Respect the one who resides in the heart of all beings, keeping awake when they are asleep. He is the sacrificial fire and the fruit gained. Sun is the origin and the protector, the sacrifices given and the fruits obtained by performing these sacrifices. Sun is the fire of consciousness, the knower that burns the layers of those that desire to be known, aiding us on the path of self-knowledge. He is the lord of all action in our worlds and decides the path. As dusk and dawn follow their own paths, as birds know the direction of flight.

In some shape or form, much of life can be explained through the simple esoteric philosophy of what I call the Three Fires of Time: fire burns the wood to create smoke. The wood is the willingness, it desires to be known, and represents us as the element of earth and a more tangible shape with established ideas, beliefs and thoughts. The fire is the consciousness, it is the knower – it is the consciousness becoming aware of itself, and the light that enters us. What rises is the smoke – it is the unique aroma that we are – it is our true essence.

The smoke is the song of marriage between wood and fire. The light of fire is the seeker, the alchemist, the spiritual student, the esoteric knower; and the wood is that which longs to be known, all parts of us that long to be known. In the union of these, as fire kisses the wood, there is a release, a surrender, a transformation, like love – and wood finds its life in the smoke. Wood realizes its scent and what it actually is. Whatever fragrance was within the wood, the fire will reveal it as it rises upward. In these weavings of past, present and future; of Sun, Moon and Rising; of consciousness, willingness and unfolding; are the ebbs and flows in the oceans of Time.

As I always tell my clients, our natal charts are essentially a spiritual study of all that has been consumed by time. Every single one of us is a little seed, which has its unique burns from the sun, impressions and imprints from all the past lives, and its own nutritive cycle that it needs to grow as beautifully as it. Once we understand our nature, our soil, our underground, the weather and the climate, then we know better how to grow in our own way and come into our full essence. Our natal charts show us these natures and cycles – for we need to know what to burn, what to eat and what needs to be devoured completely so that we reach our soul’s purpose.

The stars, the moon, the planets, the constellations, are all only great indicators of the signs of time – of how time consumes us and how things are woven into the cosmic fabrics of consciousness – it is our understanding of a current moment, it is a language longed to be understood.

In spiritual astrology, the Moon is often known as the lineage of our soul, the Ascendant is the pathway towards your soul’s desire and essentially, it is a part of our higher soul’s purpose, and the Sun is the essence that fuels us in life. Our Sun sign also shows our life purpose, the burnings of our karma, and some of our highest spiritual lessons we may learn in this life for soul growth.

In ancient texts, the Sun is also referred to our soul’s karma or souls mission – because it is what burns us and peels us until we liberate ourselves and reach God. So being born of a particular Sun sign is really important and allows you to step into the higher manifestation of this energy, so that you can spiritually grow and evolve. This is why many modern day astrologers may talk to you about “work and career” when they look at your Sun sign – but the deeper meaning of this isn’t “work or career” – it is the souls mission or service you do to release yourself from karma, to burn it off, and then be able to rise towards your life’s and soul’s purpose.

Sun is the fire, the solar wisdom, the consciousness or essence of the fire that pull us forward on our path towards our soul’s purpose. In some texts, the Sun is also referred to as the light of Christ or God, and so when we connect to higher values and faith, and build the bridge to God and the Christ Consciousness, more higher consciousness enters us to help us on our path towards self-realization. This is why the best way to deal or manage anything is through self-growth, which assumes some level of spiritual practice and spiritual development. Christ Consciousness is essentially about the development of the high heart energy and the consciousness and embodiment of unconditional love through our words and every day gestures.

In Esoteric Astrology, our Sun is also the part of us through which the Second Ray of Love and Wisdom may flow. So regardless of the sign, the Sun always brings in the energy of the Second Ray, adding potential for creative expression to one’s life. Additionally, each of the 12 zodiacs has its own ray through which its energy flows and manifests. For example, Aries expression of the first and seventh rays, which means that essentially it may bring the love and wisdom in this world through its ability to align with higher integrity and channel its will properly.

In these guides, we go over the life purpose of the Sun sign, its rays through which it flows, the karmic lessons it needs to go through and why its path is the way it may be, and what it is all leading to: its higher spiritual purpose. Why is the sign of Cancer associated with Jupiter and the high heart; what is the deeper purpose for Gemini’s curiosity and need to actually experience boredom in this life; why is Scorpio’s highest spiritual lesson forgiveness and the reason why they feel so deeply; how Taurus reaches enlightenment through the five senses, and why Aries must make a best friend out of patience?

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Life Purpose and Highest Spiritual Lesson for Sun in ARIES

Life Purpose and Highest Spiritual Lesson for Sun in TAURUS

Life Purpose and Highest Spiritual Lesson for Sun in GEMINI

Life Purpose and Highest Spiritual Lesson for Sun in CANCER

Life Purpose and Highest Spiritual Lesson for Sun in LEO

Life Purpose and Highest Spiritual Lesson for Sun in VIRGO

Life Purpose and Highest Spiritual Lesson for Sun in LIBRA

Life Purpose and Highest Spiritual Lesson for Sun in SCORPIO

Life Purpose and Highest Spiritual Lesson for Sun in SAGITTARIUS

Life Purpose and Highest Spiritual Lesson for Sun in CAPRICORN

Life Purpose and Highest Spiritual Lesson for Sun in AQUARIUS

Life Purpose and Highest Spiritual Lesson for Sun in PISCES

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