Dear heart,

Thank you for being here with me this past year, reading my works of love, and sharing my poems, essays and writings. It’s been such joy to see my readers from all around the world: UK, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Dominican Republic, USA, Canada, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Slovakia, Poland, Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary, Russia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, and others. It’s been so humbling to see us all, different languages, different cultures, across seas and lands, share a space, a moment, even if quietly through screens, connecting as one through the stories of love and of heart.

I feel so grateful that I can share this space with you, where I can be free in my creative expression, while also allowing myself to shift my perspectives and grow as new insights emerge. It is because of you that I can continue following my passion, my heart and share more musings.

Whatever you celebrate — Christmas, Solstice, Yule, Hanukkah, another holiday, or just making through another year — wholeheartedly I wish you warmth, light, harmony, peace of mind, magic, abundance of creativity, appreciation, true connection, a lot, a lot of love, and support of kind people in a loving, caring space. You’ll always find especially the latter here at Art of Love.

And remember:

You are blessed, be blessings in turn.

With love, 


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