Someone recently shared about how they came across “teachers” saying that our purpose in life is to become ascended masters, and wondered how should we do this, is this even true, because there is chaotic information about it, and it just sounds off. And to get into this topic, we’d need to have a very deep conversation, which would be like opening Pandora’s box. To even approach this we’d have to also go back to Christian mysticism and go over the concept of theosis, and just by me mentioning this, most people would immediate get triggered because they associate anything with the word “Christ” as dogma – which isn’t true but perception is truth as we know. I am not speaking from a high horse here, as I too, if you had talked to me about some other advanced concepts twenty years ago would probably not have fully understood it and would have probably disregarded it immediately. This is why books should never be thrown away, because if you read them many years later, you’d probably understand something deeper depending on your own inner growth, awareness and deepening of understanding through the years and your experience.

And before we move on with today’s conversation I just want us to remember one thing, that if there’s one thing to know in life it is that we’ll never know it all because we were never meant to know it all anyway. The humility of this deserves to be treasured. Take my work with a grain of salt also. My intention is only to provide you food for thought and offer you various perspectives, and my hope is for you to question things in life and research on your own wherever interest sparks you.

Aside from the ascended masters, I used to also get questions on telepathy, twin flames, the immaculate conception, spiritual initiation, soul ties … and while all these are based on truth and true ancient teachings, it’s just not something to be properly covered in an article, bullet point form steps, or just in one conversation. So today I wanted to talk about something that we all face in our modern day, which has unfortunately become a big problem and a detriment to growth and learning.

We face a lot of hurdles talking about advanced spiritual concepts because these require a certain level of initiation, spiritual maturation and self development – so that we can have the ability to perceive and properly understand these concepts. And this is because one of our greatest modern day problems is that these higher spiritual concepts are heavily profaned.

The profaning of a spiritual concept or topic essentially means that when an individual is not initiated into the inner mysteries or esoteric knowledge, yet tries to interact with the ideas nonetheless, the result is that original teaching or concept becomes a shadow or deformation or distortion of the original teaching. These profound concepts and teachings that enter into the world of consciousness falsely complete or compete or at times overshadow the original true teaching. And the more this happens, the more deluded the world becomes on spiritual topics.

When an individual enters into spiritual topics that they haven’t yet been initiated into, or before they are mature enough, they essentially destroy these teachings because they are not able to handle it, they are not prepared for it, and this all ultimately leads to their detriment limiting their spiritual growth. And unfortunately, they may also end up spreading further these distortions of the teachings into the collective consciousness.

So what tends to happen in our modern day is that we have a true concept, like spiritual initiation or ascension, and the process of it is very real in the way the body changes etc. – but once these concepts begin to be taught without the proper structure, they enter the human mind in a distorted way. And when the student is not prepared or hasn’t reached the inner level of awareness needed for this concept, they end up mis-applying it, because they can’t perceive it properly nor do they have the needed tools to discern and apply it properly to begin with. For example, people are now very interested in telepathy and it’s all over social media and you have “teachers” or social media gurus telling you how to do it, but what happens is that then these people end up opening themselves to energy that is to their detriment and weakening their own energy fields. When a person does not have the needed awareness, discipline of knowledge and spiritual maturity to perceive spiritual concepts, this ends up being to their detriment.

In the old days, students would spend many years in chop wood, carry water – years and years and years developing themselves and devoting to know thyself, and only then, their spiritual teachers would initiate them into the topics and teachings.

There is a lot of access to knowledge nowadays and it is easy access and free access – but it is basically too much too soon. There are different levels to spiritual knowledge and each must be properly integrated along the way depending on the individual’s unique path, timing and inner growth. It’s like school.

One cannot reach external knowledge or spiritual concept unless they have awakened that within themselves first and have the capacity to receive it – and have engaged in the universal law of equivalent exchange of energy. We have the access to the knowledge because it is written, spoken and sometimes all around us – but – what it leads to is just confusion or misunderstanding or mistreatment or misapplication. It needs to be spoken, yes, shared, yes, but we also need to work with these ideas within and invest the needed time, investment and effort – otherwise it remains as ideas in the sky not properly integrated and the psyche closes off because it is “too much” thereby limiting your self growth or worse yet, spreading the misunderstanding and falsity.

It is part of our natural human evolution and process for concepts to be misunderstood – and we’ll have misunderstandings along the way, that’s natural and even needed – but the problem is that without discipline and structure, once a concept is misunderstood, it is then very hard to get to the bottom of things, and see the real truth of it. I cannot stress this enough, but incomplete or misunderstood spiritual concepts can be dangerous to people.

It is also then very hard to even get into a topic where ninety percent of the information out there is just simply not true. How do you even start to interact with that idea?

