Often times we may learn more through quietness of gestures than through books. In the tending to, caring for and service to another. Devotion is the veil through which awareness shows its beautiful face.

There is a secret language that is spoken all around us by nature – just by existing. It is said that matter itself is the dictionary of spirit. And if you look at a word with the right approach, the word reveals itself to you.

There are actually no mysteries in life – for all is already out there to be seen, in front of us to be seen, as it sees us too, but we need to know how to see. And when I say see, I mean see not with the physical eyes but with the eyes of the heart.

To know the minds of others we must know the heart, which is why the heart is the cave of higher knowledge – and when we enter it, all is there.

Everything in life is a relationship, and we are in a continuous relationship with all and everything. We are in relationships with other people, with the stars we look at, and with the streets upon which our feet walk every day. We are in a relationship with ourselves, and within our bodies all parts and all cells are married and continuously speaking to one another. They have their own languages, and even if we can’t understand them, they still speak, they still hold one another, and hold us in their holding and caring for us devotedly. Everything has its language – and we build connections to everything when we pay attention to it and notice it. We can only love what we appreciate.

We build relationships by silence, respect and sharing. Silence lets us listen – listen to the leaves and the little squirrels. Respect allows us to build trust and openness, so that all can speak to us. And through sharing, hand reaching towards another’s hand, we build a bridge to love that becomes us.

We need to walk a patience and kindness of rhythm, and cultivate and nurture a certain attention and noticing. This may come more naturally to some people because of their past life or innate spiritual knowledge, and for others it may take a longer time to learn – but it is needed for that’s the approach to see more clearly and allow yourself into a deepening.

This is why in the old days, spiritual students would spend years only doing service – chop wood, carry water – until the teacher would initiate them into higher knowledge. Devotion is the veil through what awareness shows its beautiful face.

The spiritual teacher is one whose purpose is to guide you, and that’s usually through service, so that you learn to pay attention in a unique way. It’s a learned skill, and one that we have forgotten in our fast pace modern world where all is quick and we demand instant gratification. But that’s not how life works. That’s not how love works neither.

It’s a necessity that the unspoken and intuitive is guided by the spoken and explained – and it is this eventually that becomes the part of us that can’t be seen but who is both the listener and the teacher. So all great teachers by various means take the student into the otherwise unseen and unknowable – and it is the service to the teacher that becomes the connection of heart, so that the transmission of higher spiritual knowledge is from heart to heart.

Knowledge always protects itself. Those who are not meant to understand something or are not ready yet to process it, they will not understand it even when reading it, listening to it or watching it with wide open eyes. So in mystical texts, a lot was written in parables – and while it may sound simple, there are many layers, full of esoteric wisdom and knowledge, which are not meant to be understood by all.

And at the base of this higher spiritual knowledge isn’t the motivation about who we are – but it is the purpose of what we do once we learn who we are and how we will choose to behave. It’s about how would we then apply this new found awareness and wisdom in our every day human relationships and life.

It’s about a movement in a specific way.

Compassion, tenderness, joy, forgiveness, and openness, are all just different shapes of love, different movements of love, different speeds of love. When we express them through our actions, we become fully embodied in love, rather than only ideas and thoughts about love, like clouds flowing the sky. We have to be able to build love, contain love and emit love.

Our entire experience is constructed by the dance of opposites. Otherwise without the kiss of the masculine, we’ll be in a forever sleep state. So the lover’s dance between the masculine and the feminine is the what that becomes us – and allows us to understand and to experience.

In some form and way, much of life can be explained through the simple philosophy of the three fires of time – which is the wood, fire and smoke.

Smoke is the song of marriage between wood and fire. The light of fire is the seeker, the alchemist, the knower; and the wood is that which longs to be known. In the union of these, as fire kisses the wood, there is release, a surrender, a transformation, like love – there is a song of alchemy – and wood finds its life in the smoke. Whatever fragrance was within the wood, the fire will reveal it as it rises it upward.

In a way, a natal chart is a spiritual study of that which is consumed by time. The stars, the moon, the planets, the constellations, are all only great indicators of the signs of time – of how time consumes us and how things are woven into the cosmic fabrics of consciousness – it is our understanding of a current moment, it is a language longed to be understood but will forever remain somewhat mystical because it is our desire and curiosity to learn it that drives us forward in life, and to become life. We are born like little seeds conceived in the wet soils in the moon – the womb. Essentially this life is an opportunity for a deepening. Spiritual astrology isn’t for the faint of heart, but real love too isn’t for the faint of heart.

In a way, all is a study of that which is illuminated within you already, for we cannot ever understand anything that isn’t already awakened and seen within us – the vast expansions and contractions of our inner worlds – the ebbs and flows in the oceans of time.

Through the fires of awareness, and our willingness to know and to be known, we peel the layers of our bark to unveil our true aroma and rise in fragrance, scenting all those around us. Love too is a desire to know and to be known, to see and to be seen. It is a scent. And kindness too is a scent, and when our hands are touched by the hands of kindness of another, they scent of this aroma for long after – and we touch others’ hands with it also.

Love is a beloved seed of God grown in the church of our heart. And the more we care for it, the more we nurture and nourish it, the more beautifully it’ll grow within us – and we’ll become a warm shelter for all, home for all, church for all. 

We all walk our own unique physical, emotional, and spiritual wildlands inside of us, and knowing these soils and how to care for them is a devotional pathway. Patience opens the soul of matter. And the land of the heart is the one that truly matters. 

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