what sadness to finally swim
towards asphalt

because that’s how blind waves become approaching
the steel breasts of summer’s end

after i know
what pleasure is
to be suspended weightless
in your arms
naked as a delicate blue southern night

how could i ever love anyone or anything else
after such pleasure of being yours?

… i, a stellium
of water, you
without words
like true love

fate calls me on the radio
i start loving you again
i meet you
even more tender
in the morning
memories sync like an old vhs movie scene
a dance, a melody

because you’re gone.

because the cold northern streets are as clean as forgetting
like the bed, so tidied and cold as if almost forgetting

if only for you to emerge
clearer from deeper
more liminal
more real
more loud

when drought pushes us
against blue mirrors

i leave myself with stars
without windows

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