As I recently published the new course that I offer The Art of Spiritual Protection and Energy Cleansing, I thought I’d share today six simple ways to enhance your energy. When we increase and purify our energy, we essentially strengthen our auric field, raise our vibration, align to our natural flow and rhythm, and lead a more spiritually, emotionally and physically balanced and healthier life.

Our body skins are beautiful. They protect our organs, but they are not rigid boundaries to the world outside of us. Enclosed within the barriers of our outer skin, we have our subtle energy bodies that extend to and interact with all and everything around us. We are constantly engaging with and interacting with others, whether directly or indirectly, whether from close or afar. Our thoughts and feelings reach other people, even when we think they don’t, and there is a lot of non-verbal communication that happens between two people when they meet.

Beneath the outer skin is our invisible skin – the soil of our soul. This is the bridge that connects us to everything and to everyone around us, and it needs gentle and consistent caring and loving to keep it clean and glowing. It is our biggest blessing, but it is also our greatest challenge. We are capable of experiencing life on a deeper and more meaningful level, to experience love greater than what hands can touch, to love from times before times beyond times, and yet, also, it is because of our subtle bodies that we are absorbing mundane stressors and daily negativity, which can weigh our entire energetic field down.

Regardless of whether or not you are someone who defines oneself as an empath, psychic, telepath, spiritual seeker or with extra-sensory abilities, energy protection, cleansing, and enhancement, is absolutely necessary. Just as we take care of our body, and tend to our emotional needs, we need to take care of our energy also.

One thing we need to understand before we move on is that we are portals. Our human mind and human heart are the portals for energies, frequencies, energy streams, consciousness, thought forms – and all that comes and may manifest. When we understand that, we understand that the more our own aura and energy field are strengthened, the less we become susceptible to external influences, emotional invasions, mental interference and psychic intrusion. Everything comes through us and moves through us and then continues on its way forward and outward. But if there are weaknesses in the barriers or “holes” in the walls of our energetic field, which is comprised of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies of consciousness, then some energies will stay within us and may start affecting us.

Our aura can be weakened due to many things such as environmental factors, recent illness, and weaker immune system, unstable living circumstances, too much worry and stress, past experiences and unhealed wounds, toxic friendships and relationships, and anything that deeply affects us, which is, of course, unique to all of us. Some people have more sensitive auras and are more susceptible to external influences, and they especially need to spend even more time and effort on energy cleansing. This is usually seen in astrology in the natal charts of people who have hard Neptune aspects to their Moon or Venus. Grounding techniques and spiritual protection are especially needed for them.

Six Ways to Increase your Energy

i. Know Thyself
ii. Cleanse Your Energy
iii. Cleanse The Space
iv. Be Mindful of Your Surroundings
v. Awareness of Sexual Energy
vi. Spiritual Entanglements


The most important thing in life is to know ourselves. If we don’t, we might be confusing what’s ours and what isn’t. The more self-aware we are, the more we know the corners of our psyche, the easier it becomes to discern and to know what tools we need to solve any challenge that comes our way.

In the ancient mystery schools, the first thing that a priestess would have to do is devote many years of learning to know herself and know the earth. Anything that would then approach her was understood to be part of the earth, and through it, she reflected and knew herself further; she also knew what was hers and what wasn’t, what she wanted to further develop and what she’d reject.

The know thyself practice is essentially an initiation of discernment, and discernment is actually one of the most, if not the most, powerful spiritual gifts. Without discernment, not much else can truly be harnessed and practiced appropriately. Many people pray for intuitive abilities, but the truth is that without discernment, no psychic ability even matters because it’d be constantly influenced by the emotional and mental bodies without clarity. Only when the vessel is clear, the channeled is clear.

