What I often find most helpful to offer my clients is how to work with the energies in both their natal charts and those that may be activated during a transit. Energy is energy, and when it rains it’ll rain, but we can still choose what to do with the knowledge and insight of this weather: we can get an umbrella if we don’t want to get wet, or perhaps we want to play in the rain, and we can also choose to stay home and cuddle up.

There are also various layers of manifestation of energy, and depending on the person’s self-awareness level things will be experienced differently, and will also show up differently in their life. Some transits may be felt on a physical or material level, while others may be more on a spiritual or emotional level. You can read more about this in my article The Three Fires of Time.

Through alchemy we know that only earth and fire change things, while water and air only shift things but they don’t change them. What this means is that if you desire to change an area of life and its manifestation, you need to transform on an inner level through the process of transmutation, which includes purification and cleansing, which in turn basically means spiritual growth. This may take years of course, and a lot of self efforts – it starts with awareness, and then practicing forgiveness, compassion and the embodiment of the seven virtues. It also requires continuous amounts of effort that align to the new found understanding and insights – because spiritual growth isn’t about acquiring the awareness or knowledge but it is about what we do once we have that awareness and knowledge, and leading a life aligned to that.

We can also shift energies as they approach us, and this happens through the elements of water and air. This is what we’ll focus on today, as I guide you through a few examples. Learning how to work with energy, both internally and externally, is a great ally in our life.

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Example 1: Pluto and work.

So let’s say in your natal chart you have Pluto connected to your line of work, and you are an astrologer. What this may show is that you initially have a lot of clients who are involved in the darker side of Pluto such as crime. I personally know someone who had that experience and in the beginning of their career they would have a lot of their clients who were connected to the underground world, and that astrologer became really afraid to the point that they considered not doing astrology anymore. One way they shifted this energy, rather than quitting what essentially turned out to be a forty year long career and soul calling for them, was that their teacher at the time advised them to start studying psychology. On its higher manifestation Pluto rules psychology, so when the astrologer shifted their energy towards that field of study as a complement to their astrology readings, this not only allowed them greater insight and offering to their clients, but they no longer attracted their previous clients – now, they attracted people who were interested in deeper dives with their charts.

Example 2: Pluto transit.

Suppose you have a Pluto transit. Surely you might be going through really intense times that come to you externally from other people, or it could be deeply psychological for you and a rough ride; so what you can do during that time, depending on your natal chart of course as please remember that this is all general, is to actually start watching true crime documentaries, or psychological thrillers, or reading novels and books in these fields. You can also volunteer at a shelter, whether it is a women’s shelter or rehabilitation center, or even begin to study in a field related to these so that you help people with their hardships or addictions. Another thing to do is to focus on your own inner world, so that Plutonian change doesn’t come externally through your intimate relationships. This may mean getting into psychology or studying astrology. One thing to remember though is to resist any urges to work with darker energy, and stay away from toxic patterns, controlling relationships, obsessing over people, lust and addictions, and certainly do not get involved in any spell-casting, as these carry high karmic debt. Whatever powerful emotions you feel, you need to find a way to deal with them internally and transform them through inner work, but in the meantime you can shift and soothe the energy so that it doesn’t manifest through other people.

Example 3: Mars and relationships.

As an another example, suppose you have Mars connected to your relationships. This may cause a lot of fights or irritations with your partners, or the partners you attract, while certainly passionate and a good sexual match for you, also carry a lot of arguments since the Marsian energy isn’t channeled properly. One thing you can do is focus your own Mars onto fighting for a cause, rather than fighting another person. Find something that gives you purpose and meaning, perhaps fight for children’s rights or animal’s rights. There are many people who are also lawyers because they have natal Mars connected to their relationship’s area, which then soothes their intimate relationships. You can also be a salesperson or stock broker. Sports are amazing for you also as it will shift Mars towards something competitive to strive for, so that it doesn’t manifest elsewhere. Whenever you feel the energy rise, just go to the gym for example. Also – within your intimate relationships, remember to fight for a solution and not against one another. As you shift the focus, your relationship dynamic will shift too. You can also start a joint venture where both of you fight for something else together, or work on a passionate project together.

Example 4: Pisces partners.

And in our last example today suppose you have Pisces connected to your relationships, perhaps your 7th or 8th house rulers are in Pisces. For some people this may mean that they attract partners with addiction problems, or victim mentality, or too wishy-washy, or even delusional. On a gentler level, they may attract people who just seem not too serious about life, and go from one thing to the next, whether it is work or just not too great with managing their time. This might make you feel unstable or perhaps you view them as childish or immature and you feel like you can’t rely on them for a serious relationship. One way to look at this is to consider where you are on your own path, and what is your own way of experiencing your life. Perhaps you are someone who is too hard on yourself, and work is big part of your life or routine to the point of you feeling so self-strict that you don’t allow yourself to just flow and have fun.

These Piscean energies can be actually helping you shift your own energy towards being less hard on yourself, less self-critical and perhaps less judgmental. Perhaps you need to just be a bit more frivolous, carefree and childlike sometimes and not care too much about everything. Perhaps you need to dream more, imagine more, believe more in that which you cannot see.

So the big contrast between these partners and you may essentially be helping you to come into more inner balance; and it is also helping you learn what you don’t want in relationships, because to know who we are we also need to know who we are not.

And then – you can shift the energy through:

1. being more playful yourself, and opening yourself to bigger dreams, 2. focusing on romanticism or expanding your perceptions through art and music, and 3. focusing on spirituality, mysticism and anything else that you feel resistant or judgmental about.

This will help you open yourself to the “not knowing” humility of life, the beginner’s mind, and will naturally shift the energy. Through inner work it will also change it.

The higher spiritual lesson of Pisces is learning who they are. They reason why people often talk about spirituality with Pisces is because they really need to focus on that as they usually have no idea who they are. Throughout their life they may think they do, but in reality they don’t, as they have a veil over their faces. This is why the lower manifestation of the energy is addiction, whether it is alcohol or shopping or art, because all these somehow blur our vision a little bit, and shift our eyes away from the mirror. However – if they do focus on the inner realms of travelling, rather than the outer, they can come into some real beauty and art created from a space of inspired creativity and authenticity rather than projection or inner separation.

As you shift your own energy, and your own eyes into your unique inner physical, emotional and spiritual wildlands, all winds and water waves will bring you new experiences. And once you know how you want to feel, because you felt what you wanted to feel, you will know it and recognize it, and naturally, you will move away from you all else that doesn’t align to the feeling you desired and know it is possible to feel. Imagine being in a pool of water or the sea or even your bathtub – and how your hands move in the water making waves, pushing away what you don’t want so that it moves away from you, and pulling in towards you all that you do desire.

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