One of the themes in the book is contrasts and perspectives. Everything in life is a perspective. There is a certain romance dancing between lighter and darker nuances, between concrete and ethereal. This is also the reason why I wanted to contrast poetic structures interchanging Japanese minimalism with longer free verse, which also reflected the phases of life. Each page is its own little home, and yet sometimes life is just the space of a few words, or a silence. There is much meaning and purpose to be found in the movement of the white stillness of a page. A wall is never just a wall. It is needed to build a house, to have stability. And yet its meaning is only given by the love and warmth we give it, when we share its space. And then, through the prism of our eyes of love, a wall becomes a home. The book is about connection. And as humans, we are capable of connecting to everything. It is our deepest longing to reconnect back to the oneness of which we all came from. And so even if confined to a room – we would still “connect” to the room. And the walls might feel warm as skin.

A yellow wall lived where water met stairs. For hundreds of years her eyes filled life of those brushing against her arms. But never was she more content, her eyes more living, than when a white little dog played before her in childlike wonder and curiosity – looking at her as if she was magic and cuddling at her feet as if she was home. Oh, what magic the eyes of the Venetian yellow wall knew!