steel blue cool

i decide to forget so i go into
a train of strangers

you said i have husky eyes
and maybe almost i married you

shadows only show when light
hits a certain angle
and in my own body i’ve become strangers
i ask my parts – who are you?

a train runs on steel blue
eyes mirror my past life and maybe i use this
to harness myself through the late nights

don’t be afraid.
the end was so far ahead it is already behind us
just call it horizon, it’s narrowing dark times
this beckoning me towards itself like a person
a mystic letter lays in the centre of my palm
and when we look at the unfamiliar too long
it becomes familiar

it’s steel blue cool with grey wolf skies
tempted kneeling to witness
two tiny native
snowdrops grow in shade

and i decide to forget me not
remembering how it feels to be me because
this is the point of everything

blue southern night

what sadness to finally swim
towards asphalt

because that’s how blind waves become approaching
the steel breasts of summer’s end

after i know
what pleasure is
to be
suspended weightless
in your arms
naked as a delicate blue southern night

how could i ever love anything or anyone else
after such pleasure
of being yours

… i, a stellium of water
without words
like true love

now only in the house
behind the door after another door
i start loving you again
i meet you
even more tender
in the morning
like an old italian movie scene
a melody on a vhs tape

because the cold northern streets are as clean as forgetting
like the tidied bed, so cold and clean as if almost forgetting

if only for you to emerge
clearer from deeper
more luminous
more musical
more loud
erasing minor gods and statues
red candle enters my narrative

after such pleasure with you
i leave myself with stars without windows

of hands and marriage

his hands are an old marriage
wrinkles of care and i sink into folds
of touch is touch, years in the making
holding on holding strong
but even strength is fragile

i hold steadfast under strain
but i too need to be held

and this is how we loved
years of lines connecting other lines
on palms lines stay and other lines
circle like courting hawks

but the most beautiful part of hands is where they touch now

and now is not too late
and tomorrow is also
not too late

high priestess

oh, goddess
oh, moon
high priestess beyond the veil
in your temple i am

bring life from the center
of my being i carry a love
of he who is i and i who is he
of he is i and we are one

of nothingness and darkness
i created worlds
i dwell within them
infinite, eternal flame
i am and now

let’s see how strong my love is

sweet child of mine

sweet child of mine,
i know you worry but look around

twilight shadows have fallen tucking in the earth
and the night is busy too as she wraps stars
into the hair of the goddess moon who is preparing
to dance in lushness with princes from distant lands

so lay your head in peace, sweet child of mine
close your eyes as the earth is closing hers too
take refuge in the quiet corner of your heart
and know that tomorrow the laugh of
the sun’s cheerful head will wake us up again

and i will take your hand
and we’ll figure it out then

a love you are

you are the slow turning of the skies
white lace curtains in wind
a curving of time
hand to hand
palm to palm
to hand to hand
a holding
sky, no beginning and no end
unasked of heart
and lips and body
and even mind
a love you are
a night running tender
with unclouded eyes
a quiet loving
so lush and overflowing
so may i stretch here
a little while longer
in the answers
we already know


there is so much i want to tell you
but the life this bench gives us is short

and i took nothing. nothing

and then

a memory like air
like air: you are
are you: like air

if i walk through you
would i disappear?

if i wear an umbrella
is it me causing the rain
or am i just a premonition?

fall in love, again

muscles carry their own heartbeat
night remembers the streets

hey, it’s natural
you heard a heartbeat and you fell in love with the heartbeat

you don’t have to forget to be at peace
like how sometimes when it’s relaxed the spine
remembers it had wings, don’t worry
names are just sounds of clocks
but clockwork still works without the clocks
it’s only the sound of those who
want to stay with us longer, don’t be afraid
the end of this street is so far ahead already behind us
just call it life and reach out to find
your hands to touch your chest

hey, you’ll fall in love again
and even tomorrow you’ll still have today

to be seen

it is vulnerable to be seen
especially when trembling
i say to the lamppost as
it sees me be seen

and the distance
as if
in a dream
opens – you are there
you watch me watching you watch

it is possibility
of dreams that give my heart no rest

and sometimes i don’t even know i am here
until i see you holding me