Some days God is an iceberg,
and the snow covered streets, of which water will flow to feed life.

Some days God is a candle wick,
praying and being prayed by the flame dancing, as we too breathe life into the desires of our souls and hearts.

God is also the wax itself, perhaps knowing it exists because of the fire kissing it,
and then fire becomes the element of water, the element of earth, and then air. God breathes.

Every day is a God, is a love, and its holiness unfolds through the years.

Everything in life is a relationship, and we are in a continuous relationship with all and everything. We are in relationships with other people, with the stars we look at, and with the streets upon which our feet walk every day. We are in a relationship with ourselves, and within our bodies all parts are married and continuously speaking to one another. They have their own languages, and even if we can’t understand them, they still speak, they still hold one another, and hold us in their holding and caring for us devotedly. Everything has its language – and we build connections to everything when we pay attention to it and notice it. We can only love what we appreciate.

We build relationships by silence, respect and sharing. Silence lets us listen – listen to the leaves and the little squirrels. Respect allows us to build trust and openness, so that all can speak to us. And through sharing, hand reaching towards another’s hand, we build a bridge to love that becomes us.

All is an extension of our inner world, and the way we treat our furniture and clothes is only how we’ll treat our space, ideas, emotions, and then an animal, and then a human being.

Our bodies speak the language of the moon. We wax and wane like her; and our emotions like water like waves, wave in, of, and through ourselves to become our lips, hands and gestures to become love. Our heart is an intuitive land and it’s the land that truly matters. And patience enters the soul of matter.

Every emotion is purposeful; every desire and every experience are purposeful also even if we can’t understand why through our limited understanding and conditioned human minds. But through every emotion God experiences himself in a way he could not have otherwise. And you are the unique vessel, the candle to be lit to give expression and life to the divine spark.

Life has its own pulse. It inhales and exhales in its breath, it expands and contracts like our chest. Each breath is purposeful. It is God breathing. Breathing us into love. And it is love that allows us to connect – to touch and to connect to another’s heart.

To see the face of God we need to see everything. If we can find the beauty in the pebble and the petal of the rose, we can see the beauty in a person and the entire universe. If we can see the wisdom of a simple children’s tale or parable, we’ll understand the wisdom from the sacred ancient texts. Because to understand the minds of others, we must understand the heart.

To see God is not in the cathedrals or temples, or the perfection of stone built walls and images. It is in the changing aspects of our faces and in the human eyes. It is in the loving of the face upon which tears sometimes flow, yet this is the same face that smiles and laughs and speaks love and compassion into us.

So many things came together for you to be born – love things, heart things, magic things, tender things, dream things, your mother’s prayers. And all cells came together in a mutual decision to say yes to you, yes to life – so that you have hands with which to touch another’s hand, to have a nose with which to smell a freshly baked bread, to have ears to hear the laughter of your family, to have lips with which to tell them how much you love them. That is a miracle, a blessing – youre a being blessed whose purpose is to embody love through your every day gestures.


You are not singing, you are being sung,

You are not dancing, you are being danced,

You are not dreaming, you are being dreamt,

You are a being blessed, so be blessings in turn.

Treasure this life as it treasures you,

and let it mold you into what you were always meant to be.

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Photography by me of our beautiful wild roses.

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