“There are clocks beyond the hands of our human made clocks. There, time has its own timing; unclockable, unstrikable by us. Within this inner understanding and acceptance, we fall into a patience of rhythm, within it trust and within us the inner knowing, a wisdom.” ~ Lubomira Kourteva

In human design, authority refers to the language that our body uses to communicate with us. We can have seven types of authority centers: sacral authority, emotional/solar plexus authority, splenic authority, ego/heart authority, self/identity/G authority, environment authority, and moon/lunar authority. The last two are the only ones that come from the outside of our body, where as the first five come from our inner and inside of. While we will have all of these communicate with us at various points of time and throughout our life, our authority is the one that is most aligned to our natural flow of energy and we should listen to it the most.

Sacral Authority can belong to both Pure Generators and Manifesting Generators. Our sacral is where life force energy flows through – and those people who are generators are essentially the engine of everyone else on earth to feel more vitality, energy and life force. The generators have an aura that is open, powerful and extremely magnetic, which is why they don’t even need to “manifest” as all is drawn to them and pulled by them inevitably. Even in their “waiting phases”, all they need to do is just continue to focus on things they love and enjoy, on all that makes them feel pleasure, and this will continue to pull in towards them all they need.

Waiting to respond.

The energy of sacral generators operates as yin – as feminine energy – which is receptive. The way to align best to their natural flow of energy, and feel more fulfilled in life, is through waiting to respond. This is the pathway to open them up and allow more inspired creativity and life force to flow through them, thereby charging everyone else around them bringing them into more vitality and aliveness. The waiting to respond approach to life is about letting life come to you rather than “doing” or initiating the mind. And that’s very difficult to practice in our modern day, because we are constantly taught to do, do, do, make happen, make happen, make happen, and feminine energy in itself, which is about surrender and patience, is just not appreciated or understood at all.

The waiting to respond doesn’t imply to only respond to other people’s emails, texts and invitations, but to respond means to respond to your own ideas, feelings, intuition, art, energies, language of your body, and any signs that may come across your path. Waiting to respond and waiting for an invitation are two different things. As generators, every breath we take is a response because we are the vessels of life force energy and are most connected to nature.

Waiting to respond is how as a generator you align to the flow of life itself. In other words, it means not to impose your own sense of timing or activity on the world around you, but to meet and align with life directly when it happens to you. This opens you up even more, reducing any resistances you may encounter – because you are now self-aligned to your natural rhythm and flow.

When generators try to initiate things or force things, they usually face frustration. This is because they are going against their natural flow and true essence of self. Frustration is their warning sign that they are out of sync and are engaged with the wrong people, work or situations.

Generators usually find themselves in these situations because of impatience, inability to wait, mental decision making, influence of others or external environments, or doubts and fears of divine timing. Hurry in itself is actually a sign to the body of fear – that there is impeding danger coming, so the body contracts and tenses up and starts working in fear mode.

And you know what – it is really hard to wait. The waiting phase is one of the main things we come across throughout esoteric and mysticism texts, including the Bible, as it is one of the most important phases of one’s life. It is the time of coming into the virtue of patience, endurance, perseverance, true self confidence, and trust. Trust in life, in God, and in self. It is the kind of trust so deep within us, that we come into the inner knowing that nothing is not as it should, and we possess all that we need; it is a trust connecting us more deeply not only to ourselves, our heart and true essence, but also opens up our bridge to God and solidifies this connection, and begin to flow more naturally in our soul’s purpose. Our intentions become more clearly, and we focus on our work and service and purpose rather than other people and how things should be, and when they should happen, and any kinds of external or instant gratification no-sense modern things. We become rooted in self and higher truth.

It is of course really hard to trust in life. It is really hard to have faith that all life comes to you inevitably and naturally even without your “doing” of things, because we are constantly being pushed towards doing things, and we are constantly being told to go out there to initiate because otherwise nothing will happen. And while that’s the natural flow for some people, it is also almost a perversion of feminine energy and an inversion of the energy of all generators.

