My grandfather always told me, “what is said goes away eventually but what is written stays forever.” Engraved moments and feelings on paper. Engraved through time and space. And sometimes in our moving life we have engraved moments too. Like picture frames. A feeling which has become almost human, shaped like a picture frame with its own body of that alive moment. It is when we just let go and are completely present. It is when we allow ourselves to experience something so deeply, so completely. When our mind and heart are nowhere else but here and now. I had one of these moments soon after this photo was taken. Somewhere on my way back to Ios from Santorini, somewhere in the Aegian waters, I saw the sunset. My bared shoulders were covered in black sand and the wind was pinching me. I was in some complete ecstasy from my day and yet utterly exhausted with a horrible headache from the heat. I just stood there on the dock looking at the sun as it fell into the waves. I felt so light and my mind became silent. And in this silence was so much unsuspecting intimacy. And in the stillness were so many movements. We can neither write nor describe such moments. We just keep them as framed pictures. Engraved moments through time and space.

And sometimes the biggest love stories are born on a bench. This is why I decided the cover for my book to feature the original artwork “Love on a Bench” by Jelena Mirkovic Jankovic. To me it portrays human connection and intimacy. The silent movements and gentleness of love found in the ordinary moments of life.