A dear client of mine recently asked me during our astrology reading what are his most benefic planets; and that’s a wonderful question, as he is a very enthusiastic student of astrology, so let’s dive into this topic because I know there are others wondering on that too. As a spiritual astrologer my reply may sound seemingly too simple: “It’s the ones you build a connection to.”

In certain schools and traditions of astrology, particularly Vedic, planets are separated into benefic and malefic; and generally, planets like Jupiter and Venus are considered benefic, while Saturn is often called malefic. Obviously, that’s very limited, and very general, because in someone’s natal chart their Jupiter may actually not function as benefic, and perhaps their Saturn is much more supportive of their unique path in life, and more positively aspected.

In other schools and traditions of astrology, such as Shamanic and Esoteric, there is no such concept, as the understanding is that all is inter-related and inter-connected, and to separate benefic and malefic is essentially a reflection of an inner seperation of our own inner aspects – some aspects within ourselves we view as good, others bad, and basically we separate ourselves from ourselves.

So today I thought I’d share with you my thoughts on this topic, particularly for those seeking to deepen their understanding, practice and knowledge, as well as your connection within and to the mystical.

I would propose that you develop or explore your relationship to all your planets. What does Venus mean to you? What part of you does she reside in? To me she is sometimes a woman’s body in a dreaming state, gently twisting and turning putting herself into balance, showing us that balance isn’t static, it is ever changing and dynamic; showing us that the Venus things may often form through the dissolution of everything and within the formlessness. But – what is Venus to you? Is she different in the night sky versus when she is invisible? Does she move differently, do you? How do you change, what nutritive cycles do you go thought with your Moon? What does the Moon mean to you? When is it comfortable for you, benefic to you, why? What does Mars mean? Is he the part of you that courts something? What experiences feel like Mars? Is he a hunter, an animal, a protector, a lover, a knight in a shining armour, a priest, a monk? Or is it energy, an emotion, a mood, a state of mind? What does it feel like, look like, where do you see him arise in your life? How does your Mars converse with your Venus, what is their relationship, what story or message are they trying to tell you?

Each planet is in a relationship to another; so one cannot be benefic or not without the other; and it is all a relationship of blending energies. Within us, are the unique physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wildlands – and we walk upon them; and there are different landscapes, temperatures, cities, bodies of water, wildlife, constellations. All have their nutritive cycles and desires and needs; and there are seasons, and cycles of the land, and unique languages longed to be understood, so that we are in union.

The benefic ones are the ones we tend to, because they appreciate the noticing, the attention, the care, and our little attempts of trying to understand them. That’s the magic of each relationship, whether to our bodies, to other people, to energies: our willingness and simple attempts to understand that which may speak a different language than ours. Every little thing within us, whether looking cool or not, needs our love. Make them all your allies, your friends, because they all live inside of you, and need that home, the harmony, the caring, and you need it too. Once you make them your allies, and know how to speak to them and understand what they speak and need from you, they will serve as benefics to you, as if by magic.

You see, we can only love what we appreciate, and we can only understand the help, or wisdom, of those we attempt to understand the language of. Is winter evil? No, it is needed. Without winter, so many animals will not survive, and it will send a chain reaction to all else in life. All in its nature is pure, but what we do with it and how we use it is what shapes it thereafter. All in nature can be either poison or medicine depending on how we use it – and this depends on who we are and whom we choose to be; and there are choices to be made always.

We all have various aspects of ourselves within us – various temperatures, landscapes, cities and climates; in our underground, in our unique inner physical, emotional and spiritual wildlands, there is everything. There are languages needed to be understood, there are some cities build with high rises and concrete beliefs and others with cobblestone streets intimate and private and ancient; there are bodies of water, rivers and lakes and seas, there are off the road unpaved, wild and virgin lands, there are hidden caves that ask for more trust to be entered, there are deserts and ice lands, and yet these are no barren for in deserts we see stars the clearest, and in ice land we see the Aurora Borealis. In our inner wildlands there are also many animals, and they too have their own unique languages, no matter how non-sensical, unknown and foreign to us, that too long and need to be understood by us.

The most benefic are the ones we build a connection to – the ones we tend to, care for, attempt to understand – the ones for whom we are willing to sit, listen and learn. This is how we foster unity, nurture unity, within and externally.

To deepen ourselves into knowledge we often need to dissolve some boundaries of lines and even studies. When you walk a spiritual path one needs to remain open minded and receiving, because holding on too strongly to the perceived “right or wrong” may begin to become your limitations. Traditional studies are important, and it takes years to gain that knowledge; but then comes practice, and a bit more of an esoteric path, where you need to challenge some ideas and see things shape and form in other ways. Embrace the beginner’s mind, stay intellectually curious and ever learning, gain celestial awareness by looking up not just in books, and try not to limit your knowledge by categorizing, because this only means you might be limiting your own self and growth.

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Cover art by Watanabe Shikō (Japanese, 1683–1755), Flowers and Trees of the Four Seasons, Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

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