It was September 2018. We were a few hours north of my home and somewhere between getting lost in the woods, feeling nauseous and (ahem) tress-passing, we came across the old barn. I had been wanting to see an Icelandic horse and was dreaming of Vik Beach (Iceland) for a long time. And finally here it was. Snuggled was a newborn Icelandic horse. I call him “bairn”. It’s Gaelic for baby. He came right at me as he saw me and it was love at first sight. Eyes speak so clearly. As the sun was shining in the background, it all truly felt like a miracle. A new air. A new birth. This was the beginning of my book. This was the beginning of me deciding to become my own fairy and make my dream come true. Maybe I didn’t make it to Vik that summer. But my bairn found me even overseas. Maybe I didn’t have the life I thought I’d have. But I had a new one – unplanned yet beautiful. Love comes in many ways.