Dear heart, welcome to my space.

My name is Lubomira, meaning ‘love and peace; great love’.  It is derived from lubov which means ‘love’ and mir ‘peace’. Having lived across three continents, I am a Bulgarian-Canadian author, poetess, storyteller and humanitarian. In June 2019, I published my debut poetry book Moonhold  and I created Art of Love which is an online space dedicated to deepening our connections so that we lead more spiritual and emotionally fulfilling lives; by exploring the wisdom and secrets of our ancestors and unveiling the beauty beyond the veil and within ourselves. My focus is on relationships, wellness, mysticism and folklore. 

After completing my graduate degree in finance, I devoted my time towards international affairs and humanitarian work in marginalized areas worldwide where I built programs for educational development, empowerment, skill-building and holistic training to alleviate poverty and relieve psycho-emotional barriers stemming from abuse. I am further certified in human-centered design – as it is my philosophy and practice that impactful solutions can be built only when we align empathically to the needs of the people in the communities.

As a spiritualist, intuitive and clairsentient, I am passionate about guiding others to reconnect to their heart and trust themselves. My intention is for people to tap into their unlimited creative potential within and become active creators, rather than mere creations conditioned by old patterns, outdated belief systems and limited perceptions.

If you would like to support me, you can share my articles and poems, buy my book or donate some magic coins in my hat on Paypal. By supporting me, you allow me the freedom and ability to be even more creative and contribute with more products/projects. All proceeds go towards expanding my work made of love, including writing my second book and creating content.

Your support means so much to me! Thank you wholeheartedly!

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