When generators start to feel tired of waiting or pressured by their external environment, they go ahead and start forcing things – which unfortunately leads them into the wrong pathways for them, and mainly it leads them in their not-self which is frustration, irritation, anger, annoyance, and stress. For example, they will settle for the wrong person, they will accept the not-so-great work offer, and they will stay in situations which don’t fully support their true selves.

One of the most important lessons in manifestation from the feminine mysteries is that the outside doesn’t matter.

It is patience, it is faith. As hard as it is to “wait” especially when you are essentially the engine of all life force – having so much powerful energy within you wanting to be expressed and experienced in the physical – you need to learn surrender. Even when it seems like nothing is happening outside of you, things are constantly happening and drawn to you. All it means is that currently, there is nothing for you to do, so just relax and focus on what you feel desire and passion for. This is your key in life – focus on what feels good. That’s your purpose in life, that’s your guidance in life. When you focus on that, you become even more full of life and even more life force energy flows through you, helping everyone else. You are the engine of earth. You are the hearth of flames in everyone’s house. Through you, life breathes itself into existence.

If you are in a waiting phase, just focus on a creative project, a hobby, going to the gym and exercise daily, learn new things and expand your knowledge, and use the time to refine your crafts. 

You need to honour and follow your sacral response. If there is something that you can engage with, in a way that lights you up and makes you feel good, alive and invigorating, focus on that. Sacral energy is designed to work for the pleasure and satisfaction of it, not for its mental justification or reasons why. If it feels good – it’s a yes. If not – it’s a hell no.

Deeper into Sacral Authority.

While all generators have their sacral centers defined and need to align to it, some will have what’s known as sacral authority. Having sacral authority means that your inner source of truth is rooted deep in your body, in its energetic gut response to life.  That gut response is either a “yes” or “no” response.

Sacral authority is one of the clearest authorities in its ability to bypass the mind and get to your truth without too much questioning once you’ve connected to it. This is not necessarily instinct or intuition; the response is a rising or movement of energy toward or away from what you encounter in your life outside of you, and it is your body’s way of affirming or denying whether something is right for you to engage in or not.

The way our sacral guides us is usually through “sounds” or sensations. The sounds can of either “ah-hunh” for yes, “un-un” for no, and “hmmm” for “I don’t know”. The sensations can be of either expansion/openness/relaxation or contraction in parts of your body. This is your body’s way of guidance though for each one of us, so it may be unique in its language. The body never lies.

For sacral authorities, the only question that should matter to you is:

Does this excite me?

In the times when we feel “uhhhh” or “hmmm”, which is usually our “I don’t know, I’m not sure yet”, we should just wait it out a little longer until it is a clear yes or no. And for sacral authorities, unless it is a hell yes, we should not proceed. This body language is so primal and raw from deep in our core, it is immediate. For example, let’s say that you’ve been in a relationship with someone for many years, you love each other and naturally one day he proposes. Well … and there you are, suddenly feeling nauseous. How could that be? As non-sensical as it, as irrational as it is, because of course it’s the “right thing”, of course you care for that man, of course it makes sense on paper – still, your body scream nooo. And as hard as it is, you need to honour this – you need to respond to you. You need to trust yourself because it is these messages from the very feep core of you that will guide you where your soul desires to go.

As women especially, regardless of human design or natal charts in astrology, our sacral is the most important, and we need to listen to our body and be aligned to our natural rhythms. Often times we may disregard our sacral messages, because they are deeply rooted in our core and once we feel them, we can be quick to overrule them with our mind, question them, doubt them or entangle our emotions with them. Being aligned to our natural rhythm of life and the cycles of the unique land that our body is, is absolutely crucial for us as women. It all comes down to trusting our body, learning its language and listening to it despite what we think we “should” be doing, practicing feminine embodiment, and remembering to respond to life. The mind is constantly telling us that we should be something that we’re not, as opposed to what we actually are; we need to listen to our body despite the shoulds of society or our external environment. Truly following a sacral response requires a kind of surrender to the body’s wisdom and intuitive intelligence, and a deep trust in life and the unknown, which challenge the mind’s sense of being able to control the outcome.

