And I follow the rose petals at my feet
Because it takes two to become one
Sacred union, bridegroom
In the church of my moonlit skin

~ poetry by Lubomira Kourteva

Let me start this way, in the way of water and love:

There is nothing more powerful than the human heart. Of its magnetic center, doorway of love opens, and all is born, all is created of its purity of being. 

To understand the magnetic center of the heart, we need to first delve into some spiritual concepts from the Feminine Mysteries and Christian Mysticism.

The Marys

Mary is a name that we come across quite often in mystical texts. The Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalene … all really important women in the life of Jesus Christ, who was one of the greatest teachers of love and the power of the human heart. But Mary isn’t merely a name. According to the Feminine Mysteries, Mary was a title given to women who were high priestess initiates, devoting their life towards higher purpose, and having reached a certain level of spiritual wisdom through soul evolution.

The name Mary means “mystic yoni gateway”. It is also a title that means “sea, beloved or awakened”, and the first symbolic art ever created by humans was an M. It was engraved along with wavy waterlines, found on a sea shell on the islands of Indonesia 500,000 years ago. As such, the mysterious letter M became known to symbolize the doorway of sea magic or the original mother womb. 

The Paths

The way we enter the Feminine Mysteries is through the understanding of the true left-hand path and the essence of the sacred traditions of feminine energy. Often times we see that priestesses were portrayed wearing robes of red and green, to show their lineage holding of the sacred traditions. Red was the symbolic colour of a womb priestess, while green was the colour of the wild fertile grounds that a woman’s body naturally is, like the earth itself. These alchemical colour codes reveal the importance of blending elementals within the nature of ourselves – the power we hold, respecting the nature and wildlife, and how a woman’s body aligns to the natural rhythm and the cycles of the land. Enclosed with the boundaries of the physical skins is the invisible skin – the unique emotional and spiritual wild lands that we travel across intuitively.

My right hand is man
My left hand is woman
When I clap, they fight
When I clasp, they kiss
It’s sacred
When I pray, I make them
Fall in love

~ poetry by Lubomira Kourteva

Left equals feminine, moon, lunar, yin, night, receptive energy. Right equals masculine, sun, solar, yang, day, initiation energy. Together they form the perfect balance – perfect love and perfect trust – the sacred marriage of the universe itself, from which all is born into being. Achieving this alchemical union is the heart of the Feminine Mysteries, and it is the heart center of all of us. This is why our heart is also the initiatory pathway to higher consciousness, and the portal of creation and manifestation.

The left hand is also described as the descending Christ consciousness, while the right hand is the ascending Christ consciousness.

In esotericism, this also refers to pathways of the soul: evolution and involution. In short, evolution begins with the feminine elements of earth and water, embodied within form and matter, and then moves in an ascending direction towards the masculine elements of air and fire. This is the masculine journey towards consciousness and spirit, or the right hand. On the other hand, involution is the feminine pathway: it begins with fire and air, in consciousness and spirit, and descends into incarnation, to become form and physical matter, into its feminine elements of water and earth.

In simple words: the highest calling of the feminine is to lead man to his soul, so as he unites with God, while the highest calling of man is to protect the woman and give her stability, so as she is free to flow in her true essence of self. 

Feminine energy is by essence negative i.e. receptive and it descends from above, so that we are born; while masculine energy then takes the light within and initiates it outward, hopefully towards higher purpose of service, integrity and honour in his actions. We have to first descend before we can ascend. In other words: We have to first go within and evolve from within, so that we can create something of purity into its physical being. The descend symbolizes our inner self work and soul growth. And then – two become one, and heaven and earth entwine.

The left hand is essentially how we spiritualize ourselves coming into more self-awareness and growing spiritually. We transform through inner alchemy our emotions and thoughts, we purify ourselves by healing emotional wounds and clearing thought forms and patterns, so that our subtle bodies lighten in energy. It’s lunar alchemy that begins with God energy directly, and then brings this wisdom for others to connect with God and with their soul also.

Jesus Christ descended from the left-hand path of feminine consciousness and then became one of the greatest teachers of love and the power of the human heart. It was believed that during his missing years, he travelled to India and spent his time learning from some of the best healers, monks and spiritual teachers about mastering energy as he enlightened. All his learnings then allowed him to become one of the most powerful healers in the history of all humanity. He was able to heal people through his energy, touch, levitate and walk on water, and transform matter making wine from water. More than anything, he taught people of the power of love – and that heaven was within, in our human heart. Through our heart, we can then touch God, and unite with the higher purpose of our soul. 

