“I am the secret clear stream running beneath the surface of the earth and you are
my constant dream, love of my soul running with me beneath the surface of the earth.
We are Eros and Psyche.”

Recently, I was writing a poem prompt on the word “zephyr”. Zephyr is the God of the West Wind & of Spring; a soft gentle breeze. Historically, zephyr was used to describe fine cotton cloth. But for me – zephyr is about the tiny calling of love. 

For those of you familiar with mythology – it was Zephyr who gently swept away mortal princess Psyche to the castle of God Eros upon his command. After Persephone and Hades, it is the love story of Eros and Psyche that is my favourite – not just because of its romance and blinding passion (I mean come on who can resist, Eros IS the God of desire & love after all) – but mainly because of its depth and meaning. It’s a story is of true love, fate, soul connection, trust, loss, purification and redemption.

Eros, meaning desire, and Psyche, meaning soul or breath of life, remind us to breathe life into the desires of our soul. Their story is one where body meets soul for the purified true love to become capable of transcending time and space. It is a reminder of the importance of trust, faith and self-love first in order to raise the vibration to be resonant with such higher consciousness to be experienced through the physical body/reality.

Their love story remind us to fight for love, to fight for what we feel and trust it even when we can’t see it, to stay true to our values and hearts and do things because of how we truly feel and not because of some validation; to nourish love once we get it and to never ever get lazy with love. Their story reminds us that love really does conquer all – if we let it and follow its path. 

We see through what we feel.

In some paintings Eros wears a blindfold, while Psyche herself was in a dark room. We need to learn to see through what we feel. Learn to trust yourself in the dark. Learn to know how you feel in the dark. To follow the path of love is to go beyond the “personality” and the physical self. To follow the path of love is to hear the still tiny voice within us and notice the whispers in the tree’s leaves. To follow the path of love is to trust beyond the boundaries of our eyes.

To breathe life into the desires of our soul.

Follow the desire in your heart, trust it and know that if you have a true desire for something – it is because you are meant to experience it, and this is your soul preparing you for it, as it is making its way to you.

You couldn’t have had that desire in the first place if you weren’t meant to achieve that desire. 

So enjoy aligning with yourself to such a vibration so that your desire comes into your experience – into the nurturing environment that you planted with the soil, seeds, water and sun life. Allow it to come home to you where it belongs. And when it does – treasure it. What you seek is seeking you. What you seek is seeking you. It has no other way to go but come back to you.

Don’t worry. You may fear that you are falling into something unknown, unseen. Maybe it feels familiar but you just can’t see. Don’t worry. Maybe you are sensing parts of yourself flying away from you, out of your control and this falling gains momentum, becomes more powerful and the distance between what was and where you are now is widening.

Whether it makes sense or not – it doesn’t matter – trust it – we were never meant to know it all anyway. In the space of the unanswered questions, hold yourself there in comfort and peace – like laying your head on your pillow. Take these questions out of your beautiful mind – of how or why or when – carve the peach free from its stone and as tempted as you are to climb back into the pulp – don’t. Allow things to be shapeless for a moment, allow yourself to just be savored as sweet nectar and to fall – and you’ll end up where you need to be. It’s safe to trust what’s happening.

Follow the path of love and the flow of destiny will be assured. Desire will lead you to where you need to be. Don’t doubt the sacredness of the unfolding. Like the cycles of the land – it is all how it is meant to – don’t doubt the timing of your life. 

No matter how long it’s been without it, at any given moment you may have it. 

Having a mathematician’s mind, when I read ‘zephyr’ I thought ‘zahir’. Zahir is the world of our body – and once we connect to someone or something soul-known and felt, zahir becomes our sense of being where we can no longer get rid of this feeling/sensation as it starts possessing the entire body/mind – whether divine ecstasy or human obsession – that’s up to us to discern by know ourselves.

I usually follow the tiny voice in my heart and the whisper in trees. Especially when it’s a soft gentle warm breeze … and especially I follow the Zephyr.


Much Love & Peace,


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