~ Love thrives in the freedom to be ourselves in our togetherness ~

Today we’ll dive into the wildlands of a relationship through the lens of astrology, and we’ll discuss a very important and beautiful aspect in the composite chart, Sun trine Uranus. But first, what is a composite chart?

Synastry shows us the dynamics between the two lovers, and how their energies blend and affect one another. Synastry is how do you affect me; what do I feel when you’re near me, when I think of you, when my skin touches yours and I smell your neck; how does my heart beats thinking of you, how does my body burn thinking of you?

A composite chart is the relationship itself. When two souls touch and kiss, of their love a new soul is born: the soul of the relationship. Its soil, the unique physical, emotional and spiritual wildlands upon which the two lovers walk is the composite; and we into these lands to ask: what soil is ours; what is its climate, temperatures, seasons, landscapes, streets; is it of dry lands and deserts, or foreign lands which will ask us to put in more effort to understand the language; is it full of mysterious caves which we need to explore and re-explore; what bodies of water do we have to soothe ourselves; how fertile is our moist soil, and what are we creating?

With synastry, we put two charts on top of each other – so it is really important because essentially this is what shows how deep and compatible things will be between us; and in the composite chart, we basically take the mid-points of the two charts and create what’s known as the birth chart of the relationship itself. It’s the baby of the relationship. Some astrologers view it as the larger story of the relationship, or how it will play out in the long run, and whether marriage or not is possible.

While you can soothe some of the synastry aspects with mutual emotional maturity, compassion, patience and self awareness, you can’t really change an unhealthy composite, which is why the composite chart is seen as the outcome of a relationship; and it is more appropriate to consider for couples interested in long term relationships and compatibility.

*Please know that these are only general descriptions, and the interpretation may change depending on the aspects received from other planets, especially squares and oppositions. Beyond the lines of the chart, for any relationship to work, we also need to understand that both partners need to have a certain level of self awareness and emotional maturity. When we have squares and oppositions, in either synastry or the composite, these are often mirroring deeper aspects of ourselves that we need to work on, heal or develop – and that’s because relationships are a mirror to us. If you want to experience the higher manifestation of energies and aspects in your chart and experience deeper intimacy emotionally, physically and spiritually, you need to first start from within. Squares and oppositions in either synastry or composites often create initial attraction but it is based on “potholes” that create vaccum; these are not stable nor fertile moist soils upon which we can build something deeply fulfilling to us. And this is why you will find that you may often “fall out of love” with someone, when you’ve worked on an aspect witin you, which is now no longer serving as attraction to someone who hasn’t healed that within themselves. Sexual attraction is always important for any relatonship to work, but it needs to be real sexual attraction rather than artificial attraction based on unhealed aspects. 

Composite Sun Trine Uranus

I love seeing this aspect in a composite chart, because what it essentially shows is that the two people are their true selves around one another; and love thrives in freedom. It is this freedom, to share theirs quirks, laughter and weirdness, that creates trust. Because when we feel that we can share our all with each other, we deepen into trust and intimacy, creating something truly long lasting, based upon authenticity. 

The composite Sun shows the direction of the relationship, the self of the relationship, the fuel of its life. It also shows the overall feeling as it rules solar consciousness, and where its “oxygen” or sun rays are coming from and affecting us – what is nurturing to our relationship soils; for we all know we need the sun to nurture the earth and touch the petals of the flowers.

The composite Uranus is what gives us that chemistry that feels like electricity and excites us, and pushes us to move beyond the boundaries of the every day. It is what moves us and grows us, and shows us that something beyond us is possible. When we have hard Uranus aspects, such as squares, oppositions and even conjunctions, it shows on and off, and a lot of instability, and usually doesn’t support anything long lasting; it can feel like sudden break-ups or sudden cold cuts that feel painful. But when there are harmonious Uranus aspects, like trines and sextiles, it brings the needed spontaneity and adventure that inspires long tern intimacy – because we keep each other interested, which creates sparks and passions; and we feel freedom within our bond, rather than seeking freedom away from each other.

So a composite Sun trine Uranus creates a beautiful and exciting relationship soil where both partners feel free to be their true selves – and the relationship itself feels free and open. There is a natural way of them to be on same wave length; they are like two weird peas in the same pod and absolutely loving it! They know how to have fun together, and even if stuck in the same room, without doing anything, they just have a lot of fun, making each other laugh.

