Dear heart, welcome to my space and thank you for being here.

My name is Lubomira, meaning ‘love and peace’.  It is derived from lubov ‘love’ and mir ‘peace’.  Having lived across three continents, I am a Bulgarian-Canadian poet, writer, mystic, intuitive guide, humanitarian, and author of poetry books, Moonhold (2019) and The God-like Things (2021).

I am the creator of Art of Love, my blog and initiative dedicated to deepening our connections, so that we lead more spiritually and emotionally fulfilling lives; by exploring the wisdom and secrets of our ancestors, and unveiling the beauty beyond the veil and within ourselves. I teach and write on relationships, wellness, mysticism, and folklore.

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“Our greatest adversary is forgetfulness; forgetting our heart, inner truth and ability to love. No matter what has happened in our life, we all have, at least once, been touched by love; by tenderness, compassion, trust, faith, hope and generosity. It is love, and only love, that is the common denominator of everything. That’s the greatest magic of all, the greatest meaning of all, the greatest reason for all.”

~ Lubomira Kourteva, Art of Love   

my books

Brilliant, unique, insightful and unforgettable. The author is an incredible writer with a finely attuned poetic mind who is blessed with the true ability to express her emotions, beautifully and precisely, while capturing the reader’s own. Her writings feel like an intimate diary; a sensual, emotional and spiritual memoir of love. The poems are lyrical, imaginative, and exquisitely crafted; they offer rich imagery and layers of sincere depth, to be reread and reread. The author writes with compassion of the connections we share to people, places and life itself. Her heart, sincerity, empathy and warmth are deeply inspiring, especially in a world like today.

– Michelle Kelly, Editor

A truly beautiful and masterful collection of poems. Beautifully rich and layered; lyrical longer pieces exploring love and separation are woven together with little pieces of heart and soul; the very ribs from the author’s own chest. The tension with which heartbreak is held by hope is exquisite; and told delicately, with profound and kind wisdom. The story gathers around the reader and I think will always be a part of us. I feel quite bereft now it’s finished and sit feeling strangely alone without its accompaniment.

– Emma Blas, Author

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