Power of the Womb

Mary Magdalene was said to be a sacred priestess of the Womb Rites, for she knew how to embody wisdom of light and of dark, and how to dissolve, cleanse and resurrect the soul.

As women, our womb is our power. It holds sacral energy, which is essentially our manifestation energy. We pull in things from its center, and we attract into our life through it. Both sexual energy and creative energy come from it, and so learning how to purify and harness our sexual energy, by being more discerning who we choose to engage with, will affect our creative energy also. When we are intimate with a man sexually, and emotionally, we absorb his energy into our auric field, and this then is imbued into all of our creations. 

“Thy mother is like a vine in thy blood, planted by the waters; she was fruitful and full of branches” ~ Ezekiel, 19:10

The original matrilineal bloodline is also described as the menstrual bloodline – as it is only the womb blood that can grow and nurture a baby. Each mother is created from the menstrual blood of the mother who came before her, and this creates an unbreakable and an unbroken red thread of primordial wisdom. When a child is born, it is imbued with the energy, wisdom and intuition of its mother, all of which are stored in her womb. For a soul to be born, it needs to be of the same energy match and consciousness vibration of the woman’s womb.

The Rose Lineage

To know the rose is to know thyself. Sacred, sensual, gentle, sovereign, stable and powerful. The rose lineage is essentially the one of Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ (Yeshua), and portrays the sacred union of the feminine and masculine aspects of love. 

In esotericism, the rose’s petals actually form the womb of Self and are connected to divinity, fertility, birth, devotion, divine love and Christ’s passion for humanity.

The rose is considered a sacred flower and connected to the Virgin Mary. Its sweet aroma reminds us of the powerful scent of love, which is the essence of God. Throughout history, many miracles encounters with angels have actually involved roses. The rose is connected to our heart and sacral chakra, invoking and awakening divine love. In some cultures, the fragrance of a rose represents the sacredness of a human soul. In Christianity, the rose scent is the holy scent and the “odor of sanctity”.  

The rose resonates with the frequency of the Christ Consciousness, which is the stream of consciousness resonating at the highest frequency of unconditional love, kindness, compassion, appreciation, gratitude, charity, empathy, surrender, grace, forgiveness, trust, loyalty and faith.

Roses are the birth flowers of June and are connected to the elements of water and the planet of Venus; roses have always represented the deepest and truest love of all. Roses also feature in many tales and myths, and my favourite is connected to the love story of Eros (Cupid) and Psyche. Following the romantic wedding of the two lovers, the Graces (Zeus’ daughters), being so happy and all, made the entire earth glow with roses. This becomes even more meaningful when we understand that Psyche is the embodiment of the soul, also known as the breath of life, and she marries Eros, or Cupid, who is the God of love and desire. When we breathe life into the desires of our soul, when we marry our beloved, when soul merges with love, roses grow and adorn the earth. 

The rose lineage essentially teaches to remain rooted in love, truth and heart.

The Doorway of Love

It is in our human heart.

When we awaken the wisdom of this feminine essence within us, we come into greater love. This is done through creating a vessel of pure and holy emotions in our body, so that we can connect our heart to the essence of God energy. 

Love has many shapes and forms, various speeds and movements; it is found in kindness, joy, grace, forgiveness, creativity, appreciation, compassion, empathy and generosity. When we express these holy emotions through our actions, through our lips and through our hands, we become fully embodied in love. We have to be able to build love, contain love and emit love.

This creative love spirit lives and breathes in the foundation of our universe, embracing both the male and female energies, and all else in the in-betweens. We can all invoke and embody the essence of love and the deep heart-womb wisdom.

The Feminine and Masculine Aspects of Love

Like all else in life and in ourselves, within and without, love too has two aspects of itself: the masculine and the feminine.

The masculine aspect of love is the yang, sun, the fiery sword of truth and integrity that becomes the action, the seed, the word. He is the prayer. He is the decision, the initiation. He says, “I love you. I want you. I need you.”

The feminine aspect of love is the receptive, the yin, the mystic, the healer, the pulling you in. She is a quietness, a listening, an opportunity for a deepening. She is the voice from a time before time beyond time. She is the moon, the darkness, the wetness. She is the yearning, the longing, the moist soil, the bottom of the wells, the wombed room, the cup to be filled, the tides pulling in towards herself, the desire, the dreaming. She is memory. She whispers in a voice only the soul of her beloved understands, “I am waiting for you. I am longing for you. I desire only you.”