There is also a lot of mutual creative energy, because Uranus is about creativity; and creativity needs freedom to thrive. So they can literally just create new ways to have fun together. Laughter is an aphrodisiac, and it deepens intimacy; and the freedom to share their quirks and “weirdness” essentially builds trust. There isn’t judgment or criticism, which are often the beginnings of the end for any bond; the two just kind of even read their minds and their “weirdness” doesn’t feel weird at all. In fact, it is what binds them and makes them even more adventurous, which keeps the spark of passion and romance.

And while Uranus is about rebellion, since this is a trine aspect, the two partners don’t take things overboard – they each are very responsible and understand that freedom is derived from their responsibility. They have rebellious fun when they choose to, rather than living on the edge and risking their relationship or creating needless drama to feel “alive” and interesting. They have a natural understanding, even an intuitive one, that their devotion to one another is a priority, and they will not forgo responsibility for pleasure.  

They usually create their own little bubble of quirks, excitement and fun; and if someone peeks into their world from outside they might be really dumb-founded – because these two souls are just absolutely having their own unique jokes, and their own unique and perfectly blended sense of humour, which to others may seem “weird or unconventional”. If it wasn’t this trine or sextile, the sense of humour or quirks will not be mutually accepted and understood, and they might even offend one another; or just have different timings of jokes, which may at time feel out of place, immature or uncomfortable.

Relationship dynamics, and communication, are often about timing. And with the trine, we see a perfect timing and blending of their views, humour and perceptions; things aren’t “weird”, they are just right at the right time and right level – because both share a very similar natural ways of flow.

Uranus is often about intuition as well, and with the Sun, there is a natural intuitive way of what fuel or desire the relationship soils and each of them as individuals need. It all serves to keep things alive rather than over-watered, over-earthed, suffocated, distaced in space or just straight up burned; there isn’t destruction here, there is vitality.   

There is a lot of playfulness, and they really know how to keep things sparkling and spicy. Yes, things can get really spicy here. Creativity is what pushes us beyond the norms, and this is why it is connected to sensuality and sexual pleasure and desire – because we keep desire burning by being creative. Intimacy is about closeness, which they both know how to have by building their cocoon; and eroticism is about a certain level of mystery and unexpectedness, which is what this Uranus trine brings.

This is a beautiful relationship where they nurture and inspire each other’s creative, quirky, and individualistic sides. There is a lot of excitement from the bond, and they appreciate their unorthodox sides. It is actually a relationship of a higher purpose to bring change and freedom in each other’s lives; and build real trust – because the freedom to be ourselves without feeling judged or criticized is what brings trust. And trust is what bind this relationship, giving it the fertile ground for a long lasting and truly intimate bond.

The relationship also serves to pave a new path of consciousness for both of them – to let go completely of all past, and to inspire a new way forward based on soul growth. Neither partner wants to look back to the past, nor hold onto the past; and they each help one another embark on a dramatic and exciting new path forward, supporting each other’s new visions for the future, both individual visions and mutual visions.    

Perhaps there’s no better way to portray this relationship than with the painting above, which is by Marc Chagall, Birthday. Chagall painted it for his soon to be wife Bella, as a love letter, a birthday gift to her in 1915. I love this painting as it is filled with so much love, passion, excitement, romance, and one can truly feel the intimacy and playfulness of the couple.

This beautiful work of art is an expression of love and desire for freedom and a bliss that cannot be contained by gravity. Love gives us that bliss, as if we are floating in air; and it gives us freedom, freedom of heart, freedom of soul. Bella was his muse, and she, and their romance, remained his deepest inspirations. And in her own memoir many years later, she too described how their feelings for one another were uniquely strong. When it’s love, it’s love. You see it. It’s clear. This is how it looks like.

In My Life, Chagall described his first meeting with Bella: “Her silence is mine, her eyes mine. It is as if she knows everything about my childhood, my present, my future, as if she can see right through me.” And Bella wrote of meeting him, “When you did catch a glimpse of his eyes, they were as blue as if they’d fallen straight out of the sky. They were strange eyes … long, almond-shaped … and each seemed to sail along by itself, like a little boat.” 

Everything in life can be romance; drinking tea is an art of love; it is a romance, the way we move waking up and standing from our bed, the way our body shifts itself through the night to find its comfort and right balance; there is romance in touching the hand of our lover, shyly and gently like a feather, as if it’s the first time.

The erotic self is the creative self; and when we find our little weird soulmate pea, why not make our own cocoon of weirdness, where even after many years together, when we’re old and skins are of wrinkles, we can sit on our porch together, hand in hand, holding on holding strong, and together, laughing like nutjobs at the weirdness things!

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Cover art: Birthday by Marc Chagall, 1915, via Wikimedia Commons.

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