the needed space in which you will naturally be in your true inner essence.   

A woman’s greatest power comes from knowing her self worth; and she knows her self worth by asking the right questions. For example, the right questions begin not by asking “Am I good for him?” but by asking, “Is he good for me?” What a woman allows to persist in her life and what she says yes to, gently reflects to her how she currently feels about herself, what values she aligns to and what she beliefs she deserves. Feminine energy is inward – it is about self reflection, and attracting based on what aligns to her inner world and how she feels about herself. When she changes that inner world, she will inevitably attract and allow only that which is pure enough to walk inside her inner home and heart; and thus, she will make decisions based on greater discernment, clarity and love.

Become the egg. Settle into your spiritual core, into higher faith and higher values, into trust and into knowing, knowing that there are cycles of plenty and cycles of quietness and of nothing, but still remain changeless. Know that the right one for you will approach you in its right timing, so in the meantime focus on your inner world. Changing our external world will only lead to a different reflection of what is going on in our inner world, so always start from within. Whether it is a relationship you desire or a dream, keep aligned to what you truly want and need, and don’t settle for anything else; and when approached by various expressions of it, discern and choose the right one for you – open only for it, allow it, permit it, and conceive – bringing spirit into matter.

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Cover art by Louis Welden Hawkins (1849-1910) via Wikimedia Commons.

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