And this is what is happening in modern spirituality, because there are conversations about advanced spiritual topics but they are not properly understood which leads to false or incomplete information all over the place. Basically what’s happening is an environment of false prophets, and the blind leading the blind. One person says one thing, another another, one is a “channeler”, another is a guru because they watched a few Youtube videos and are now giving advice to others – so-called spiritual knowledge is learned from memes on social media, and even philosophical concepts are diminished to a meme but the essence of the teaching is lost. Basically it’s chaos.

You see contradictory information, chaotic information, and then you sit there thinking, “well, that’s crap, it’s probably not even true.” Because if it was good, if it was holy, if it was true – it wouldn’t be chaotic, so it must be the “false light”. And then – we walk away from important topics and real knowledge, we rob ourselves of spiritual growth, because we think it isn’t true, because the teaching was profaned, and it ends up being almost repulsive or straight up disgusting to even learn about it or hear about it again.

This is why discernment is one of our most important lessons today. You need to think critically, but you also need to study properly, and invest in self-development and know thyself. This takes years, and discipline, and a strong spiritual core aligned to higher ethics and values.

Spirituality is a quiet road, inner path, and devotion is the path through which awareness shows its beautiful face. In the West, sprirituality and popularity or financial abundance have become quite intertwined – and people often only listen to those loud voices on big stages or platforms thinking they are real because they are famous. But please be mindful of that. Consider how much you might be missing out on if you associate spiritual knowledge with likes and followers. Consider how in the old days the real teachers were in caves or monasteries hidden away and you had to search them for years. And why was that?

Because esoteric knowledge is hidden. This is why spiritual text is often written in parables.

And why is esoteric knowledge hidden?

Esoteric by its very nature means hidden or available to only few. Certain esoteric knowledge and wisdom was meant to be shared only with those few more advanced spiritual students and devotees, those who had been initiated into this knowledge, and who had the ability to perceive its truth. 

In the old days spiritual teachers and mystics would not share certain esoteric information, or spiritual knowledge from the mystical schools, until their students were advanced enough to receive it and perceive it – until they were initiated into that knowledge. And other mystical information was just “cosmically blocked” for a time in history until we, as a collective, were initiated for that universal knowledge to be perceived; until we had reached that level of vibrational frequency for its resonance. This was also known as esoteric obfuscation

When esoteric knowledge is shared before its time and people are not ready for it, it can become dangerous and problems will arise. So one of the most important things to know and understand, as a spiritual teacher, student or seeker, and have spiritual integrity for, is that some information is meant to be taught or shared and some is not meant to be said or shared. Because a truth out of its place or out of its time or out of order can become dangerous and even evil.

When certain truths and esoteric wisdoms are known or shared before their time or before the person is ready, they can become dangerous and at the detriment of the person, because the person doesn’t know or have the ability yet to process it and integrate it within their current consciousness. In pure esotericism good is all that is in its place and bad is all that is out of its place; for example water is good in its place in the ocean, in our cup to drink, in the flower pots to nourish the roses, but if it’s out of its place, water can be bad – it can take out our fire and we’d freeze, it’d overwater the flower pots, or it can flood a house. Therefore, any virtue, no matter how holy it might be, is good only if it is in its place and harmful if it’s out of place.

Information has its own timing, and it comes to us when we have the ability and capacity to understand its essence. Imagine going to a psychologist and suddenly they start bombarding you with “truths” about your childhood and behavioural patterns; this would be disturbing to you and even trigger deep wounds or reactions, which you just don’t have yet the tools and ability to process or perceive them, and would instead ultimately distort your advancement, awakening or healing process. The same is true for spiritual concepts such as ascended masters, telepathy, twin flames and soulmates.

Higher knowledge always protects itself. This is why mystical texts, including parts of the Bible, often times have parables to share knowledge – which is often times much deeper than at first sight. This is also why psychics will sometimes be blocked to see something because the person is not yet meant to know it, and needs to evolve on their own timing and free will. This is why an astrologer will never ever have the full access to knowledge to predict to you because we were never meant to know it all. And if someone tells you they know it all, or can tell you all about your karma and past life or how you should do things – leave.

As time progressed, a lot of esoteric and mystical knowledge became more accessible, spreading through the internet and social media, and then turned mainstream or even “trendy”. Many people took those original spiritual concepts and retold them through their own perceptions, to fit a more simple narrative, and without any prior spiritual education themselves. These then were further interpreted, or rather, misinterpreted, and ultimately had the potential to alter the soul growth of the person.

This is where we are in our modern day, and your priority should always be know thyself, apply discernment and if serious – find a good spiritual guide who will truly guide you depending on where you are on your path. Approach all in life with discipline, humility, reverence and effort to properly learn. There are no quick paths, so practice patience. Chop wood, carry water, chop wood, carry water.  

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Cover photography: Troyan Monastery in Bulgaria.

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