The Sacral Chakra & our Navel Consciousness. 

Our sacral chakra is our second chakra in the seven chakra system. It is located just below the navel, right in the center of your lower belly and in your back it is located in the lumbar spine and associated with the colour orange and the element of water. Some of its corresponding body areas and organs are the genitals, lower back and abdominal.

In ancient texts, it is known that our belly button is the doorway for the soul itself. It is the root of our consciousness and the way towards union and oneness – it is the gate of the spirit.

In early theory, the navel is known to contain the DNA of our soul, and therefore, it also contains “our original brain”, as well as our personal Sat Yug. Our navel consciousness, or Sat Yug, is the space which is all, has all, and knows all. In Zen philosophy, our navel is where monks say they “think”. The navel is the entry and the exit of the soul; at birth, our umbilical cord is what still connects us to oneness, and as it is cut, we enter the duality of this incarnation. According to Yug Rishi Shriram Sharma, the navel is “the doorstep of the divine powers” and is the nucleus of the soul-based consciousness. 

The sacral chakra is the centre of emotions, feelings and stimulates pleasure. It is the circuit of our energy and life force generation, and it plays an active role in our creativity, sexuality and expression of our needs and desires. For women, this is one of their most important energy centers and when it is unbalanced, it affects our well-being in all areas of our life including, relationships, creativity, intimacy emotional balance, imagination, nurturing, soul growth, empathy, pleasure, sensuality, health, warmth and feelings.

As energy naturally flows downward, often times when we are too stressed about things of our root chakra such as money, finances, stability and security, we draw in energy from our sacral, which drains us and we feel less creative, less sensual and our relationships suffer. Our body health can also suffer as a result of this. So one simple trick for women is to always have some cash at home, even if only a little, just to have some sort of perceived stability. For women, it is most important to have stability in their life, which is why choosing the right partner for them will be their most crucial choice – as they are essentially choosing the kind of life they will live. Stability isn’t just about finances and your physical life of having a secure and warm home, it is about emotional stability and having someone with whom you are clear about their intentions and the relationship – rather than being with someone who is inconsistent and makes you doubt everything. It is about deep trust and support.

Tuning into and trusting our sacral response.

The sacral response speaks to us physically. As we already mentioned, it is deeply rooted in our body coming from the area of below our belly button. Some people may hear literal sounds such as the ones I described above, and you might have noticed for most of your life, you’ve been almost murmuring “ughhh” or “mmmm” in response to things you did or didn’t want to do.

The sacral might speak in sensations too like expansions or contractions in your core or gut area. Do you feel an openness or relaxation when someone approaches you or do you feel your chest or body contract?

It is important to understand that there is actually no gray area for the sacral. If you are feeling a “come back later” sensation, that is a no. Just because it isn’t a clear and loud “no” does not mean it’s a “yes.” And I always emphasize to my clients with sacral authorities that unless it is a hell yes! don’t do it.  

To learn your own way of language, you can start by asking yourself yes and no questions, and then noticing how your response feels in the body. Do I like chocolate? Do I want to take a bath? Do I want to call him?

You have your own nutritive cycles within that sacral center that can be quite unpredictable yet they need to be honoured – this is the respond approach. Sometimes you need to rest and chill with movies, other times you need to exercise or immerse yourself in your creative projects with incredible energy. No matter what, it doesn’t need justification – just follow that inner gut feeling and trust it. 

For children with sacral authorities, it is important to guide them to listen to their body from young age. Often times as children we are asked by adults to justify our decisions, give reasons, rather than merely be honoured in what we have to say. This ultimately makes us question and doubt our sacral responses and the unique language of our body, and we begin to disassociate from it. This in turn affects our overall well-being, including our physical health. We also grow up having less trust in ourselves and in our own body’s messages because we are conditioned to always needing to justify them or reason them.