By truly knowing ourselves, we can learn to discern what’s ours and what isn’t. Shining awareness into the previously hidden corners of our psyche is what makes us more conscious and more rooted within ourselves; we are only then able to navigate the twists and curves of the abyss that the spiritual landscapes are. Whenever we feel anger, hurt, betrayal, etc. in a situation or with another person, we need to self-reflect and understand why we feel that way, why this situation or person happened. Sometimes it’s us, sometimes it’s not – but all carries its wisdom and allows us an opportunity for a deepening. Self-knowledge is how we reclaim our power.


Energy cleansing increases our energy and strengthens our aura, leading us toward more vitality and wellness on all levels of our being.

The same way we wash our hands for cleanliness, we should regularly cleanse our aura and energy fields. One of the easiest ways to do that is through showering and salt baths. Salt can be harsh on some sensitive skins, so as an alternative you can use oils such as lavender, rose, jasmine, and eucalyptus. Water is a natural cleanser and purifier, so even being around waterfalls or walks on the beach can feel cleansing energetically. When you take a shower, make it a conscious ritual. Focus on all parts of your body, wipe outward towards the extremities (from shoulder to palm) to remove/cleanse energy, and then inward to invite new energy.

Spiritual Baths offer the most powerful energy cleansing, and I offer customized guides in My Sacred Offerings.

You also need to cleanse all levels of your being: the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. While we will never have all of our bodies balanced because we are human, we need to make sure that they are as balanced as possible. This is when we will radiate more energy from within, more inner beauty, and we’ll embody our natural flow. Make your body a body of love rituals in all ways: take care of your words, gestures, feelings, and thoughts, and infuse them all with intention, love, clarity, and joy.

Joy and laughter carry very high energy! Find time each day to belly-laugh and share your joy with those around you, and sometimes even watching a comedy can shift you out of the mood. Stay away from gossiping and criticisms, and invest in your inner alchemy and transformation of thoughts and emotions. If you are holding on to emotional wounds and/or negativity towards people in your life, you need to address that and heal that so it doesn’t drain you any longer. The only way out is in, and while inner work is not fun and no quick fix, it is only through inner alchemy that we can experience ourselves, and all else in life, differently.

Walks in nature, grounding, dancing, and feminine embodiment techniques are amazing tools as well. Focus on your creative self and follow your joy!


Just like our body, our home is a space where we should feel peaceful, clear, truthful, joyful, loving and loved. Our physical space is an extension of our inner world, and as such, we need to cleanse it and keep it comforting. It should be a space working for us and with us, and where we can settle into love and peace, as it supports us in our well-being.

Simple ways to cleanse the house energy are de-cluttering, vacuuming, opening the windows for fresh air to enter and circulate, sleeping on clean bed sheets, and doing laundry regularly. Choose to have fresh flowers and living plants inside the house rather than dried or fake ones so that they don’t keep energy stuck and stagnant. Avoid having empty vases, as they too can accumulate and stagnate energy. Mirrors are portals, so don’t place mirrors facing your beds. Re-organize the furniture to keep energy moving and flowing, keep your space private and loving, and remember that boundaries refer to both our external and internal spaces.


Be mindful of the people you surround yourself with and interact with. What do they say about you, how do they talk to you, what do they say about your dreams and inspirations, what are their values, how do they live their life, how much faith do they have in you? If they are doubters – that means they’ll doubt you too. If they are gossipers – be sure they will gossip about you too. Gossipers carry very low energy, so be mindful of your friendship circles and who you choose to be your friend.

This doesn’t mean they are “bad or evil” people – most probably they are immature, lack self-accountability and self-responsibility, or they just don’t know how to control their own energy. But – if they don’t respect your energetic space and take responsibility for their own energy, then you need to take responsibility for your own energy and move away. We become who we hang out with because we adapt to them unconsciously. It is our human nature to long to connect and belong, so we start to unconsciously act like the other or the group. Remember it is much easier to get pulled down than to bring someone up.

