The path of the mystic is a secret path, a silent path, a path of carrying one own’s lantern; it is a path of purity of heart, clarity of mind, sincerity in action. 

The true mystic is the one who lives within the consciousness of the high heart, and roams the inner wildlands as much as roaming the outer beyond the veils wildlands. As such, the true mystic can sense intuitively the divine consciousness moving through all the external things; and even if bound by the four walls of a room, the mystic can still build intimacy to it – for they will sit in truly noticing, witnessing and noticing, in silence and attention, how spirit is imbued in everything and moves through everything.

The true mystic sees within the outer – they see beyond the veil, touch beyond the skin, hear beyond the ears, taste beyond the taste, know the truth beyond truths. The true mystic is the one in whom the soul is ever active, moving, urging to compassionate thought and deed.

The true mystic is unmistakably himself, walks his own truth, and isn’t concerned with being popular nor the superficialities of this world nor the deceptive lights. The mystic’s path is only walked by those of true soul’s courage to be authentically true to themselves, and awaken the inner wisdom, inner light, inner lantern.

In our Western world spirituality has become a bit too loud, and there is nothing loud about it in its essence. It is a silent path. It isn’t a path for popularity, validation, desires for grandness. It is a silent path in which we constantly enter the doorways within us, and through our church within, the heart within, the sacred marriage within, we then see out and through everything.

Walking the path of the mystic means that often you will receive spiritual insight that is years or even decades in advance. Walking this path means that you will walk the path of self realization, authenticity, which means that often the information you receive will be in contradiction to the mainstream opinions. Societies have rarely, if at all, ever supported true authenticity, so it is a path that requires courage and trust.

Photography by me, of our beautiful wild flowers.

Spirituality essentially means an expansion of perception, but as human beings we can only perceive that which we have awakened within us. The spiritually impure cannot perceive the spiritually pure truths, they think they can but they can’t. We can only perceive something we are in some energetic alignment too, and naturally, the more we evolve within, the higher (i.e. lighter) we raise our energy, the more we’ll perceive from that same wavelength.

This is why mystics will tell you that all truth is already out there – there is nothing hidden – it is only up to us to see it. This is why you may have a book which perhaps you didn’t like nor resonate it, but don’t throw it away, seek to re-read it a few years down the line – and perhaps by then something will unveil through its pages and words, and you will perceive what you needed or seeked. There are no secrets – we just need to perceive them, and sometimes it may take time, but even the most ordinary things carry many universal truths, for not one thing is too small – it carries worlds within it.

A mystic’s job isn’t to be popular – it is truth, because you serve truth not man, and truth requires purity and alignment to the higher power – which we align to through our purity of heart, clarity of mind, sincerity in action.

Ultimately, every mystic makes the decision between honouring their own vision or following the crowd. If you choose to follow the beat of your own drum, you’ll carry your own lantern up the mountain, for you’ll become the hermit, awakening your inner monk; and such paths are quiet, internal, and often a bit more alone. Eventually those who seek your lantern will find you, as they’ll need your guidance, and you’ll guide them, but you still walk your own path.

The true mystic is the one who finds the light within and becomes unmistakably himself – he has reached the self realization, walks in self truth, and is ever fulfilled by the wealth if his inner world. There is no reason to chase any shallowness, nor deceptive lights from the external world; and the true mystic has sharp lazer eye vision, seeing through all, so he is not tempted by such things.

Photography by me, of our beautiful wild flowers.

A mystic lives from their inner world and each person beginning this kind of path needs to go through a process of purification. To walk the mystic’s path you need not desire power, control, adoration, popularity, loudness, nor even acceptance from the world. And so, the first step in the purification process is to know thyself, always – which begins with releasing attachments from all extreme desires. For the true mystic, seeking power, control, validation and even “meaning in the world” is contradictory. To know thyself we enter and walk the inner pathways.

To enter and walk the inner paths one needs courage, trust and discernment – for you will navigate through obstacles, challenges, the depths of your own shadow, its many shades and reflections, and meet tricksters along the way also. There will be many landscapes, temperatures, seasons and animals – and all these must be tamed, and integrated, for this is how the transforming light of inner clarity fills us and our total being emerges.

A mystic lives and is being, and in this is the purpose; and a mystic is only ever concerned with their inner truth and being of service to humanity through their contribution. A mystic’s only concern is “am I being true to myself” – as a mystic’s path is the path of true authenticity and self realization.

A true mystic serves – and their only work is that which contributes to the betterment of humanity and raising the consciousness. A mystic cannot ever do any work solely for their personal gain nor coming from selfishness or grandiose intentions. A mystic has walked their inner pathways, peeled the layers of themselves of false identities and conditioning, and each day they are committed to self analysis – and continuous inner work and self reflections. They know their fears and doubts and all hidden corners of their psyche in intimate ways, and understand how to speak to these, so that they remain the master of their inner world – rather than being controlled, manipulated or tempted into the wrong external roads because of their inner undealt-with things or strong desires.

A mystic knows who they are; and any time they step away from their authentic soul’s path, their body will rebel; in fact, there comes a point in the self realization process, where they will physically be appalled to do anything that contradicts their truth. They cannot have shallow friendships, they cannot work in places they don’t resonate with, they cannot have shallow relationships.

The true mystic hears a different drummer, not satisfied with the superficialities of the masses. The true mystic will only enter into those relationships which offer union of depth of all levels. And if this is not possible, there is no worry being alone or remaining single.

Photography by me, of our beautiful wild flowers.

After the mystic incorporates purification and walks the path of self truth, they now give themselves to God – to be of service. They understand that the only way to interact with the spiritual world in a meaningful and loving way is to be of service; and that to be in service you must sacrifice your own desires and give your will to God and Christ. Your will must unite with Christ – which is the pure love within your high heart – as the heart is the initiatory pathway to higher consciousness – and this is what will become the vessel.

Surely, even then, the mystic still will self analyze with discernment, compassion and radical self honesty each day whether they are still in truth or have fallen into desires for glory, entitlement, obsession, selfishness or desperation. And that’s okay if any or all of these show up, for in the heart, in the continuous unifying with the essence of Christ within our hearts, our true self emerges, it reveals itself to meet us – but as long as we are aware and willing to continue the unifying, and continue to work through all with compassion and forgiveness, clarity of mind and intentional action, the ever unfolding and beautiful process of self realization continues.

Love has various shapes and form, speeds and movements. It unfolds through compassion, tenderness, gentleness, grace, forgiveness, generosity, playfulness, creativity, patience. We are here to build love, contain love, emit love. We are here to embody love through our every day lips, hands and ordinary gestures. We are here to show the beauty of the seemingly ordinary, making us realize how it is precisely that which is extraordinary. A mystic’s path is essentially the lover’s path. Life is an art, just like love is an art, it requires presence, acceptance and seeing the beauty as is.  

All photography by me, of our beautiful wild roses and flowers in the gardens.

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