do you remember how we slept naked?
you were there
a love so beautiful, the one people pray for

you brought little beeswax candles
on our rooftop as we laid under the stars
though the light in our eyes was all we ever needed

a radiance of attention
attending the spaces within and between us

and i kissed your hands
i kissed your knuckles and i kissed your rustic calluses

look –
lives upon lives upon lives
in the lines of your palms, perhaps destined

our hands locked in hearts’ vow
a bridge promised us
love is not too tender to hold us

and look –
how far we’ve traveled
along the old cobblestones, across the oceans and the countries

how we circle around like hawks
and always come back to each other
with little pieces of heavens

say god say love say heaven

sometimes love is when i am away from you
sometimes it’s only the two of us

i know you understand
the immortal, the irrational
and the sometimes needed

A little more:

Love is a world, a kingdom of heaven inside of us. Love is God, and God too is a world, an inner experience in the church of our skin – as old mystical texts always say: Heaven is found within you. It might be our uncomfortable reality to understand this and to allow this truth to be accepted – because we often look outside of us, and towards the distant skies and fates of stars. But if we can offer ourselves into the deepening, on our inside of, we will settle into our heart – into its higher truth and ever knowing – that love is immortal, and always there burning its eternal flame, from which all else lights, radiates, and breathes us into the life that God embodied us. Our heart is an initiatory pathway, a portal, open its doors – listen. There, is always faith, there, is always trust, there, is always the lantern carrying you the answers you seek.     

The title “say god say love” relates to the idea, and my personal belief, that to find God, you don’t need to look above you or inside the concrete walls of a cathedral, temple or mosque – you need to look into the eyes of those you love. You need to see beyond how sometimes they annoy you or how imperfect they are – see their efforts every day in how they wake up and do the best they can despite their own flaws and inner struggles. I’ve met people throughout my life who spoke big fancy words on world stages about how religious they are, praying every day in some temple, showing their grand charities and the amazing results of their social work. And yet only a few moments later, they’d turn to the very person beside them and treat them with disrespect or neglect. 

So if you must believe in something, believe in kindness and in love. If you must have a guiding star, may it be love that guides you, may it be love that you align your every day actions to. Love is not perfect because we are not perfect – but that doesn’t make it any less. It’s no less meaningful, it’s no less sacred. Small gestures can make big impacts. We often long carry the scent of kindness on our hands with which someone once touched or held us. And always, always, be a radiance of attention, seeing and appreciating all the efforts that your loved ones try to make.   

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The beautiful photography is by Debora Rosa.