a night
of love or a love
of night, a man
of love or a love
of man

a waning moon
is wearing
i swim with a peach
taste in my mouth
can’t get better than this,
tells me the sea but i know
lovemaking in the deep cool lakes
past the forest cathedrals
a leafy path
that priestess
often takes

you should know
i was the lover of hades
without fear
drinking wine not meant for me

so i oil my body for gentler leaving

to reimagine the inside of his shirt
and jasmine
i rain 9 miles to walk
upstream to visit him
beloved bed the wooden lake
holding branches tenderly
such tender love is
hard for some
because of sound
tongue put on chest
slides towards the navel
turn into a heartbeat, treeman
standing silverlit
in mystery mysterious
i learn to be

a watched thing.

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