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The Right Relationship

Truth, Trust, Fear and Freedom

There is uncertainty and fear associated with admitting our truths. In a way, we renounce the security of our known life; of the familiar roles we have built which kept us safe but have now ran their course. Identifying with external things and people provides a false sense of security, but mainly, it causes a separation from our Self…

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Exploring The Intimate Relationship

"Two lovers float entwined in one another, ensnared by their emotion. He envelops and engages; she resists and surrenders. They struggle as one with equal passion and with passion equally. She balances his head in her arms. She supports him and nurtures his soul. He...

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The Art of Loving: How to Deepen Connection and Intimacy

Let every day be a painting. We change constantly. Even after many years together with one person living under the same roof, we still change, and we need to get to know each other — explore each other — all over again each day. And just like art, there is always something new we can find in our partner — a new colour, a new sparkle, a new curve of a brushstroke, a new feeling…

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