I know how it feels, so I’ll support you.
I know what it takes, so I’ll make it happen.

The greatest adversary to re-claiming our power is forgetfulness. My job is to help you remember who you are and re-connect you to your heart.



Since the services that I offer are custom-build, to fit your specific needs and be of most contribution, take a look at my bio to learn more about my background and how I might be of benefit to you. I can offer many services for creative projects, storytelling, program development, human-centered design, philanthropic and socially responsible consultations, as well as one-on-one spiritual guidance and intuitive coaching. For business consultations, I am only looking for involvement in projects/ventures of social impact and humanitarian focus. All my services are:


  • Tailored specifically for your unique needs 
  • My empathic reception allows me to deeply understand your individual needs and I’ll also support and guide you holistically every step of the way
  • My intention is for you to remain true to yourself & bring your creation to life, while making a social contribution 

Examples of services include:

Spiritual Guidance and Intuitive Coaching – What I offer is an opportunity for us to connect and have a meaningful interraction with the intent for you to align with who you want to be. Based on that, the services that I would offer you will be unique; taking into consideration your needs, intentions and what would be appropriate.

What I basically do is integrative mysticism; I integrate esotericism, psychology, healing modalities, talking therapies, and higher philosophy into practical applications for our daily lives and I work one-on-one with people who aspire to tap into their own intuition guiding them to create the life that they desire.

A good spiritual guide is someone who takes you back to your heart, so that you become your own creator; to re-connect to yourself and re-awaken the spiritual master beneath your skin. I want people to be inspired and become their own inner compass. This is done through self-development and I use various methodologies, which are uniquely designed for the person’s needs. My intention it to empower people and to guide them on their own unique path in life. We are all creators, not just creations. I want people to become their own magicians and writers of their lives – to live a conscious life – and I give them the tools to do that. I can’t walk your walk for you, and I don’t have your answers. My only job is to be by your side, guiding you along your chosen way and offering my hand, eyes and ears; so that you uncover, unveil and remember your own true self.     

Project Development – My philosophy and practice are based on human-centered design and integrative thinking. This requires deep understanding and empathy – anything that I create starts with understanding and aligning to your unique needs (and the people for whom it is created) so that a real impactful solution is designed. Business, as well as life itself, is holistic and integrative. All sides must be considered, including research, marketing, strategy, finance, behavioural analysis and distribution. I mainly focus on social entrepreneurship and projects of impact. My intention is to create sustainable solutions – and guide you how to make the best decisions for your goals and needs – for maximum growth, impact and engagement.

Artistic Collaborations – All creative expression including art, photography, music, film, architecture and poetry are just our tiny human attempts to shape feelings and moments into something tangible – something heartfelt and memorable. I love artistic collaborations because while I know words can be limiting – words are also very impactful as they carry a vibration and offer something different. And as a dancer since a young age, I’ve always been involved with the creative arts – so it’d be my absolutely pleasure to collaborate with you and make some magic!

I created the Artist Bio for Californian renowned artist Shelly Franz, click here to view.

Content Creation – I understand your needs and design accordingly. I want the work to communicate your intended message and resonate with your audience. I’ll make it unique, authentic, memorable and impactful.

  • Brand Copywriting – You have a general idea and materials for me to work with.
  • Creative Writing – You are looking for something unique and tailored made.  

Creative Coaching & Mentorship – I work one on one with you, guiding you along the way, specifically tailored for your needs. 

  • Coaching – You have a general idea of what you want to pursue (start-up business, book, or any venture).
  • Mentorship – You feel lost and confused not knowing where to begin or not sure what is your passion/path. 

Book Creation & Author Services – Writing a book is a lot of work – it demands time, effort and dedication but most importantly, it is our own very special creation – it means a lot to us. I can help you with all the details so that your beautiful creation is as you want it to be! There are also many decisions to be made regarding the publishing and business side of book creation – I can help you with that while being the encouragement and support by your side – I know how it feels and I know what it takes. I can work with you on idea brainstorming, type-setting, distribution channels, in-depth publishing guide and marketing outreach strategy.


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