When you move away from those who no longer contribute to your life or have been harmful to you, remember to try not to hold negativity towards them, because you’ll just do the same onto others, or you’ll just continue to drain yourself. We live in a world of duality. Life needs all of us. But a fly will not hug a spider. Certainly, both the fly and the spider are needed in life – both of them have their own purpose and contribution to life – but that doesn’t mean they should be close friends and stay together. That doesn’t mean one is bad and the other is good, for in their own environments, each is needed. Just be true to you and follow your own path of heart.

Sometimes we can’t just disengage, block and delete, because perhaps it is a family member or a loved one. Sometimes people go through their own times of anxiety, worry, sadness, anger, and when they can’t deal with it themselves, they start projecting that onto us. Other times, even if they are not projecting onto us, if we are highly sensitive, we will feel it in their aura, and it will affect ours as well.

And of course, we all go through times of grief, so they might be going through a really hard time and we all need support during these times. We all need to be capable and able to hold one another especially through hardships. We can’t just walk away when our loved one needs us – in fact, we need to build our own capacity to hold pain and sadness for others also, and stay by their side to offer them support and comfort. We need to stay human and humane. If you see that your person is trying to make amends, making an effort and the situation is temporary, just give it time and a rhythm of compassion. 

In these times of hardships, it is important to have some alone time where we can re-charge our own batteries, and focus on our well-being so that we re-connect to ourselves within. You shouldn’t cut off someone you love because they are going through a hard time. Just make sure that you have time for self-care because otherwise, you won’t even know how to help another. In our modern age, I have noticed that some people don’t know how to be there for someone and how to be supportive, so if you are having trouble holding space for a loved one when they are going through hardship because it is bringing your own wounds to the surface, take this as perhaps an opportunity to self-reflect, heal, and build that capacity within yourself to hold space for another.

I have also noticed the tendency to use “spiritual concepts” to justify one’s own immaturity and/or unhealthy and harmful behaviours towards others people, such as, labeling someone to be “toxic” just because they are currently going through a hard time and walking away when they need help, or using the concept of “self-love” as something limiting and egotistical rather than as an opportunity to expand and be more inclusive towards other people. We need to realize that while helping others doesn’t mean taking crap, the whole point of spirituality is to awaken us into discernment, into building better relationships with other people and to be more humane and compassionate in our every day actions and behaviours.

Have a strong support system: You need to have people who are supportive of you in your inner circle. If you are constantly supporting others, yet when you need help, they are not there for you, you’ll need to reflect on that. Who is capable of being there for you and offer you what you need in your times of need? You need people who pray for you, your well-being, your abundance; you need people who speak well of you when you can’t hear them; you need people who wish you well and act in your best interest. In old tales and cultures there is a strong emphasis on the concept of family – because a close-knit family or community holds high power that is unbreakable and resistant to any externality; it creates a strong energetic shield around the person whom they love. If it is possible for you to do so, heal the bonds with your family; and if it’s not possible, try to settle into compassion and forgiveness within yourself. We share soul ties with our family, and transforming these with love will automatically reflect in our energy and affect all else in our life.

Circle of trust: You need to be clear about who is in your inner circle and who is in the outer ones. Just because you’ve known someone a long time and share a precious history, doesn’t mean that they are right for you in your life as it is right now. In our inner circle, we need only a few people, usually less than five and usually consists of our family; these are the people you should pay most attention to and share your most intimate parts of your life and dreams; these are the people who will most closely affect your energy and build you up, lift you up, raise you. Then we move on outward to the rest of the circle, which is close friends, other friends, acquaintances, and work colleagues. You don’t need many friends in your close circle, just a few, or even one, real true one. Re-assess where each of your connections are and be clear about that; while you still love them, they may just need to move further out in your circles. You need to allocate your energy wisely. Solidify the connections in your inner circles and treat them regularly with love and attention, for these are the ones that matter. Often times in our culture, we focus our attention on nonsense, shallowness, fantasy, and social media, which only robs us of the true bonds that need our tending, time, and consistent effort.


