there i was, all spread out for the taking

soul of a rose scents my neck
like a soulsong, how is love written
when these nights call for a complete night

long seasons of desert into desert
my human lips have been so long without you
already hips full of leaves

how far into the earth will your hands reach for me?
whose petals brave the november freeze?

like a church i entered you
send me away with nothing but silk or lace
a destined thread
a weave of your loving arms

in our moon garden
kiss me and pray with open eyes
until i emerge in white

– an eden,
in the heavens of our hearts

here i am, still all yours for the taking

A little more:

Sometimes poems come to me in dreams. The last time that happened so when I wrote one of my most favourite poems i want to marry you in blue (read it here), which woke me up in the middle of the night and flowed right through me as a love song on a paper beside my bed. No editing the next day, no doubts – I wrote it as it came. This poem too came that way, in the way of water and feeling, though with more subtlety and almost shy hesitation. Like an echo of a nightsong, it was weaving itself, close yet distant, so I had to really listen. 

Roses are most beautiful and gentle, and they are also, really hard to grow. They need a lot of devotion, nurturing and the loving hands of patience. Patience is the mark of truest love. When we open to patience like a flower, we enter the soul of matter. Soul-sized is the land of our heart, and that’s the land that truly matters. Each relationship is an intimate pathway too, of twists and curves across its unique physical, emotional and spiritual wild lands, where a new soul of born and grows. With a kindness of rhythm, we can allow its blessing to approach us, its beauty to move through our body, and mold us into what was meant to become all along. Patience is a devotion to resilience, a courage to stay tender, and an act of deep reverence towards another person. Patience is what deepens love over time. 


If you follow my work, you know that I will be launching my parfumerie soon – creating soul complete blends of all natural love oils! Read all about it here and browse through some of my aromatic ingredients, learn about the feelings they inspire and how they are made, as well as the social causes they support through my carefully selected fair trade suppliers and smallholder farmers! I am so excited because I’ve always loved fragrance, and perfume oils are so enchating in their feminine way of application – full of romanticism and love, reminding me of the old days of chivalry and when fragrance was so deeply treasured, adored, and a tiny dab was applied directly on necks, wrists and the delicate skins of our breasts and chests. Or as Coco Chanel once said, “apply perfume wherever you want to be kissed.” 

And what is fragrance really? Like poetry, it is an artist’s attempt to capture feelings … to capture love, to capture moments of sweetness that will last on skins, in hearts, that will touch our soulskins and live in the church of our hearts. There, is where all remains, lives and breathes – loves, from a time before time beyond time. 

It takes 60,000 roses to make just one ounce of rose oil. French perfumers call it “the soul of a rose” in a tiny glass bottle. And yet when we’ve held a wild rose, its scent will perfume our hands for long after it’s unheld. Just like kindness, just like love. When our hands have been touched by it, they’ll scent of its aroma for long after. Because scent is an essence – it’s the essence of who we truly are.


To say I love roses is an understatement. I am mesmerized by them, obsessed with them, entirely in love with them and have been, since I was a little girl, always dreaming of having a rose garden some day. And here below is a photo of our wild roses! I remember last year in November it was freezing outside, there was even a little snow on the grounds, and still the roses bloomed as if it was spring! This is how powerful they are – reminding us that there are clocks outside of our clocks, unclockable by us, with their own timings, which are beyond our human understanding and reasoning. And when it’s time, it’s time. It doesn’t matter whether we think we are ready or not, whether things look messy or not, when it’s time, it’s time. We’ll hear its heartbeat at the door, we’ll open the door. And we’ll know – here is the one I was made for. Like our wild rose, love is not only something felt in the hearts, it is known by our hands also.  

night falls in the moon garden
sweet cacao kisses the delicate petals of the rose
– an Eden,
in the heavens of our hearts
the eternal beloved

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The beautiful art is by Julia Jeffrey “The Lovers”.