So it is important to approach children of this energy with yes or no questions, and encourage them to do embodiment exercises, such as dancing, so that they can feel more comfortable in their body’s movement and guidance. Also, try to encourage them to feel their feelings and ask them where in the body they feel yes and no. And try your best not to doubt their decisions, no matter how non-sensical they may initially sound. Show them that you trust their decision making, and encourage them to have trust in themselves and to trust how they feel deep within.

With our sacral as our authority energy center, we can unfortunately often times fall into the people pleasing dynamic, so it is important to learn our own needs and set boundaries. Again, your guidance is what feels good. Are there areas in your life where you are saying yes while you feel a no? Are you taking on more responsibility because you feel that no one else will take care of things? Do you deny your own needs, emotions and desires because of others?

You need to trust that all will take care of itself and that your only job in this life is to follow your own feels good sensation. You also need to remember that all you desire is already coming towards you through your powerful and magnetic aura, so there is nothing for you to “do” to bring it quicker. As we have powerful life force inside of us, it can feel frustrating that things don’t come as fast or aren’t as ready as we are – so you need to fall into patience with a kindness of rhythm, and surrender into trust. Nothing is not as it should.

Trusting our sacral response is a radical act. Our entire lives we have been told to “use our words” and make decisions with our minds; to rationalize or justify all of our responses and reasonings for doing something. Listening to something inside of us? Can we be trusted? Aren’t we all selfish, misguided, wounded beings? Won’t this lead to ruin?

The answer is no. No one outside of you will ever what’s best for you – and no one outside of you is living your life. You have a powerful internal guidance that it deeply rooted in higher truth and wisdom. Trust in the unfolding of your life. Be gentle with yourself as you begin to listen to your inner voice and sacral response. It may feel very unfamiliar and uncomfortable, so just trust and focus on what makes you feel happy in this moment.

The challenge and the gift.

The sacral response is an embodied energetic movement towards or away from whatever life puts in front of you. It is not intellectual, logical or even negotiable. It is what it is. As such, our minds can have a really hard time accepting this and will look for subtle ways to question it and doubt it.

It can also be difficult for others to understand us especially when things don’t make sense to them, and when our response does not align with their expectations for you or the relationship. In general, people often feel threatened by someone’s authenticity and individual way of doing things – when it isn’t routine and expected – because this threatens their own sense of being and internal human need to control. This is why the mind is so obsessed with information, categorizing and with knowing things, because as human beings we want to have some stability in the uncertainty that life inevitably is. We want to put ourselves in a good strong boat to be safer during the big waves of storms.

It can also seem stubborn, irrational or uncompromising when your energy does not respond expectedly in particular situations, even if they “seem great”, but it is your body’s way of protecting you from the experiences that are not right for you and are not aligned with your soul’s purpose.

When the sacral response is honored, it will guide you into the relationships and situations which will allow your true creative power to be expressed and to step into your soul’s purpose. However, following the waiting to respond and making decisions based on the sacral response demand a huge leap of faith.

On the other hand, it is also a deep relief to know that everything you will will be pulled into your life naturally even without you doing things. The right person for you will find you and is perhaps already making his way towards you. The right opportunities for work will find you too, all you need to do is stay true to yourself and follow your passions – follow all that makes you joyful and energized. Find your feels good and leave yourself there. Remember that the only question that should matter to you is: Does this excite me?

There are clocks outside of our clocks. Unclockable by our human hands. There, time has its own timing, unreachable and uncontrollable by us. But when it’s time, it’s time. It doesn’t matter whether we think we are ready or not, whether things are messy or not, when it’s time, it’s time. We’ll hear the heartbeat at our door. And we’ll know – here is the one I was made for

Your open, powerful and magnetic aura has blessed you with the gift of drawing life towards you, and by following your waiting to respond you may find that you have many more opportunities to respond than what the mind thinks is possible. When the mind can finally begin to relax its tight grip over things in your life and over the constant “doing and thinking”, the natural wisdom and intuitive intelligence of your body will guide you in a flowing way – in the way of water. It’s essentially a process of giving up what you think is best for you and letting go, in order to let life flow through your body and mould you into what you were always meant to be. In this mystery of the unknown, you become a walking magic – an embodiment of love itself.  

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