Sexual energy is the most powerful energy that we have, as it is the source of creative and life force energy. When we know how to harness it and channel it properly, we are capable of creating beautiful things. Sex is a celebration of our love with someone, it is an expression of our love, and yet society has greatly misused it. In our modern world, there is a lot of misuse, abuse, and unhealthy views of sex. There is a lot of obsession, oppression, suppression, addictions, shame, guilt, and silence, and we’ve normalized abuse, and we’ve normalized cheating. Unfortunately, our world today is predominantly unhealthy, predatory, and many people are ill-intentioned. As a society, we’ve objectified people, and there is little respect, honor and integrity in how we treat one another as human beings. We also need to be educated on the importance of sexual energy and how to harness it.

Watching porn, having multiple sexual partners, sexual addictions, and constant stimulation are energetically draining and lead to decreased self-confidence as well as emotional numbness. Furthermore, it often creates worm-like attachments in the aura of people who engage in these compulsions, which then weakens their energy and creates “holes”.

In general, when two people involve themselves sexually, they absorb each other’s energies, emotions, thought forms and even karmas into their fields – or in other words, I would advise you not to sleep with anyone you don’t want to become. It is also important to understand that what charges the masculine energy is not the sex, it is the love. Unless a man is emotionally connected to a woman and in love with her, and she with him, he will not be able to feel energetically charged. In fact, he will continue to feel drained, going around and around in never-ending circles wondering why he can’t forget the woman he loved and why no one else makes him feel that way.

Women too should be very discerning who their intimate partners are, because feminine energy is receptive. During sex, she gives her life force energy, while she absorbs her partner’s. This is then imprinted on all she makes and creates. It is important for a woman to learn that she can channel her sexual energy into creativity, and learn how to harness it, purify it and master it. This will increase her well-being and will give her tremendous manifesting power also.


In our aura are all of our energetic entanglements, particularly those from intimate relationships. Every time that we are physically, sexually and emotionally connecting with someone, our energies begin to merge, mesh and entangle. Their energy imprints on ours. This is not a “bad” thing, it just is what is. This is how we love, and this is naturally what happens when we build intimacy with someone. This is also how people heal one another; just by being in each other’s presence, the energy of love and kindness of one is naturally absorbed in the stream of consciousness of the other, purifying it thereafter. However – we need to be aware of how entanglement works, so that we discern and are able to move forward clearly, especially from break-ups and separations. Otherwise, we might get stuck and keep having our energy drained, without even knowing why.

When two souls connect through intimacy, a third soul is born: the soul of the relationship. You can think of it as a flowerpot, or a pod. This pod collects all the experiences, memories, emotions, thoughts, dreams and inspirations of the two people, which generates a lot of energy through time. After a separation, both partners can continue to either pour in or take away energy from the pod, for example by awakening memories, looking at old photos, or just thinking of one another; and each time, through quantum entanglement, they may affect one another also in that instant, regardless of whether or not they are physically in contact, and while one may feel charged up, the other may be drained because of the thread that connects them. As a side note, you should always abide by the spiritual laws and ethics, practicing integrity and discipline to never focus your energy obsessively on anyone as it carries high karmic consequences. It is important to learn about soul ties, quantum entanglement, spiritual discipline, and how to properly move on from one another after a break-up. Some people may indeed need what’s known as soul retrieval ceremony, though for most people, there are more simple steps to move on from soul ties.

Naturally, with time, energetic threads begin to dissolve on their own anyway, so there’s no need to force it; walk a kindness and patience of rhythm while being mindful of the process and how it might be affecting you along the way. The deeper the emotional connection was between you, the stronger the energetic tie will be, and there are times when your thoughts will be theirs, and the emotions you’re feeling may be theirs – because their energy is still affecting you. I have to emphasize that this is not to disassociate from your own emotions; quantum entanglement refers to emotions that are not yours, and you know they are not yours. And this is why know thyself always, always, comes first.

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