Oltremarino means a different kind of blue. One which is found only overseas – on a beach faraway where I met a prince of blue. He was a special kind of blue. 

Love arises naked from the sea. Vulnerable. Ready to be fully seen and experienced. Water. The source of creation and birth. Love. Love is both physical and spiritual. It merges the mind, body, soul and heart. Love is everything. Boundless. Borderless. Unrestrained from the boundaries of our minds, egos and contoured bodies. And we become watercolours. Only when the “I am” falls, we are capable of experiencing something bigger than ourselves. Love peels our layers and might make us fear we are losing our identities but this is not true. It is only when we lose ourselves for love that we find ourselves. Because with every peeled layer, we come back closer to our own heart. And when we allow ourselves to completely immerse into a connection is when we are truly capable of experiencing love. 

Lovers meet when one has the courage to unveil their soul and the other has the humility to surrender, unveiling theirs also.

my prince of blue. eyes not blue but clear like heaven. now everything is blue. and the sea is blue like oranges. night is better. to keep the gentle spell of dreams on my pillow. i am ethereal. water is poseidon and the sky opens its mouth wide of fireflies. i land cool rain of thousand fires. sometimes this place feels almost human. and this wind spreading on my shoulders. it is really your hands.