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The Right Relationship

Spirituality, Mysticism + Esotericism

Holistic Wellness

The Wisdom of Folklore, Fairytales + Myth

Opening Doors: Thoughts + Emotions

When we can’t step away from our house, we can take a new route by shifting the soul of our feet towards familiar destinations, allowing the new landscapes to inform us; to explore the richness of our inner world. We can move through a door because a story was deeply meaningful to us. Or through a feeling of great passion. Or through a scent…

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Storytime: Finding The Nameless Horse

Has he achieved such perfection? He penetrates the construction of the spirit. Only interested in the essential, forgetting the insignificant; penetrating into internal dignities, he’s lost all his sense of the external traits. He sees what he needs and does not pay attention to what is unnecessary. He is so wise that he no longer sees neither color nor shape…

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Soulmates, No-Shows, Puzzles + The Purpose of Relationships

We need to understand that all people are purposeful in our life. When we define and categorize, we ultimately limit ourselves; we rob ourselves of the experience of a connection. I don’t think we should focus on definitions – it is about the experience. We need to learn to honor all of our connections rather than put them in some human-made boxes of definitions…

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Mysticism and Poetry + Necklace of Indra

Poetry is art. Poetry dares us to think and to question – going inside of ourselves to explore our inner world. As we are being immersed into ourselves deeper and deeper, we flow unresistingly filling the empty spaces unseen before. We shape feelings, movements and experiences into something tangible – into words. Poetry is the expression of mysticism and the mystic’s inner experience…

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Body of Love Rituals + Wholeness

Our bodies. Our blessed, beautiful, loving bodies. They sure go through so much. They hold us. They carry us through our good and bad, through life itself each day. They do their best even when we don’t believe in them. They are always with us even when we forget about them. They are the home of our soul…

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Ways to Restore Hope

Hope is not fragile. It is not a solution, yet it is not passive. It is a new beginning growing from the soil with temptation of water, with temptation of air. Like how snowdrops grow in shade. There is nothing weak about hope – it is a virtue. Hope tangles, wrangles, weaves and lives in our every day…

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The Necessity of Limits & Being Grateful for Them

“Our human and earthly limits, properly understood, are not confinements but rather inducements to fullness of relationship and meaning. Perhaps our most serious cultural loss in recent centuries is the knowledge that some things, though limited, are inexhaustible. If we always have a theoretically better substitute available from somebody or someplace else, we will never make the most of anything…

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On Tenderness

To keep us tender in this world is the hardest yet most important thing. Our tenderness is where our greatest strength is. When we follow its thread of water, it leads us gently to our core where despite hardships we remained resilient and unbreakable. In a way – our tenderness is our hardiness because no thing and no one was capable of destroying that part of us…

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Love & Prayer

There is incredible power to this kind of devotion; of a deeply spiritual act that kneels us each and every time like nothing else ever could. Prayer is an intimate love song through which we enter into a relationship with the divine. Prayer is an offering of ourselves wholebodily and wholeheartedly. Prayer, despite its gentleness, is never afraid and in our hardest times, it gets its feet dirty holding us…

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How to Enhance Our Energy + Psychic Protection & Spiritual Baths

Our body skins are beautiful; they protect our organs but they are not rigid boundaries to the world outside of us. Beneath the outer skin, there is another skin – invisible skin – of the soil of our soul. This is our bridge to connect to everything and everyone around us. To keep ourselves tender yet protected, we need to take care of our energy – to nurture, protect and bless ourselves…

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Magic, The Natural Connection, Rainmaker & Name Giving

Magic is a shapeshifter. The alchemists described it as “the ability to turn lead into gold” or in other words, it is the ability to turn something mundane into extraordinary. At its true essence, magic is a way of perceiving our world in a new way – engaging with it and falling in love with it again. It runs wild and free but it is not found outside of us – it is rooted and threads in our everyday life, in the soil of our soul…

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What Cinderella Knows

Cinderella wants us to know to stay unmistakably true to ourselves and our heart; that we can preserve that beautiful spark inside of us despite our circumstances. But she reminds us of the importance of support; to surround ourselves only with those that truly allow us the space to reveal ourselves freely and safely…

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What Sleeping Beauty Knows

Beyond the themes of true love, patience, integrity and kindness of heart, there is an underlying thread of the soul’s path towards self-realization and sacred union, including the concepts of soul’s destiny and reincarnation. Sleeping Beauty personifies the human soul going through its transformation as fate goes beyond the prediction of sleep…

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