She is nature itself. She is the good mud, the back legs of the fox at night and the fertile soil of earth. And he is the hands that dig in searching for her, tirelessly, without expectation, without hesitation, and sometimes without even the hope of ever finding her – but he digs in, searching, because he knows no other way than the need to find her and awaken his own self into the remembering.

He has hands and skin of prayer, and she is his church. And so he digs in, searching until he finds her.

When he finds her, two flames twin in the center of the heart, uniting in the eternal flame of love. 

Develop the Heart

To come into sacred union and into the magnetic center of the heart, we need to develop the heart. When we develop the heart, we essentially transform all and we generate high energy.

When our heart center is developed, we begin to experience more compassion, empathy and inspired creativity. We become spiritually aware and begin to see things beyond ourselves developing a natural selflessness. We experience a natural interconnectivity with the world around us and how all flows in unison and is interdependent. When our heart center is developed, we embody love in our every day gestures and movements, we become it, we live it – we live in love. And what drives us forward is our desire to contribute, evolve and love even more.

When our heart center is not developed, we become selfish, materialistic, look for things and pleasure outside of us, infuse doubt and fear on others, are unkind and lack compassion, become egoistic and narcissistic. Our drive is to take and gain, rather than give and contribute.

Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ who is pointing to the Sacred Heart

The Sacred Marriage

When we think of love, we often think of a sexual union, but love goes beyond that. The higher purpose of love is to align us to our higher consciousness; and in a sacred marriage, there is mutual supportive evolutionary soul growth.

Many years ago, when I was just beginning to delve into the studies of esotericism, mysticism and spirituality, I came across a passage from the Bible, which talked about how after Jesus’ crucifixion, Mary Magdalene went to visit his grave, saw him ascended, and in the hopes to touch him again, she reached out her hands towards him, and he said:

Noli me tangere.

Noli me tangere means don’t touch me, or cease holding on to me.

Why did he say this? In this simple phrase, we see the enormity of unconditional love, of the link between human beings and heavens, of how we must transcend the physical and allow love to be a bond of heart to heart. This love is the only one that would fulfill us rather than basing love on a sexual relationship. It is eternal, it is immortal and it is more powerful than anything else in the universe.

I may not know many things, but I know a woman’s heart when she is in love. Whether it is with her parents, children, God or a man, her heart expands, opens wide and her love becomes eternal, immortal and gives her such power and strength that she can lift mountains and trucks with her bare hands. This is where faith resides. Such love is a stability within the core of us, through which a vessel is created; through which inspired creativity flows continuously.

Love is what transforms us into better humans.

And when love speaks through our lips, we speak like angels.    

There is a love that unveils in sacred ways when we play, create, devote, whisper gently, touch tenderly hands and embrace, and laugh from our bellies. It is holy. The sanctity of heart’s tears is also holy. Honesty and vulnerability are holy. Daily devotion is holy. Intimacy, in all its shapes and forms, is holy.

an Eden,
in the heavens of our hearts
the eternal beloved

~ poetry by Lubomira Kourteva

It was believed that when Eve was inside the garden, death was not possible and so life was eternal. The masculine and the feminine were in their sacred soulmate union. But once they separated and Eve left the garden, this is how life became on earth – and we descended into human form. In the Feminine Mysteries, it is said that Magdalene becomes the new Eve in this garden of resurrection called our planet Earth. Her love for Jesus and her devotion to higher purpose and service of love, brings union to all that was previously torn apart in separation. In a way, this opened a doorway – the cosmic door between the worlds, deep in the world womb of consciousness.

The union of the masculine and the feminine aspect of love is the magnetic center of our heart. This center refers to when a person has made the transformation to act of love rather than ego-based intentions. It connects us to God. It connects us our higher purpose, and of course, it also connects us to our true love or soulmate. It is our bridge to God, built of faith, trust and love, and then absolutely nothing and no one can affect us because we are strongly rooted in this truth and love.

There is no greater power than the purity of the human heart. It is love and only love that is the greatest magic of all, healer of all, reason for all.

When we allow feelings of love to flow through us and from us, we are building the core energy of our spirit and life force. This conscious building of energy becomes our conduit for deeper wisdom and understanding. It also becomes our greatest attractor and manifestor – because the heart is what actually the pathway through which we manifest and create everything.

When we hold love such as gratitude, kindness, joy, acceptance, appreciation, harmony, tenderness, compassion, empathy, trust and peace – we are essentially holding light, which is transformational for us and for all others around us.

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