My grandfather always told me, “what is said goes away eventually but what is written stays forever.” Engraved moments and feelings on paper. Engraved through time and space. And isn’t that so true. Art. Photography. Poetry. Our tiny attempts to shape feelings and moments into something tangible; into something that would last forever, even if it doesn’t. This is what writing is. A feeling becomes almost human and we try to shape it into words. Moving stillness on a white sheet of paper where this feeling now breathes and has its own tiny home to live forever. And we know where to find it when we need to visit.

And sometimes the biggest love stories are born on a bench. This is why I decided the cover for my book to feature the original artwork “Love on a Bench” by Jelena Mirkovic Jankovic. To me it portrays human connection and intimacy. The silent movements and gentleness of love found in the ordinary moments of life.